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August 30/05 12:43 pm - Island Honda

Posted by Editoress on 08/30/05

Island Honda - Comox Valley Junior Stage Race
Courtesy Ed Schum, Comox Valley Cycle Club

A Stage race for Junior riders was held over the (past) weekend by the Comox Valley Cycle Club.

While attendance was slightly down over last year, the caliber and enthusiasm of the young cyclists was great and everyone had fun.

Riders came from as far away as Prince George (23hrs by bus) and Vernon.
Hope to do it bigger and better next year.

U13 GirlsRoad RaceTime TrialCriteriumTotal Time
1. Kathleen Wenting 1:04:370:12:350:16:111:33:23
U15 Girls
1. Amber Vallee (Wheelers)0:55:490:12:020:16:081:23:59
2. Megan Campbell (Soliton)0:56:370:11:450:16:111:24:33
3. Elizabeth Wenting 1:05:290:13:140:17:141:35:57
U17 Girls
1. Vanessa Tilson (C.O.B.R.A.)1:30:560:17:090:21:372:09:42
2. Jordan Rees (CVCC)1:34:170:17:470:21:392:13:43
3. Camille Nonis -98751:34:170:18:290:21:392:14:25
U19 Girls
1. Rachel Canning (Devo)1:30:480:17:170:21:372:09:42
U15 BoysRoad RaceTime TrialCriteriumTotal Time
1. Kevin Thorpe (Devo)0:51:220:09:110:21:171:21:50
2. Scott Mulder 0:51:260:09:250:21:171:22:08
3. Matt Sharpe (CVCC)0:56:550:09:410:23:011:29:37
4. Nick Holatko (CVCC)1:02:570:10:400:23:011:36:38
320. D.J. Manning (Devo)0:51:220:10:00DNS
U17 Boys
1. Graeme Bant 1:27:080:14:280:25:302:07:06
2. Cody Campbell (Soliton)1:27:080:14:300:25:302:07:08
3. Evan Flater (Cowichan CC)1:27:080:14:530:25:302:07:31
4. Jason Manning (Devo)1:27:080:15:270:25:302:08:05
5. Kurtis Vallee 1:27:080:15:290:25:302:08:07
6. Brandon Carey (Devo)1:27:080:15:330:25:342:08:15
7. Jeffry Phillips (Wheelers)1:27:240:15:220:25:342:08:20
8. Aaron Thomas (Wheelers)1:27:080:16:060:25:302:08:44
9. Matthew Bowe (Lactic Acid)1:27:080:16:110:25:342:08:53
10. Gerrit Van Rensburg 1:27:080:17:050:25:382:09:51
11. Kyle Sherbaty (Devo)1:34:200:17:260:27:182:19:04
12. Grant O'Neill (CVCC)1:34:200:18:000:27:212:19:41
220. Erik Mulder DNF0:14:560:25:30
U19 Boys
1. Jeff Castenmiller (Lactic Acid)1:49:410:13:280:27:472:30:56
2. Marco Sabatino 1:49:480:14:400:28:392:33:07
3. Adrian Johnson (Wheelers)1:51:230:14:440:28:352:34:42
4. Marcel Aarden (Wheelers)1:51:270:15:250:28:362:35:28
5. Austin MacDougall (Devo)1:51:290:15:300:28:372:35:36
6. Cameron Thorpe (Devo)1:51:270:15:530:29:422:37:02


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