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September 5/05 10:59 am - Tour di Via Italia Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 09/5/05

Tour di Via Italia Criterium - 47th Year September 4th, Windsor, Ontario
Courtesy Organizer

Pro + Elite 1/2 Men (100km)
1. Karl Bordine (USA) RPM/Helens
2. Tim Lefebvre (Can) Jet Fuel/Sympatico
3. Steve Bauer (Can) Steve Bauer Tours
4. Paul Martin (USA) Texas Roadhouse
5. Richard Bowkin (NZL) Italpasta/Belmire Transport
6. Brian Adams (USA) Ford/Giant
7. Jason Valenti (Can) CoachChris.Ca
8. Paul Eugeni (Can) Reynold/Koolini
9. Thorben Wiedits (Can) Pavan Cycling Club
10. Peter Morse (Can) Chain Reaction
11. Arne Hinrichsen (Ger) Reynold/Koolini
12. David Chernosky (USA) Torelli C.C.

Master A + Senior III, IV & V
1. Sean Wakefield (Can) Ride With Rendall
2. James Brooks (Can) Independent
3. Ken Thomas (USA) Handlebar C.C.
4. Tucker Olander (USA) Team Rio Grande
5. Roberto Zuech (Can) Reynold/Koolini
6. Craig Burge (Can) Independent
7. Gerard Yates (Can) Sport Swap
8. Richard Snodsmith (USA) Soland Avenue Cyclery
9. Jeff Chow (Can) Reynold/Koolini
10. Mark Polsinelli (Can) Pavan C.C.

Master 40 to 59
1. Craig Burge (Can) Independent
2. Roy Zuchetto (Can) Pavan C.C.
3.Garnett Abbey (Can) D‚Ornella‚s
4. Mark Polsinelli (Can) Pavan C.C.
5. Jim Regan (USA) Saturn/Shell
6. James Brooks (Can) Independent
7. Malcolm Eade (Can) D‚Ornella‚s
8. Ed Campbell (Can) St. Catharines C.C.
9. Todd Sanders (USA) J.C.Investors
10. Kirby Klassen (Can) St. Catharines C.C.

Master 60+
1. Roy Lown (Can) Independent
2. Elio Zanella (Can) Caboto Velo Club
3. Orlando Goveia (Can) Reynold/Koolini

1. Merrill Collins (Can) La Biciclette
2. Jane Everly (USA) Team Summa
3. Kristin Sanders (USA) JC Investors
4.Julie Belerose (USA) Ann Arbor Velo/Salon XL
5. Lesley Chown (Can) St. Catharines C.C.
6. Maogosha Pyjor (Can) Wheels of Bloor
7. Laura Melendez (USA) Ada Bike
8. Cynthia Clark (Can) Ride With Rendall

Juniors 16/17
1. Ryan Buerman (USA) Youth
2. Luke Cavender (USA) Whole Foods/ Wolverine
3. Mike Souers (USA) Independent
4. Matt Rose (USA) Independent

Cadets 14 & 15
1. John Lucente (Can) Maple Leaf C. C.
2. Marco Cote (Can) Maple Leaf C.C.
3. Samuel Zacone (USA) Ann Arbor Velo

Minimimes 12 & 13
1. Jenna Hicken (USA) Omegwa
2. Drew Bercaw (USA) USA Pista Elite
3. Erick Madis (USA) USA Pista Elite
4. Nicholas Nagorski (USA) Independent


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