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August 14/05 11:01 am - Canada Cup DH Final

Posted by Editoress on 08/14/05

Canada Cup Final Sun Peaks BC

The final event in the 2005 DH Canada Cup took place at Sun Peaks Resort in BC.

Elite MenTimeDiff
1. David Klassenvanoorschot (USA) KHS/SPY/D34:48.730
2. Luke Kitzanuk (CAN) Giant4:50.461.73
3. Charles-Alexandre Dube (CAN) DH Racer4:55.226.49
4. Eric Goss (CAN) Giant Canada4:55.376.64
5. Geoff Pendrel (CAN) Devinci/Daredevil4:56.878.14
6. Andrew Mitchell (CAN) Cove Bikes/Smith/DB Components4:58.169.43
7. Adriano Digiacinto (CAN) Steed cycles/Sram Rock Shox4:59.6810.95
8. Mathieu Laurin (CAN) Devinci/DareDevil5:00.9412.21
9. Jason Sigfrid (USA) Discover Bicycles/Arrow Racing5:01.4812.75
10. Jamie Biluk (CAN) CoveBikes/Dangerboy5:03.0714.34
11. Craig Woodhead (CAN)5:03.5514.82
12. Louis-Philippe Leonard (CAN) Norco Performance Bikes5:04.6715.94
13. Philippe Menard (CAN) Devinci/Daredevil5:05.7417.01
14. Connor Macleod (CAN) Cove Bikes5:05.9117.18
15. Kyle Guay (CAN) Norco Factory Team5:06.3517.62
16. Kurt Lindemark (CAN) Red Shreds Bike Shed5:07.0518.32
17. Jeff Evans (USA) KHS5:08.9520.22
18. Stuart Couper (CAN) Kona5:10.3221.59
19. Andy Czuczor (CAN) Cove Bikes5:11.9023.17
20. Ross Roseingrave (IRL)5:12.1223.39
21. Ethan Mutoli (USA) CENTER CYCLE5:13.2124.48
22. Jason Green (CAN) Cove Bikes Factory Team5:14.4725.74
23. Fred Belanger (CAN) Manitou/Shimano/SBC5:17.2828.55
24. Joe Jenkins (CAN)5:17.4628.73
25. Jeff Beatty (CAN) Orange5:19.1630.43
26. Jerry Leimonis (CAN) Trail Blazer Cycles, Mountain"5:21.0032.27
27. Justin Terwiel (CAN) Full Boar Bike Store5:22.0833.35
28. Andy Thibodeau (CAN)5:23.9435.21
29. Roddi Legg (CAN) Norco Factory Team5:25.2036.47
30. Antoine Aubert-Larose (CAN) East Side Freeride5:25.4836.75
31. Josh Mead (CAN) Ruthless Cycle5:25.8437.11
32. Jonathan Pilon (CAN) Sentiers Plein Air/Spy Optic5:26.3937.66
33. Jason Mosley (USA) MJ Racing5:28.2639.53
34. Aaron Clark (CAN) www.aaronclarkracing.com5:28.6839.95
35. Adam Billinghurst (CAN) Sram/Cove Bikes5:28.8640.13
36. Cam Somerville (CAN)5:29.8741.14
37. Jack Johnston (CAN) Norco Performance Bikes5:32.0343.30
38. Ryan Hopping (CAN) Redbike ERTC5:33.4444.71
39. Derek Chambers (CAN) NRG/Pinkbike/Freeride5:41.0652.33
40. Alain Lefebvre (CAN) Sentier Plein Air5:44.3455.61
41. Dominick Menard (CAN) Devinci/CGI/Dragon5:57.351:08.62
42. Kenney Smith (CAN)7:29.582:40.85
Elite WomenTimeDiff
1. Danika Schroeter (CAN) Giant5:41.48
2. Micayla Gatto (CAN) Rocky Mountain Business Object5:43.421.94
3. Adrienne Miller (CAN) Devinci/Daredevil5:45.584.10
4. Pip Parr (NZL)6:09.1927.71
5. Seana Wright (CAN)6:11.9130.43
6. Jenelle Cassidy (CAN) Cove Factory Racing6:39.9458.46
7. Tanya Grunsky (CAN)6:40.4758.99
8. Kelly Kozevnikov (CAN) Cove Club, Cove Bike Shop""8:07.512:26.03
Jr Expert MenTimeDiff
1. Steve Chan (CAN)5:00.25
2. Kyle Ritchie (CAN) Oakley/Kona/NRG5:17.4517.20
3. Nick Dent (CAN) Giant5:18.8118.56
4. Dylan Gullisen (CAN) Danger Bay/Radical Edge5:22.9522.70
5. Dan Csokonay (CAN) Norco Factory Team/Oakley/Bowc5:26.2526.00
6. Adam Mcconaghy (CAN) Rad
7. Marcus Jaheny (CAN)5:32.4032.15
8. Justin Willoughby (CAN) Calgary Cycle/Santa Cruz/Ridge5:33.2332.98
9. Ross Measures (CAN)5:33.9233.67
10. Cody MacArthur (CAN)5:34.9934.74
11. Matt Boudreau (CAN) Radical Edge5:36.3336.08
12. Kyle Johnson (CAN)5:37.4237.17
13. Shawn Downey (CAN) Sixsixone, Utopia Optics, ITS"6:24.661:24.41
14. Riley Petcheson (CAN)6:39.321:39.07
15. James Mcskimming (CAN)11:50.736:50.48
16. Lorne Trousdell (CAN) AKA The Bike Shop13:42.438:42.18

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