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August 30/05 12:28 pm - Alberta Provincial XC Championships

Posted by Editoress on 08/30/05

Alberta MTB XC Provincial Championship
Courtesy Kevin MacCuish, ABA Events Coordinator

On Sunday, August 28th, the Alberta XC Provincial Championship was held at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary under sunny skies.

Under 13 Men
1. Kevin Stafford (United Cycle)0:46:08.92
2. Michael Lankester (Black Sheep)0:49:13.32
Under 15 Men
1. Kurt DeFreitas1:14:09.85
2. Mac Garvin (Black Sheep)1:53:14.24
Under 15 Women
1. Kendra Middleton (Juventus)1:33:15.27
Under 17 Sport Men
1. Neal Gregory (Bow Cycle)1:14:28.38
DNF. David Larson (Juventus)
Under 17 Expert Men
1. Justin Middleton (Juventus)1:35:54.83
2. Spencer Smitheman (Juventus)1:40:45.62
3. Logan Brauer (Juventus)1:58:04.37
Under 17 & Junior Sport Women
1. Kelly Hall (Dead Goat)1:32:11.37
2. Lauren Lankester (Black Sheep)1:39:58.22
DNF. Hillary Ebbern (Black Sheep)
DNF. Michelle Beveridge (Black Sheep)
Under 17 & Junior Expert Women
1. Danielle Kenny (Bow Cycle)2:13:25.72
Junior Sport Men
1. Evan Wick (Bow Cycle)2:02:16.71
2. Anthony Stadnyk (BICI Sport)2:14:54.80
3. Thomas Cowan2:38:49.63
Junior Expert Men
1. Mike Bidniak (Juventus)2:14:55.34
2. Brian Robinson (Bow Cycle)2:25:11.50
DNF. Eric Magee (Rundle Mountain)
Senior Beginner / Sport Men
1. Evan Allan1:37:24.37
2. Michael Grattan2:07:04.79
3. Stephane Morier2:07:13.91
4. Steve Vinci (PedalHead)2:07:21.95
5. Brad Harrington (Bow Cycle)2:40:44.60
DNF. Tom Van Omeren (PedalHead)
Senior Beginner / Sport Women
1. Amy Barnett (CycleMeisters)1:15:37.94
2. Jennette Allum (Ridleys Cycle)1:22:45.19
3. Kim Ritter (Sport Check)1:27:00.42
4. Annette Hosker (PedalHead)1:43:28.88
Senior Expert Men
1. Dave Roberts (Bow Cycle)2:11:13.57
2. Anthony Steenbergen (Bow Cycle)2:16:49.33
3. Jeffrey Neilson (TerraScope)2:19:24.39
4. Ryan Castle2:19:36.12
5. Robert Leeds (Bow Cycle)2:22:22.77
6. Phil McDonald (Calgary Cycle)2:22:49.45
7. Erik Bakke (Dead Goat)2:30:32.39
8. Mike Stoner (PedalHead)2:50:03.74
DNF. John Twells (PedalHead)
DNF. Shane Stevens (Rundle Mountain)
Senior Expert Women
1. Amy Woodward (Bow Cycle)1:49:47.36
2. Carrie Tuck (The Bike Shop)1:56:19.00
3. Bridget Linder (Bow Cycle)1:57:59.17
4. Linda Green (Dead Goat)2:04:16.11
DNF. Carrie Williamson (TerraScope)
DNF. Andrea Nighbor (Rundle Mountain)
Senior Elite Men
1. Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle)2:21:02.32
2. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)2:21:45.52
3. Troy Misseghers (Mountain Bike City)2:22:04.11
4. Tristan Galbraith (Kona)2:27:36.19
5. Neil Grover (Mountain Bike City)2:31:04.05
6. Brian Cooke2:34:15.07
7. Andre Sutton (Hardcore)2:43:15.56
8. Devin Erfle (Dead Goat)2:44:37.88
9. Earl Nolan (Dead Goat)2:50:57.44
10. Mike Sarnecki (PedalHead)2:52:56.27
11. Bryant Hebert (The Bike Shop)3:07:21.68
DNF. Pat Doyle (Dead Goat)
DNF. Dion Clark (Bow Cycle)
DNF. Brian Bain (Bow Cycle)
Senior Elite Women
1. Madelaine Bate (TerraScope)2:19:29.01
2. Trish Grajczyk (Dead Goat)2:23:58.53
3. Danelle Kabush2:28:44.32
4. Annette Svederus (United Cycle)2:40:52.58
DNF. Laura Whitehead
DNF. Marg Fedyna (ERTC / Red Bike)
Master Beginner / Sport Men (30-39)
1. Steve Soldan1:31:22.97
2. Trevor Sutherland (Dead Goat)1:42:50.14
3. Chris McQueen (Mountain Bike City)1:43:44.85
4. Brent Johnson1:45:26.79
5. Gary Brown (Rundle Mountain)1:45:47.52
6. Mike McKee (Dead Goat)1:46:17.62
7. Brennan bagdan (PedalHead)1:46:57.70
8. Troy Lemens (Sport Check)1:48:40.08
9. Tim Riess (PedalHead)1:49:41.16
10. Charles Gibney (PedalHead)1:49:48.44
11. Rob Found (FreeWheel)1:51:55.43
12. Carl Dobbs2:12:25.45
13. Michael Ferguson (PedalHead)2:13:09.32
14. Kris Aksomitis (Schmoe Racing)2:24:27.02
DNS. Richard Vervoort (PedalHead)
DNS. Mark Stranzinger (TerraScope)
Master Beginner / Sport Women (30-39)
DNS. Kelsey Miller (Bow Cycle)
Master Expert Men (30-39)
1. Jeffrey Bolstad (TRS)2:04:27.33
2. Lonn Bate (TerraScope)2:07:38.24
3. Darren Anderson (PedalHead)2:07:42.79
4. Mike Norton2:10:05.32
5. Keith Bayly (Dead Goat)2:10:27.52
6. Dave Jetz2:10:56.83
7. Grant Eastman (Calgary Cycle)2:11:24.81
8. Tom Brodzinski (Dead Goat)2:12:08.83
9. Neil Johns (Hardcore)2:15:28.26
10. Mark Fedoroshyn2:15:53.16
11. Steve Walsh (Schmoe Racing)2:16:01.89
12. Wayne Calder (Dead Goat)2:16:04.39
13. Steven Johnson2:19:59.17
14. Darcy Jones (Dead Goat)2:26:05.70
15. Daniel Bierd (BICI Sport)2:29:02.14
16. Mark Rumsey (Hardcore)2:31:44.45
DNF. Kirk Schmiedge (TRS)
DNF. Andrew Anastasiadis (Sport Check)
Master Expert Women (30-39)
1. Loni Klettl (FreeWheel)1:45:45.34
2. Michelle Hook (PedalHead)2:02:09.61
DNF. Leslie Schlebach (BICI Sport)
Master Women (30-39)
1. Mari-Josee Santerre (Rundle Mountain)1:26:43.37
Master Sport Men 40+
1. Ivan Dansie (Dead Goat)1:41:08.72
2. Keenan Cannady (Ridleys Cycle)1:44:14.56
3. Kevin Walsh (Calgary Crank Masters)1:48:38.59
4. Gerry McCuaig (Dead Goat)1:49:35.34
5. Gary Middleton (Juventus)1:52:38.16
6. Michael Zelensky (TerraScope)1:53:05.63
7. Jeffrey Bell1:53:16.99
8. Joe Buszowski (Rundle Mountain)1:53:43.85
9. Dave Ford (Dead Goat)1:55:44.52
10. Henry Yau (Dead Goat)1:56:47.54
11. Clayton Stafford (United Cycle)2:00:04.28
12. Tom Ebbern (Black Sheep)2:05:59.90
13. Al Reid2:07:07.40
14. Brian Kozak2:08:41.68
15. Grant Los2:09:33.37
16. Don Fox (Juventus)2:19:46.72
17. Randy Szasz (Calgary Crank Masters)2:24:15.33
18. Mike Waddingham2:36:17.11
19. David Staerkle (Hardcore)2:43:52.18
DNF. Corey Finnigan (Calgary Crank Masters)
DNF. Lawrence Keller (Dead Goat)
Master Expert Men 40+
1. Peter Lawrence2:02:21.38
2. Geoff Clark (Dead Goat)2:15:26.20
3. Dwayne Ellis (GS Campione)2:20:04.00
4. Tracy Shearer (Juventus)2:30:00.90
5. Ed Garvin (Black Sheep)2:37:52.23
6. Mike Prinz2:39:42.91
7. John Gilchrist (Dead Goat)2:40:16.27
DNF. Gary Dearing (CycleMeisters)
DNF. Edward Roddy (Dead Goat)
DNF. Stan Magee (Rundle Mountain)
DNF. Graham Smith (Rundle Mountain)
Master Women 40+
1. Barara Clemes (Rundle Mountain)1:28:04.17


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