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August 22/05 9:26 am - Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships

Posted by Editoress on 08/22/05

Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships Red Deer AB
Courtesy ABA

The Alberta Provincial Road Race Championships were contested Sunday just east of the city of Red Deer. The course consisted of a 16 kilometre loop, ridden several times, followed by a substantial climb to the finish out of the Red Deer River Valley back toward the city. Big winners on the day included local rider Nick Friesen (The Bike Shop), who won solo, and Alison Testroete (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle), riding a wave of good form after two medals at the recent Canada Games. Both winning riders were part of the Alberta Provincial Team in 2005, and have earned the right to wear the Provincial Champion‚s jersey for the next year.

This year‚s Championship Race was named in honour of John Hennessy Moore, a young cyclist from Red Deer who passed away suddenly last winter:

Thanks to Bob McKerrell and the Central Alberta Bicycle Club for their efforts in organizing the event.

1/2 Men
1. Nick Friesen (The Bike Shop)3:29:32
2. Matt Decore (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)3:30:45
3. Jeff Bolstad (TRS)3:30:52
4. Ryan McKenzie (Subway)3:30:57
5. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle)3:31:09
6. Shawn Taylor (Rundle Mountain CC)3:31:16
7. Per Strom (bicisport)3:31:30
8. Jesse James Collins (bicisport)3:34:42
9. Steve German (The Bike Shop)3:35:42
10. Zbigniew Szymanski (United Cycle)s.t.
11. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)3:36:03
12. Mark MacDonald (Sport Chek)3:37:42
13. Bob Veroba (bicisport)s.t.
14. Tim Bulger (ERTC/redbike)3:39:24
15. David Jetz (Eurotech)s.t.
16. James Sparling (bicisport)3:41:42
17. Stephen Mundy (ERTC/redbike)3:42:02
18. Ryan Anderson (Juventus)3:42:10
19. Bruce Copeland (Juventus)s.t.
20. Felix Haspel (Synergy)3:43:00
21. Rob Simpson (ERTC/redbike)3:53:59
22. Matt Usborne (Marco Polo)s.t.
23. cp Walsh (Synergy)3:55:04
24. Sean Huggins-Chan (bicisport)4:02:46
25. Harley Borlee (Velocity)
26. Reid Dalgleish (Synergy)both s.t.
DNF. Kevin Masters (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. John Twells (Pedalhead)
DNF. Sean Barr (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. Shaun Adamson (United Cycle)
DNF. Rob Brandrick (Independent)
DNF. Pat Dodge (The Bike Shop)
DNF. Jason Duffy (Bikeland)
DNF. Shawn Goulet (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. Brian Bain (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF. Tim Ogryzlo (Pedalhead)
DNF. Craig Debellefeuille (Synergy)
DNF. Dan Petersen (Bow Cycle/CMC)
DNF. Mike Sarnecki (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
1. Alison Testroete (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle - A)2:31:10
2. Mical Dyck (Terrascape - A)
3. Marg Fedyna (ERTC/redbike - A)bot: s.t.
4. Jenny Trew (Team Coastal - A)2:31:48
5. Tricia Orzeck (Independent - B)s.t.
6. Danelle Kabush (Timex Multisport - A)2:31:51
7. Trish Grajczyk (Deadgoat - B)2:32:06
8. Laura Yoisten (Diet Cheerwine - A)s.t.
9. Natasha Kuzmak (Synergy - A)2:33:00
10. Pepper Harlton (Dirt Girls - B)2:33:40
11. Nikki Lavoie (Juventus - A)2:33:58
12. Joanne Breau (bicisport - B)2:34:06
13. Amy Woodward (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle - A)2:34:33
14. Heather Oswald (ERTC/redbike - A)2:43:51
15. Joy Mekechuk (Juventus - A)2:52:12
16. Andrea Nighbor (Rundle Mountain CC - B)2:55:07
17. Rachel Gurney (Calgary Crankmasters - B)2:59:19
18. Leanne Angerman (Independent - B)3:06:38
Cat 3
1. Stephen Ferris (ERTC/redbike)3:14:42
2. Mike Bidniak (Juventus)
3. Devin Erfle (Deadgoat)
4. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)all s.t.
5. Aaron Chappell (ERTC/redbike)3:14:48
6. Frank Woolstencroft (TRS)3:14:55
7. Dennis Bland (Calgary Crankmasters)st
8. Jason Lapierre (Way Past Fast)3:15:45
9. Lonn Bate (Terrascape)3:15:56
10. Anthony Stadnyk (bicisport)s.t.
12. James Purdy (bicisport)3:16:20
13. Leroy Brower (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)3:16:22
14. Tommy Mak (Eurotech)3:16:29
15. Darren Anderson (Pedalhead)3:16:45
16. John Riess (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)3:16:59
17. Paul MacDonald (United Cycle)3:17:13
18. Brian Kullman (Synergy)s.t.
19. Bryant Hebert (The Bike Shop)3:17:20
20. Anthony Steenbergen (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)3:17:28
21. Jason Frank (CABC/Projekt 1)3:17:44
22. Jack Van Dyk (Terrascape)3:17:49
23. Andrew Gage (Eurotech)3:18:38
24. Phil McDonald (Calgary Cycle)3:19:25
25. Keith Bayly (Deadgoat)3:21:17
26. Dan Bierd (bicisport)3:32:49
DNF. Cyrus Kangarloo (Synergy)
DNF. Frank Kovacs (Synergy)
DNF. Nicolas Andrichuk (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)
DNF. Wayne Long (United Cycle)
Cat 4
1. Brennan Bagdan (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:16:42
2. Steve Soldan (Independent)2:16:51
3. Carson Bannon (TRS)2:17:09
4. Braden Young (Synergy)2:18:06
5. Erik Bakke (Deadgoat)2:18:08
6. Mike Norton (Independent)2:18:20
7. Dion Clark (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:18:48
8. Jack Funk (Deadgoat)2:18:57
9. Kyle Anderson (ERTC/redbike)2:19:08
10. Manrique Bautista (Pedalhead)2:19:18
11. Shane Frahm (Edmonton Masters)2:19:23
12. Dennis Anderson (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:19:32
13. Rob Reid (Calgary Crankmasters)2:19:48
14. Peter Heppleston (Edmonton Masters)2:19:54
15. Geoff Clark (Deadgoat)2:20:17
16. Jon Keats (Pedalhead)2:20:34
17. Evan Firth-Eagland (bicisport)2:20:39
18. Charles Gibney (Pedalhead)s.t.
19. Evan Wick (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:20:54
20. Henry Yau (Deadgoat)2:21:08
21. Stacey Mateika (CABC/Projekt 1)2:21:22
22. Paul Plakas (Pedalhead)
23. Aaron Amar (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)bot: s.t.
24. Myles Marshall (ERTC/redbike)2:22:19
25. Greg Yanicki (bicisport)2:22:50
26. Cody Canning (United Cycle)2:23:36
27. Reid Cummings (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:24:00
28. Neil Johns (Hardcore)2:26:04
29. Zane Westerbeek (Synergy)2:27:59
30. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)2:29:34
31. James Mollison (bicisport)s.t.
32. Mark Fedoroshyn (Independent)2:29:36
33. Don Fox (Juventus)2:30:41
34. Dan Surian (CABC/Projekt 1)2:32:10
35. Wayne Giles (TRS)2:34:12
36. Steve Schiefler (Calgary Cycle)2:35:41
37. Bill Blonski (bicisport)3:22:10
38. Shane McClellen (Juventus)3:24:50
DNF. Richard Vervoort (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. Jan Sacharuk (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)
DNF. Jeffrey Bell (Independent)
DNF. Nikolas Jackman (United Cycle)
DNF. Dan Hunka (Juventus)
Cat 5
1. Justin Middleton (Juventus)1:57:26
2. Don King (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)s.t.
3. Doug Urness (CABC/Projekt 1)1:58:42
4. Craig Schmitt (Independent)1:59:17
5. Evan Allan (Independent)1:59:31
6. Matthew Di Silvestro (Independent)1:59:54
7. Andrew Hilton (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:00:30
8. Andrew Phelps (Cranky's Cranksters)
9. Neal Gregory (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)bot: s.t.
10. Jonathan Mayne (Pedalhead)2:00:33
11. Stephen Sampson (Calgary Crankmasters)2:00:35
12. Rob Found (Freeskool)2:00:40
13. Karl Schneider (Edmonton Masters)2:00:46
14. Brad Fehr (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:00:50
15. Scott Book (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
16. Glenn Isaac (9th Street Cycle-logic)2:00:55
17. Lev Krivitsky (Calgary Crankmasters)2:00:59
18. Adam Boyko (Team Pusch)2:01:04
19. Todd Houston (Calgary Crankmasters)2:01:18
20. Jim Wiley (Edmonton Masters)2:01:40
21. Andy Wilson (United Cycle)2:01:50
22. Jason Buijs (Eurotech)2:01:55
23. Gerhard Jacobs (Cranky's Cranksters)2:02:20
24. Mark Ruttiman (Pedalhead Road/Sleeman)2:02:58
25. Andrew Tomassini (The Bike Shop)2:07:10
26. Allan Gilbert (CABC/Projekt 1)s.t.
27. Ryan Olynyk (ERTC/redbike)2:07:15
28. Kyle Harris (Juventus)2:07:20
29. Gary Taylor (Calgary Crankmasters)2:07:37
30. Bruce Wick (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle)2:09:30
31. Michael Zelensky (Terrascape)2:12:12
32. Andrew Schietzsch (Juventus)2:15:22
33. Sam Keats (Blizzard)2:18:48
34. Emils Muehlenbachs (Pedalhead)2:20:41
35. Mark Jones (9th Street Cycle Logic)2:26:58
36. Lance Harris (Juventus)2:30:09
37. Richard Cairney (ERTC/redbike)s.t.
DNF. Bradley Nixon (bicisport)
DNF. Gary Middleton (Juventus)
DNF. Kendra Middleton (Juventus)
DNF. Warren Schmitz (Pedalhead)


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