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August 14/05 9:48 am - TransRockies: Day 7 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 08/14/05

TransRockies BC and Alberta

Day 7: Rafter Six Resort to Canmore
47km / 600m climbing

Like the last stage of the grand road tours, the final Stage of the TransRockies Challenge is as much a time for reflection and celebration as it is for racing. A later start, a shorter course and a beautiful sunny day mean that riders get one more taste of great Rocky Mountain riding before they make the emotional run down Main Street to the Finish Line in front of crowds of family, friends and well-wishers in Canmore, Alberta, home of the 1988 Olympic Nordic events.

Time gaps were big enough in most categories that only a complete collapse would change the top end of the standings. Instead, the 330 riders who began the last stage could focus on drinking in more memories of the hardest week many of them would ever spend on a bike.

On the day, Andreas Hestler and Marty Lazarski of Team Rocky Mountain Business Objects confirmed their GC dominance with their sixth stage win of the week in 2:12:39. They rolled down Main Street in the shadow of the spectacular Three Sisters Mountain with enough gap to drink in the cheers of the crowds. Their closest challengers, the Neil Grover ans Troy Misseghers of the Race Face Mountain Men came through the line less than a minute later to confirm their second straight runner-up GC position.

Looking back on the week, three-time finisher and two-time TransRockies Challenge Champion Hestler said, “I have ridden this race three time now and it is a different experience every time. This is honestly the best, most fun thing I have ever done on a bike. Endless singletrack, great people and the experience of working with a partner are so different from regular one day racing. Right now, I am not sure if I can commit to the suffering needed to come back and try for a third, but I’ll be back whether I am riding a course motorbike or just supporting other riders. This race rocks.”

During the 2005 TransRockies Challenge, Robin Seymour and Tarja Owens of Ireland had amazed everyone with their speed, stamina and grit. Though they had lots of World Cup mountain bike racing experience, neither of them had ever competed in a multi-day race of this kind—they even forgot to bring mats to sleep on and spent the first four nights sleeping on the hard ground. In the end, grit and talent showed through and they won the Open Mixed category, often finishing near the top of the overall standings as well.

“That was the hardest thing I have ever done on a bike,” said Owens after the finish. “Last year I rode the Marathon Worlds in Austria, but this was so hard and technical, it was like riding the Marathon Worlds every day for a week. I am so relieved to be finished.” In the end, the suffering was all worthwhile as they rolled into Canmore second on the day, but with their huge GC lead intact.

In the women’s category, Trish Stevenson and Karen Masson of Team Cane Creek held onto the gap which they had established on Day 5 and Day 6, though Christine Misseghers and Kate Aardal of Team Elk Valley came up with a stellar ride on Stage 7 to grab their first stage victory of the event in 2:58:47. Nikki Kassell and Hillary Harrison of Team Momentum Training continued to battle, defending their second position on GC despite the serious bronchial infection which had plagued Hillary Harrison for days. “I am just looking orward to seeing a doctor and getting better,” she said. “This was such an awesome race and experience—I am looking forward to coming back so that I can stay healthy and hold the leader’s jersey to the end.”

Her story is not unusual; in every category and from front to back, the 2005 TransRockies produced stories of extraordinary grit and determination, none more so than David Kvick and James Shellard, the winners of the Men’s Masters category (combined ages 80 and up). Shellard crashed at roughly 50 km/h during Stage 5, fracturing his clavicle in the process, and though he could neither pull his front wheel off the ground nor lift his hand above his waist, he was able to ride through the pain to defend the jersey and win the GC. That’s how much the honour of finishing means to the participants in the TransRockies.

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Open Men
1. Rocky Mountain Business ObjectsMarty Lazarski (CAN)/Andreas Hestler (CAN)2:12:39.54
2. Race Face Mountain MenNeil Grover (CAN)/Troy Misseghers (CAN)at 0:30.54
3. Sennebuebe / LungenligaDaniel Senn (SUI)/Urs Senn (SUI)7:21.23
4. Pedalhead Bicycle WorksRyan Mcgimpsey (CAN)/Mike Cabigon (CAN)0:10:43.85
5. The Bike ShopKelly Servinski (CAN)/Jon Nutbrown (CAN)0:10:50.13
6. FrontrunnersNormon Thibault (CAN)/Jason Sandquist (CAN)0:11:33.53
7. Kona- NRG EnterprisesMike Seniuk (CAN)/John Gibson (CAN)0:16:35.89
8. Mad River DesignsPeter Glassford (CAN)/Scott Holmes (CAN)0:18:17.69
9. Laser-Laser.comKeven Gillest (USA)/Henry Horrocks (USA)0:18:46.48
10. Dual Shocked KiwisJason Hill (NZL)/Craig Phillips (NZL)0:19:28.20
11. Crowe Race FaceJames Crowe (CAN)/Erik Crowe (CAN)0:21:05.55
12. Apex StoneworksLeighton Poidevin (CAN)/David Sutherland (CAN)0:23:26.26
13. Fat Tread Bikes / CR.UKJames Sanford (GBR)/Ewan Thorburn (GBR)0:24:42.77
14. Midnight SunJonah Clark (CAN)/Ross Phillips (CAN)0:27:45.99
15. REEVAX.bePeter Paelinck (BEL)/Dominiek Sacr_ (BEL)0:29:47.17
16. Iron Horse/Sport CheckJoel Simard (CAN)/Troy Lemens (CAN)0:29:50.36
17. Bike AlleyRyan Larocque (USA)/Andrew Schnellinger (USA)0:32:52.25
18. Team Experience CyclingPeter Stevenson (CAN)/Jay Shockey (CAN)0:34:13.79
19. Wildcat Well Ops - Dead Goat RacingMike Mckee (CAN)/Dallas Morris (CAN)0:35:57.31
20. Rocky - SpechJean-Francois Bruneau (CAN)/Michel Bujold (CAN)0:36:44.11
21. Enerplus / TerrascapeEvan Weselake (CAN)/Jeff Neilson (CAN)0:44:24.06
22. The Pom & LimeyBart Hallmark (GBR)/Paul Cockshott (GBR)0:45:59.94
23. China EnsemblePiers Touzel (CAN)/Paul Kelly (AUS)0:46:26.14
24. Team Cystic FibrosisGreg Connor (CAN)/Andrew Maceachern (CAN)0:47:05.47
25. NirvanaPaul Thompson (CAN)/Trent Basarsky (CAN)0:47:59.38
26. LifesaversMichael Krauss (CAN)/Gary Bavis (CAN)0:52:39.77
27. InformedGary Brown (CAN)/Fraser Ross (CAN)0:53:03.51
28. Solo-Constellation EnergyChris Mcqueen (CAN)/Jim Clapperton (CAN)0:53:26.60
29. Team DiabetesMark Burger (CAN)/Marcus Dagenais (CAN)0:55:42.27
30. Francs Coureurs/Vélo Plein-AirEric Gagné (CAN)/Simon Despatie (CAN)0:57:18.12
31. Team 59 CommandoPete Sutton (GBR)/Mark Banham (GBR)0:58:05.91
32. Team Cancer Research UK: Old GitsChris Herraghty (GBR)/David Preston (GBR)0:58:06.55
33. Kangaroo GrizzlyPete O'dwyer (CAN)/Chris Mcgregor (AUS)0:58:18.58
34. Enter Your Name HereTim Girvin (CAN)/Dr. David Burwash (CAN)0:59:54.34
35. Epic RideBen Smith (CAN)/Brad Hunter (CAN)1:02:27.92
36. The Dutch LionAnthony Roelofs (NED)/Rob Van Den Heuvel (NED)1:03:30.25
37. LTU Bike TeamPeter Duesing (GER)/Klaus Dalichow (GER)1:05:05.34
38. Team TransFattyAlan Tennery (CAN)/Lester Pardoe (USA)1:06:29.82
39. Aviawest / VEGA 2Graeme Tuck (CAN)/Ed Welwood (CAN)1:06:38.95
40. EazyClive Edward Kirsten (RSA)/Paul Reyburn (RSA)1:07:54.67
41. Essex FlatlandersWilliam Fenton (CAN)/Chris Durand (CAN)1:15:33.19
42. Weapons of Mass DestructionKarl Yeh (CAN)/Michael Jacoby (CAN)1:16:34.59
43. NumbTanner Debruyne (CAN)/Steve Mathezer (CAN)1:18:35.69
44. Blazing SaddlesMichael Colwill (CAN)/Bruce Kelsch (CAN)1:21:15.99
45. ChickpeaJohn Garrett (GBR)/Paul Gibbons (GBR)1:21:53.18
46. Slim ChanceKeith Bailey (GBR)/Alex Meehan (GBR)1:23:30.61
47. Need OxygenDon Shewan (RSA)/Christopher Seago (NZL)1:25:49.35
48. Not too SureColin Spencer (GBR)/Jarod Garrington (GBR)1:29:22.63
49. FAT HARELindsay Mccrae (GBR)/Robin Larcombe (GBR)1:30:48.26
50. 4 Wheels Good, 2 Wheels BetterGilbert Leclerc (CAN)/David Foltz (CAN)1:31:54.17
51. I Need a BeerGreg Bigler (USA)/Michael Piker (USA)1:32:05.13
52. Rockstars FeatAndreas Brack (SUI)/Alexander Wyss (SUI)1:32:14.77
53. Outdoor ApproachCharles-Philippe Miron (CAN)/John Oberlin (CAN)1:34:13.42
54. The RVC Mound PoundersBrian Uhlmann (CAN)/Geoff Lindsay (CAN)1:38:41.68
55. Fat ChanceNick Hartwell (GBR)/Dan Higginson (GBR)1:41:39.20
56. Back in the Saddle AgainLance Buffit (CAN)/Tom Porter (CAN)1:42:45.90
57. PegasosNiv Peles (ISR)/Rotem Ravon (ISR)1:44:46.89
58. Combat Dento'sStefan Goodwin (GBR)/Alistair Lovell (GBR)1:45:38.14
59. Micromedia Productions IncFran Cote (USA)/Bret Dickey (USA)1:52:03.48
60. 40 BelowGary Tait (CAN)/Ian Hamilton (CAN)1:52:48.86
61. Dirt PeddlersDavid Leach (CAN)/Bruce Ramsay (CAN)1:55:53.70
62. F & SDustin Andrews (CAN)/Ron Andrews (CAN)2:01:43.36
63. Where we going?Fleming Kaastrup (CAN)/Patrick Beauchamp (CAN)2:02:56.57
64. Opus / OGCShane Beslor/Steve Gaffney2:40:35.63
Open Women
1. Blackstone Elk ValleyAardal Kate (CAN)/Christine Misseghers (NOR)2:58:47.17
2. Cane Creek / CannondaleKaren Masson (USA)/Trish Stevenson (AUS)at 0:01.18
3. Momentum TrainingNikki Kassel (USA)/Hillary Harrison (CAN)0:15:14.61
4. Dirt DivasLori Coverdale (CAN)/Donna Macintosh (CAN)1:01:49.48
5. Power2BeMonica Nelson (NED)/Caroline Van Den Bulk (CAN)1:07:33.57
6. Team Crusaders KCCFAJacqueline Hutchison (CAN)/Sylvia Desmond-Hoare (CAN)1:59:43.61
Open Mixed
1. Team Adidas Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-WinMarg Fedyna (CAN)/Blair Saunders (CAN)2:23:54.65
2. Podge and RodgeTarja Owens (IRL)/Robin Seymour (IRL)at 0:18:28.38
3. Team X-Fusion / AdidasEric Warkentin (USA)/Louise Kobin (USA)0:22:18.95
4. Wilson Mountain Sports / Drake TravelSteve Johnson (CAN)/Margie Smith (AUS)0:29:56.03
5. Ride OnRobert Blanchard (CAN)/Jessica Demars (CAN)0:29:56.76
6. Travel Alberta / Bicycle Sport ShopJason Trimm (USA)/Alison Gannett (USA)0:39:23.35
7. Fitzgerald's BicyclesTracey Petervary (USA)/Jay Petervary (USA)0:41:45.21
8. Team H2ODiana Hill (USA)/Todd Mcfadden (USA)0:41:47.48
9. Troubled BeaversCraig Bartlett (CAN)/Cyd Fraser (CAN)0:44:51.04
10. Spin RoverSteven Riley (USA)/Barbekka Hurtt (USA)1:00:38.31
11. The Third Eye (Helmet Cam: Ride Guide)Jennette Allum (CAN)/Dale Bartrom (CAN)1:11:41.05
12. Tower of PowerJJ Tower (USA)/Janice Tower (USA)1:13:44.86
13. The SkidsKristen Johnson (CAN)/Shawn Collison (CAN)1:27:31.76
14. TestrogenSteve Schippanoski (CAN)/Danielle Fisher (CAN)1:40:47.19
15. Caribou ResourceJean Boyd (CAN)/Ross Robertson (CAN)2:12:24.34
16. The TeachersClaudia Lesti (GER)/Wolfgang Hopf (GER)2:20:22.60
100+ Open Gender
1. Aussie RatzKerry Ryan (AUS)/Craig Peacock (AUS)3:03:33.07
2. Arrowsmith CenturionsPeter Avis (CAN)/Roy Kregosky (CAN)at 0:57.56
3. Where Dee El Are WeStuart Dalziel/Barry Dalziel0:21:31.56
4. Rockin' PopsAndrew Combs (USA)/Rick Sederberg (USA)0:55:35.48
5. WoodburyLaurie Woodbury (USA)/Richard Woodbury (USA)1:14:33.26
6. Cowichan WannabeesJohn Schneider (CAN)/Donald Macgregor (RSA)1:15:35.55
7. Tragically Fit Racing TeamAl Mickelson (CAN)/Jim Forbes (CAN)1:20:08.16
8. Suffering Old DogsDoug Radandt (USA)/William Combs (USA)1:55:26.93
80+ Men
1. Haywood SecuritiesDavid Kvick (CAN)/James Shellard (SWE)2:31:28.84
2. Cat PowerSandy Mitchell (CAN)/Randy Richmond (CAN)at 1:21.32
3. SBMTWilliam Simms (USA)/Nathan Simms (USA)6:14.30
4. Dark Horse RacingDean Irvine (CAN)/John Ramsden (CAN)7:06.87
5. Pedal MagazinePaul Newitt (CAN)/Pat Doyle (CAN)0:11:35.47
6. Bruno's Bar & GrillJason De Soto (CAN)/John Groeneveld (CAN)0:14:54.81
7. Still Married RacingJoey Cowan (CAN)/Jim Hendry (CAN)0:16:36.40
8. PedalphilesDave Craven (USA)/Thomas Vial (USA)0:17:04.65
9. 4EverFitSteve Caulker (CAN)/Jeff Bandura (CAN)0:21:46.40
10. Dead Goat Racing - RetreadsGerry Mccuaig (CAN)/David Ford (CAN)0:23:40.79
11. HookedDan Mccarthy (USA)/Alan Ludtke (USA)0:23:59.13
12. United Bikers BelgiumNico Vanaken (BEL)/André Hendrickx (BEL)0:25:20.63
13. Rhinofitness.caTodd Martin (CAN)/Bill Benson (CAN)0:28:59.54
14. InnersanctumFrank Newcombe (GBR)/Peter Brown (GBR)0:30:46.53
15. Race For MiraclesTrent Winstone (CAN)/Brian Culbert (CAN)0:44:31.51
16. Team HollandMenno Brouwer (NED)/Peter Van Der Velden (NED)0:44:41.56
17. Team Esquire WatchDave Barclay (CAN)/Marty Halprin (CAN)0:45:53.62
18. Team JegimaGeorge Andrew Paul (CAN)/Chris Watt (CAN)0:46:46.54
19. 28 SpeedsJames Thompson (USA)/Rich Dillen (CAN)1:00:35.94
20. Whiskey PedallersMonte Mckelvie (CAN)/Chris Klapatiuk (CAN)1:16:27.86
21. OutlawsAl Reid (CAN)/Grant Los (CAN)1:24:11.57
22. La Ruta Bike for LifeRoy Wallack (CRI)/Roman Urbina (USA)1:24:20.11
23. Team P4Mike Stiles (CAN)/Rick Lewis (CAN)1:28:15.13
24. Carpe Pesce IIDamon Anagnos (USA)/James Larson (USA)1:34:03.97
25. FidasDerek Fidler (CAN)/Cam Thomas (CAN)2:10:26.08
26. Lunatic FringePaul Wood (CAN)/Dieter Sartisson (CAN)2:10:28.77
80+ Mixed
1. Bike Lane HoustonPatti Plagmann (USA)/David Boyd (USA)3:02:17.94
2. Team Travel AlbertaJeanie Godfrey (CAN)/Greg Thompson (CAN)at 4:59.04
3. UK Double Dutch Pancake BarCarrie Carruthers (GBR)/Gary Hill (GBR)0:31:58.16
4. The Lab LtdKim Verheyde (CAN)/Pete Verheyde (CAN)0:33:14.06
5. Mr. Eveready and the Energizer BunnyDean Derosier (USA)/Jaclynn Derosier (USA)0:52:51.11
6. Comfortably NumbDale Mellon (CAN)/Gregg Mellon (CAN)0:53:00.80
7. Resort TV Couch PotatoesJane Campbell (CAN)/Bill Campbell (CAN)1:10:47.31
8. LakesphysioSioelan Tjoa (GBR)/Andy Carter (NDL)1:11:20.20
9. SyncrosTricia Davis (CAN)/Marshall Cant (USA)1:19:10.57
10. Always Right - Always WrongLori Halwa (CAN)/Mark Halwa (CAN)1:25:28.67
11. Live Life LargeLouise Blais (CAN)/Andre Blais (CAN)1:27:24.30
12. SynergyLaura Silbernagel (CAN)/Guy Dutil (CAN)1:48:07.05
1. Fresh Air ExperienceFraser Atkinson (USA)/Mario Correa (CAN)2:55:28.75
2. What Mountain Bike UKKeith Bontrager (GBR)/Steve Worland (USA)at 1:52.72
3. Walthers WarriorsNiall Mcgrath (CAN)/Gary Walthers (CAN)0:20:01.66
4. BASF / Olympia Prairie BoysDon Sissons (CAN)/Lindsay Gauld (CAN)0:24:27.98
5. Rebound Cycle.comRyan Draper (CAN)/Hazen Simson (CAN)0:27:20.88
6. Epic Pique BrothersJohn Blok (CAN)/Grant Lamont (CAN)0:33:38.85
7. The Bike Shop / Bike Cafe CanmoreTom Zidek (CAN)/Samantha Phillips (USA)0:33:46.68
8. Wild RockDavid Woodfine (CAN)/Phil Hoilett (CAN)0:39:06.37
9. Anglo-American ArrangementJason Duckworth (USA)/Andrew Jordan (GBR)0:39:48.85
10. TransRockies / The Bike ShopJeff Sears (CAN)/Paul Done0:54:17.33
11. Half AssedKen Oertle (CAN)/Dan Wray (USA)1:08:00.84
12. The SprockettesMandy Clark (CAN)/Carolyn Soules (CAN)1:08:00.84
13. TimberlinersDavid Milner (UKR)/Alexandre Yatsina (CAN)1:09:18.40
14. Hiccup HellMatthew Trulio (CAN)/Ross Ethier (USA)1:09:18.40
15. Lynx Brand FenceScott Boyd (CAN)/Mark Schwartz (CAN)1:16:35.55
16. Paribus/OrissaSimon Parker (CAN)/Jim Seethram (AUS)1:16:42.05
17. The Ron and Wayne ShowJody Ponto (CAN)/Trent Marshall (CAN)1:17:55.00
18. Carpe Pesce 1Rob Vissers (USA)/Michael Hale (CAN)1:22:24.68
19. Holy GaspJeremy Wex (CAN)/John Rozell (CAN)1:23:39.87
20. Aviawest / VEGA 1John Fokkema (CAN)/Jim Pearson (CAN)1:23:50.49
21. CatsNorman Weinberg (USA)/Charles Ryan (USA)1:56:45.41
22. JagemeisterJim Gibbs (CAN)/Heinz Markmeyer (CAN)2:10:59.33
23. Northern SpheresJeff Cote (DEN)/Harry Petersen (CAN)2:27:08.97
DNS. LA RUTA C.R. SCOTIABANKPaolo Cesar Montoya (CSR)/Marco Pohlond (CSR)

Final GC

Open Men
1. Rocky Mountain Business ObjectsAndreas Hestler (CAN)/Marty Lazarski (CAN)29:00:08.16
2. Race Face Mountain MenTroy Misseghers (CAN)/Neil Grover (CAN)at 0:35:29.19
3. Sennebuebe / LungenligaUrs Senn (SUI)/Daniel Senn (SUI)2:50:09.69
4. The Bike ShopJon Nutbrown (CAN)/Kelly Servinski (CAN)3:07:05.51
5. Pedalhead Bicycle WorksMike Cabigon (CAN)/Ryan Mcgimpsey (CAN)3:36:58.14
6. Crowe Race FaceErik Crowe (CAN)/James Crowe (CAN)3:49:10.72
7. REEVAX.beDominiek Sacr_ (BEL)/Peter Paelinck (BEL)4:07:22.43
8. Kona- NRG EnterprisesJohn Gibson (CAN)/Mike Seniuk (CAN)4:40:53.73
9. Dual Shocked KiwisCraig Phillips (NZL)/Jason Hill (NZL)5:26:54.34
10. Wildcat Well Ops - Dead Goat RacingDallas Morris (CAN)/Mike Mckee (CAN)5:31:44.90
11. FrontrunnersJason Sandquist (CAN)/Normon Thibault (CAN)5:36:29.62
12. Apex StoneworksDavid Sutherland (CAN)/Leighton Poidevin (CAN)5:36:48.43
13. Midnight SunRoss Phillips (CAN)/Jonah Clark (CAN)6:08:23.99
14. Mad River DesignsScott Holmes (CAN)/Peter Glassford (CAN)6:38:42.73
15. Enerplus / TerrascapeJeff Neilson (CAN)/Evan Weselake (CAN)6:39:10.03
16. Team Experience CyclingJay Shockey (CAN)/Peter Stevenson (CAN)7:16:07.08
17. Bike AlleyAndrew Schnellinger (USA)/Ryan Larocque (USA)7:17:21.24
18. Laser-Laser.comHenry Horrocks (USA)/Keven Gillest (USA)7:46:35.65
19. Fat Tread Bikes / CR.UKEwan Thorburn (GBR)/James Sanford (GBR)8:20:03.05
20. Iron Horse/Sport CheckTroy Lemens (CAN)/Joel Simard (CAN)8:37:08.65
21. Rocky - SpechMichel Bujold (CAN)/Jean-François Bruneau (CAN)8:41:22.46
22. China EnsemblePaul Kelly (CAN)/Piers Touzel (AUS)9:46:10.82
23. Solo-Constellation EnergyJim Clapperton (CAN)/Chris Mcqueen (CAN)10:26:30.19
24. Team Cystic FibrosisAndrew Maceachern (CAN)/Greg Connor (CAN)11:01:46.12
25. NirvanaTrent Basarsky (CAN)/Paul Thompson (CAN)11:01:59.45
26. InformedFraser Ross (CAN)/Gary Brown (CAN)12:40:21.82
27. LTU Bike TeamKlaus Dalichow (GER)/Peter Duesing (GER)12:41:13.57
28. Francs Coureurs/Vélo Plein-AirSimon Despatie (CAN)/Eric Gagné (CAN)12:59:09.16
29. Enter Your Name HereDr. David Burwash (CAN)/Tim Girvin (CAN)13:31:19.22
30. Aviawest / VEGA 2Ed Welwood (CAN)/Graeme Tuck (CAN)13:54:15.85
31. Team Cancer Research UK: Old GitsDavid Preston (GBR)/Chris Herraghty (GBR)14:21:08.60
32. The Dutch LionRob Van Den Heuvel (NED)/Anthony Roelofs (NED)14:49:23.93
33. Rockstars FeatAlexander Wyss (SUI)/Andreas Brack (SUI)14:51:49.62
34. Team 59 CommandoMark Banham (GBR)/Pete Sutton (GBR)14:57:27.47
35. I Need a BeerMichael Piker (USA)/Greg Bigler (USA)15:03:05.02
36. The Pom & LimeyPaul Cockshott (GBR)/Bart Hallmark (GBR)15:13:43.46
37. Epic RideBrad Hunter (CAN)/Ben Smith (CAN)15:16:57.13
38. LifesaversGary Bavis (CAN)/Michael Krauss (CAN)15:34:59.81
39. EazyPaul Reyburn (RSA)/Clive Edward Kirsten (RSA)16:27:03.80
40. Slim ChanceAlex Meehan (GBR)/Keith Bailey (GBR)16:38:55.38
41. Team DiabetesMarcus Dagenais (CAN)/Mark Burger (CAN)17:14:09.23
42. NumbSteve Mathezer (CAN)/Tanner Debruyne (CAN)17:14:19.41
43. Need OxygenChristopher Seago (RSA)/Don Shewan (NZL)17:17:42.77
44. Weapons of Mass DestructionMichael Jacoby (CAN)/Karl Yeh (CAN)17:53:44.92
45. Essex FlatlandersChris Durand (CAN)/William Fenton (CAN)17:55:41.00
46. Blazing SaddlesBruce Kelsch (CAN)/Michael Colwill (CAN)18:13:28.19
47. Opus / OGCSteve Gaffney/Shane Beslor20:11:36.28
48. 4 Wheels Good, 2 Wheels BetterDavid Foltz (CAN)/Gilbert Leclerc (CAN)20:45:29.01
49. Team TransFattyLester Pardoe (CAN)/Alan Tennery (USA)21:21:54.76
50. The RVC Mound PoundersGeoff Lindsay (CAN)/Brian Uhlmann (CAN)21:29:29.20
51. PegasosRotem Ravon (ISR)/Niv Peles (ISR)21:53:21.03
52. Kangaroo GrizzlyChris Mcgregor (CAN)/Pete O'dwyer (AUS)23:11:48.22
53. Outdoor ApproachJohn Oberlin (CAN)/Charles-Philippe Miron (CAN)24:49:50.01
54. Fat ChanceDan Higginson (GBR)/Nick Hartwell (GBR)25:19:03.58
55. F & SRon Andrews (CAN)/Dustin Andrews (CAN)25:45:54.72
56. ChickpeaPaul Gibbons (GBR)/John Garrett (GBR)26:00:03.58
57. Back in the Saddle AgainTom Porter (CAN)/Lance Buffit (CAN)26:04:21.78
58. Combat Dento'sAlistair Lovell (GBR)/Stefan Goodwin (GBR)27:23:27.07
59. Micromedia Productions IncBret Dickey (USA)/Fran Cote (USA)27:55:57.59
60. FAT HARERobin Larcombe (GBR)/Lindsay Mccrae (GBR)28:18:30.90
61. Not too SureJarod Garrington (GBR)/Colin Spencer (GBR)29:47:14.87
62. Where we going?Patrick Beauchamp (CAN)/Fleming Kaastrup (CAN)30:19:44.61
63. Dirt PeddlersBruce Ramsay (CAN)/David Leach (CAN)34:10:18.78
64. 40 BelowIan Hamilton (CAN)/Gary Tait (CAN)35:44:25.16
Open Women
1. Cane Creek / CannondaleTrish Stevenson (USA)/Karen Masson (AUS)37:16:11.24
2. Momentum TrainingHillary Harrison (USA)/Nikki Kassel (CAN)at 2:37:53.08
3. Blackstone Elk ValleyChristine Misseghers (CAN)/Aardal Kate (NOR)5:49:09.88
4. Power2BeCaroline Van Den Bulk (NED)/Monica Nelson (CAN)16:30:05.69
5. Dirt DivasDonna Macintosh (CAN)/Lori Coverdale (CAN)23:33:24.86
6. Team Crusaders KCCFASylvia Desmond-Hoare (CAN)/Jacqueline Hutchison (CAN)34:42:19.54
Open Mixed
1. Podge and RodgeRobin Seymour (IRL)/Tarja Owens (IRL)32:45:07.12
2. Team Adidas Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-WinBlair Saunders (CAN)/Marg Fedyna (CAN)at 2:30:23.52
3. Team X-Fusion / AdidasLouise Kobin (USA)/Eric Warkentin (USA)2:33:14.59
4. Wilson Mountain Sports / Drake TravelMargie Smith (CAN)/Steve Johnson (AUS)5:19:16.95
5. Ride OnJessica Demars (CAN)/Robert Blanchard (CAN)5:55:10.11
6. Fitzgerald's BicyclesJay Petervary (USA)/Tracey Petervary (USA)6:32:00.98
7. Travel Alberta / Bicycle Sport ShopAlison Gannett (USA)/Jason Trimm (USA)8:02:14.78
8. Team H2OTodd Mcfadden (USA)/Diana Hill (USA)8:55:39.37
9. Troubled BeaversCyd Fraser (CAN)/Craig Bartlett (CAN)9:25:23.20
10. Tower of PowerJanice Tower (USA)/JJ Tower (USA)14:58:54.13
11. The Third Eye (Helmet Cam: Ride Guide)Dale Bartrom (CAN)/Jennette Allum (CAN)17:07:09.60
12. The SkidsShawn Collison (CAN)/Kristen Johnson (CAN)19:46:49.95
13. TestrogenDanielle Fisher (CAN)/Steve Schippanoski (CAN)20:07:18.72
14. Spin RoverBarbekka Hurtt (USA)/Steven Riley (USA)23:02:30.63
15. The TeachersWolfgang Hopf (GER)/Claudia Lesti (GER)23:25:47.74
16. Caribou ResourceRoss Robertson (CAN)/Jean Boyd (CAN)26:53:33.69
100+ Open Gender
1. Aussie RatzCraig Peacock (AUS)/Kerry Ryan (AUS)41:08:42.09
2. Arrowsmith CenturionsRoy Kregosky (CAN)/Peter Avis (CAN)at 1:43:05.56
3. Rockin' PopsRick Sederberg (USA)/Andrew Combs (USA)4:55:21.02
4. Where Dee El Are WeBarry Dalziel/Stuart Dalziel6:56:19.86
5. Cowichan WannabeesDonald Macgregor (CAN)/John Schneider (RSA)13:58:14.49
6. Suffering Old DogsWilliam Combs (USA)/Doug Radandt (USA)19:02:44.36
7. Tragically Fit Racing TeamJim Forbes (CAN)/Al Mickelson (CAN)22:52:51.39
8. WoodburyRichard Woodbury (USA)/Laurie Woodbury (USA)29:09:24.24
80+ Men
1. Haywood SecuritiesJames Shellard (CAN)/David Kvick (SWE)33:06:34.08
2. Cat PowerRandy Richmond (CAN)/Sandy Mitchell (CAN)at 0:36:48.61
3. Bruno's Bar & GrillJohn Groeneveld (CAN)/Jason De Soto (CAN)1:41:44.72
4. Dark Horse RacingJohn Ramsden (CAN)/Dean Irvine (CAN)3:09:54.19
5. HookedAlan Ludtke (USA)/Dan Mccarthy (USA)3:16:54.46
6. SBMTNathan Simms (USA)/William Simms (USA)4:05:12.78
7. Rhinofitness.caBill Benson (CAN)/Todd Martin (CAN)4:32:23.48
8. United Bikers BelgiumAndré Hendrickx (BEL)/Nico Vanaken (BEL)4:47:19.07
9. Pedal MagazinePat Doyle (CAN)/Paul Newitt (CAN)4:48:06.00
10. PedalphilesThomas Vial (USA)/Dave Craven (USA)6:29:46.15
11. Still Married RacingJim Hendry (CAN)/Joey Cowan (CAN)6:44:02.36
12. Race For MiraclesBrian Culbert (CAN)/Trent Winstone (CAN)7:57:45.97
13. Team P4Rick Lewis (CAN)/Mike Stiles (CAN)8:03:33.75
14. 4EverFitJeff Bandura (CAN)/Steve Caulker (CAN)9:17:25.08
15. Dead Goat Racing - RetreadsDavid Ford (CAN)/Gerry Mccuaig (CAN)9:44:50.73
16. InnersanctumPeter Brown (GBR)/Frank Newcombe (GBR)9:53:10.53
17. Team Esquire WatchMarty Halprin (CAN)/Dave Barclay (CAN)10:35:58.40
18. Team HollandPeter Van Der Velden (NED)/Menno Brouwer (NED)10:57:33.58
19. 28 SpeedsRich Dillen (USA)/James Thompson (CAN)11:27:10.75
20. Team JegimaChris Watt (CAN)/George Andrew Paul (CAN)13:59:44.62
21. La Ruta Bike for LifeRoman Urbina (CRI)/Roy Wallack (USA)15:17:33.09
22. OutlawsGrant Los (CAN)/Al Reid (CAN)18:59:33.82
23. Whiskey PedallersChris Klapatiuk (CAN)/Monte Mckelvie (CAN)20:59:32.47
24. Carpe Pesce IIJames Larson (USA)/Damon Anagnos (USA)22:45:42.97
25. FidasCam Thomas (CAN)/Derek Fidler (CAN)26:44:40.78
26. Lunatic FringeDieter Sartisson (CAN)/Paul Wood (CAN)27:06:07.29
80+ Mixed
1. Bike Lane HoustonDavid Boyd (USA)/Patti Plagmann (USA)40:13:57.90
2. Team Travel AlbertaGreg Thompson (CAN)/Jeanie Godfrey (CAN)at 3:45:38.36
3. UK Double Dutch Pancake BarGary Hill (GBR)/Carrie Carruthers (GBR)5:43:22.13
4. Comfortably NumbGregg Mellon (CAN)/Dale Mellon (CAN)7:26:18.45
5. The Lab LtdPete Verheyde (CAN)/Kim Verheyde (CAN)8:52:06.59
6. Mr. Eveready and the Energizer BunnyJaclynn Derosier (USA)/Dean Derosier (USA)10:13:29.24
7. LakesphysioAndy Carter (GBR)/Sioelan Tjoa (NDL)15:49:21.55
8. Resort TV Couch PotatoesBill Campbell (CAN)/Jane Campbell (CAN)19:29:42.50
9. Always Right - Always WrongMark Halwa (CAN)/Lori Halwa (CAN)20:43:28.81
10. Live Life LargeAndre Blais (CAN)/Louise Blais (CAN)22:41:09.22
11. SyncrosMarshall Cant (CAN)/Tricia Davis (USA)24:00:49.57
12. SynergyGuy Dutil (CAN)/Laura Silbernagel (CAN)27:18:33.56
1. Rebound Cycle.comHazen Simson (CAN)/Ryan Draper (CAN)40:13:17.73
2. Fresh Air ExperienceMario Correa (USA)/Fraser Atkinson (CAN)at 10:52:19.48
3. Aviawest / VEGA 1Jim Pearson (CAN)/John Fokkema (CAN)12:25:09.52
4. BASF / Olympia Prairie BoysLindsay Gauld (CAN)/Don Sissons (CAN)13:26:37.69
5. What Mountain Bike UKSteve Worland (GBR)/Keith Bontrager (USA)17:03:24.71
6. Epic Pique BrothersGrant Lamont (CAN)/John Blok (CAN)18:43:37.28
7. The Ron and Wayne ShowTrent Marshall (CAN)/Jody Ponto (CAN)18:51:24.91
8. Holy GaspJohn Rozell (CAN)/Jeremy Wex (CAN)18:56:04.63
9. Wild RockPhil Hoilett (CAN)/David Woodfine (CAN)20:22:16.98
10. Walthers WarriorsGary Walthers (CAN)/Niall Mcgrath (CAN)21:04:18.99
11. Carpe Pesce 1Michael Hale (USA)/Rob Vissers (CAN)24:58:12.22
12. TransRockies / The Bike ShopPaul Done (CAN)/Jeff Sears25:02:23.84
13. TimberlinersAlexandre Yatsina (UKR)/David Milner (CAN)25:19:21.88
14. Hiccup HellRoss Ethier (CAN)/Matthew Trulio (USA)26:39:15.41
15. The SprockettesCarolyn Soules (CAN)/Mandy Clark (CAN)27:46:24.17
16. Anglo-American ArrangementAndrew Jordan (USA)/Jason Duckworth (GBR)28:04:24.23
17. Paribus/OrissaJim Seethram (CAN)/Simon Parker (AUS)28:15:24.13
18. The Bike Shop / Bike Cafe CanmoreSamantha Phillips (CAN)/Tom Zidek (USA)29:46:19.87
19. Half AssedDan Wray (CAN)/Ken Oertle (USA)32:18:26.10
20. CatsCharles Ryan (USA)/Norman Weinberg (USA)32:45:25.96
21. Northern SpheresHarry Petersen (DEN)/Jeff Cote (CAN)40:58:28.95
22. Lynx Brand FenceMark Schwartz (CAN)/Scott Boyd (CAN)21:20:03.06
23. LA RUTA C.R. SCOTIABANKMarco Pohlond (CSR)/Paolo Cesar Montoya (CSR)00:00:00.00
24. JagemeisterHeinz Markmeyer (CAN)/Jim Gibbs (CAN)2:18:01.26


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