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November 5/05 10:37 am - National Cyclo-cross Championships: Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 11/5/05

National Cyclo-cross Championships Hardwood Hills Outdoor Centre ON

U17 Challenge M
1. Taylor Pieprzak (ON) Team Hardwood29:30.0
2. Bennett Winn (ON) Impala Bicycles31:11.5
U17 Challenge F
1. Celeste Jones-Baumgardt (ON) Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif33:58.5
2. Charlotte Batty (ON) Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing35:51.4
U15 Challenge M
1. Conor O`Brien (ON) Ride With Rendall37:19.4
2. Luke Winn (ON) Impala Bicycles27:18.7
3. Kiernan Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall29:31.5
Open Challenge M
1. Chris Cavacuiti (ON) Team Biovail27:39.4
2. Colin Scott (ON) Sports Swap Racing27:49.8
3. Erik Box (ON) The Hub Bicycle Club27:50.0
4. Murray Thomas Wood (ON) Velocity Racing28:46.6
5. Roderick Olliver (ON) Forest City Velodrome Assoc.32:20.2
6. Michael Towers (ON) Sweet Pete`s33:19.3
7. Robert Vanderwouden (ON) The Hub Bicycle Club34:33.2
Open Challenge F
1. Lesley Tucker (ON) 30:25.2
2. Ingrid Zschogner (ON) The Bike Shop - AB31:58.6
3. Karen Watson (ON) McMaster CC32:19.5
4. Briana Illingworth (ON) 38:12.4
DNS. Maryclare Haley (ON) Hamilton CC
DNF. Heather Kirkby (CA) Velo Bella - California
DNF. Celeste Merey (ON) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees
Master 30-39 Women Championship
1. Heather Kirkby (CA) Velo Bella - California39:11.4
2. Alana Cassidy (SK) Saskatoon Cycledelia - SK40:53.7
3. Nicola Mann (WA) Avanti Racing Club-Washington41:10.9
4. Carolyne Haill (ON) Chain Reaction41:17.1
5. Martha Handford (OR) IndependentFabrication-MA42:15.9
6. Vicki Thomas (ON) Ride With Rendall43:36.9
7. Prisca Natterer (ON) True North Cycles36:51.4
Master 40+ Women Championship
1. Andrea Bacik (ON) Mississauga Bicycle Racing C33:28.3
2. Patty Tetreault (SK) Rock`N`Road CC - Sackatchewan34:16.5
Master 50-59 Men Championship
1. Ed Campbell (ON) St. Catharines CC34:03.9
2. Jim Laird (ON) Multi-Laser Racing34:23.8
3. Greg Christie (QC) Ottawa Bicycle Club36:14.3
4. Rob Cheskey (ON) Hamilton CC36:45.5
5. David Fabbro (ON) Team Hardwood36:59.7
6. Don Fox (AB) Team Alberta:Juventus CC37:53.6
7. Martin Kohn (ON) 38:39.8
8. Richard Wade (ON) Newmarket Eagles CC38:47.4
9. Don Perry (ON) Newmarket Eagles CC41:20.2
10. Rob Galbraith (ON) Bicycle Works41:46.7
11. Ian Austen (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club43:56.0
DNS. Bill Buckley (ON)
Master 60+ Championship
1. Jan Kocemba (ON) 41:00.0
Master 30-39 Men Championship
1. Normon Thibault (BC) Frontrunners - B.C.39:18.2
2. Pascal Bussieres (QC) Biogen Idec - QC39:25.3
3. Craig C Hawkes (ON) The Cyclery41:15.2
4. Paul Greene (ON) Chain Reaction42:18.1
5. Steve Proulx (ON) The Cyclery42:22.2
6. Keith Bayly (AB) Deadgoat - Alberta42:36.1
7. Lorne Anderson (ON) La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg42:44.3
8. Justin Varney (ON) The Cyclery43:05.2
9. Luc Proulx (QC) ∑quipe Xprezo - QuÈbec43:14.9
10. Derek Shiers (WA) Avanti Racing Club-Washington43:16.0
11. Pavle Stanojevic (ON) Mississauga Bicycle Racing C43:16.8
12. Matthew Berridge (ON) 43:18.6
13. Kris Westwood (ON) The Cyclery43:49.2
14. Craig Good (AB) Synergy Racing - Alberta43:52.5
15. Daniel Salter (ON) D`Ornella`s Racing Team43:53.7
16. Pierre Boilard (QC) Biogen Idec - QC43:54.0
17. Chris Wood (ON) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs44:06.2
18. Glenn Cameron (ON) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team44:08.7
19. Steve Holditch (ON) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs44:24.5
20. Chris Kiziak (ON) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team44:36.1
21. Marc Boudreau (ON) Ride With Rendall45:06.7
22. Roberto Vani (ON) Reynolds/Koolini Racing Team45:31.9
23. Andre Charlebois (NB) Mike`s Bike Shop - NB46:19.9
24. Brad Collins (BC) Sugoi Factory Team - B.C.46:41.9
25. Kris Tobias (ON) Sports Swap Racing46:52.6
26. Ernesto Alvarez (ON) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees47:10.7
27. Thomas Howell (ON) Sports Swap Racing47:12.5
28. Andrew McRae (ON) FranksRedHot:Aztech47:19.7
29. Stephane Marcotte (ON) Cycle Solutions47:45.5
30. Gibson Boyd (ON) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees-1 lap
31. Alex Sanna (ON) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs-1 lap
32. Clifford Vanclief (ON) The Hub Bicycle Club-1 lap
33. Scott Gerrie (ON) Team Biovail-1 lap
34. Tom Villano (ON) Sports Swap Racing-1 lap
35. Roaul Khan (ON) ZM Cycle & Fitness CC-1 lap
36. Philip Moore (ON) Cyclepath Oakville-1 lap
DNF. Doug Fraser (ON) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees
Master 40-49 Men Championship
1. Peter Toth (AB) Team Alberta:ERTC/Redbike40:55.3
2. David Dermont (ON) True North Cycles41:02.3
3. Robert Orange (QC) Ride With Rendall42:30.6
4. Eric Orschel (ON) Sports Swap Racing43:19.4
5. Jon Gee (ON) Multi-Laser Racing43:20.1
6. Roy Andrigo (ON) Team Pusch43:38.8
7. Tracy Shearer (AB) Juventus CC43:54.9
8. Mike Van Til (ON) Silver Spokes CC Inc44:05.7
9. Peter Hennessy (ON) 44:12.1
10. Paul O`Blenes (ON) The Cyclery44:16.1
11. Andrew Stewart (ON) Team Biovail44:38.8
12. Ian Starke (ON) 44:39.6
13. Hugh Hill (ON) Team Hardwood44:47.5
14. Jeff Hehn (SK) Saskatoon Cycledelia - SK44:58.9
15. Colin Campbell (ON) The Cyclery44:58.9
16. Thomas Stevens (ON) Cycle Logik Racing45:27.8
17. Augy Marmelo (ON) Team Biovail46:34.7
18. Ron Spencer (ON) Velocity Racing47:07.9
19. Garnett Abbey (ON) D`Ornella`s Racing Team47:23.1
20. Christopher Redden (ON) Speed River CC48:17.2
21. Pierre Perrin (ON) Midweek CC-1 lap
22. Gordon Avann (ON) KHS Bicycles Canada-1 lap
23. Darko Antic (ON) -1 lap
DNS. Marc Chiarelli (ON) Ride With Rendall
DNF. Philip Robinson (ON) Hup United - MA USA
DNF. John E Kalinowski (ON) Chain Reaction
DNF. Terence Dahms (AB) Pedalhead Bicycle Works - AB
Junior Men Championship
1. Mike Bidniak (AB) Team Alberta:Juventus CC41:18.6
2. Garrett McLeod (NS) Valley Stove and Cycle - NS42:19.0
3. Tim Clarke (NL) Canary Cycles - Newfoundland44:08.8
4. Matthew McCartney (ON) J and J / Tabasco44:38.8
5. Zachary Winn (ON) Impala Bicycles44:47.0
6. David Farnell (ON) J and J / Tabasco48:44.4
DNS. Kevin Hazzard (ON) Freewheel Cycle:McMaster CC
Elite Women Championship
1. Lyne Bessette (QC) Cyclocross World/Louis Garneau41:23.8
2. Wendy Simms (BC) Kona Les Gets (KLG)42:57.6
3. Stacey Spencer (BC) 43:55.1
4. Tara Ross (ON) Victory Brewing44:58.6
5. Kelly Jones (BC) Sugoi Factory Team - B.C.45:09.0
6. Jennifer Stephenson (ON) Team Biovail45:44.1
7. Amanda Shaw (ON) Team Biovail46:28.7
8. Sarah Robbins (SK) Team SK Cycledelia47:51.1
9. Anita Lagler (ON) Wheels of Bloor49:43.4
10. Maogosha Pyjor (ON) Wheels of Bloor50:31.2
11. Melissa Chappel (ON) J and J / Tabasco52:01.1
12. Caroline Lavoie (QC) Biogen Idec - QC-1 lap
13. Cynthia Phelan (ON) Velocity Racing-1 lap
14. Lesley Chown (ON) St. Catharines CC-1 lap
15. Amanda Cox (QC) SG / Espoirs de Laval-1 lap
DNS. Marie-Pier Bedard (QC) SG / Espoirs de Laval
DNS. Jaymie McGowan (QC) McMaster CC
Elite/Espoir Men Championship
1. Peter Wedge (NB) Kona Les Gets (KLG)1:02:19.96
2. Greg Reain (ON) Stevens RT:Cycle Logik1:02:51.13
3. Christian Meier* (NB) Symmetrics Cycling - B.C.1:04:44.01
4. Andrew Watson (ON) GearsRacing.com1:05:14.92
5. Peter Morse (ON) Chain Reaction1:05:41.8
6. Nathan Chown (ON) Italpasta - Transport Belmire1:05:54.3
7. Mike Garrigan (ON) Epic Ride / Digica.ca1:05:57.0
8. Nick Friesen (AB) Team Alberta:Bike Shop-AB1:06:51.2
9. David Gagnon (AB) Sportif Bromont - QuÈbec1:06:51.2
10. Aaron Fillion (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:06:54.7
11. Ryan Hopping* (ON) Team Alberta1:06:57.3
12. Martin Lazarski* (ON) RockyMountain BusinessObjects1:07:21.2
13. Rob Britton* (ON) Team Saskatchewan1:07:21.2
14. Benoit Simard (QC) Perigny - QuÈbec1:07:47.8
15. Phil Cortes (NB) UC Sable - New Brunswick1:08:00.4
16. Drew MacKenzie (BC) Sugio Factory T:Giant1:08:12.6
17. David Coughlin (ON) 1:08:14.8
18. Peter Glassford* (ON) Epic Ride / Digica.ca1:08:16.6
19. Osmond Bakker (ON) Cycle Logik Racing1:08:36.2
20. Per Strom* (AB) Bicisport CC - Alberta1:08:59.9
21. Alexandre Frappier (QC) Biogen Idec - QC1:10:16.2
22. Shaun Adamson* (AB) Team Alberta:United Cycle1:10:23.6
23. Shawn Bunnin (SK) Team Saskatchewan1:10:39.0
24. Tristan Galbraith (ON) Kona Les Gets (KLG)1:11:01.0
25. Myles Romanow (NY) Hampton Velo / Jessie`s1:11:06.9
26. Derrick St. John (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club1:11:15.6
27. Mark Batty* (ON) GearsRacing.com1:11:56.3
28. Travis Brown (ON) The Cyclery-1 lap
29. Brooke Boocock* (ON) Cycle Logik Racing-1 lap
30. Kyle Douglas* (ON) Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing-1 lap
31. Stephane Deshaies (ON) St. Catharines CC-1 lap
32. Timothy Carleton (ON) Sports Swap Racing-1 lap
33. Cameron Jette (ON) Epic Ride / lap
34. Mathew Hewitt (ON) Oak Bay Bicycles-1 lap
35. Mike Sarnecki (AB) Team Alberta:Pedalhead - AB-1 lap
36. Shawn Marshall (ON) -1 lap
37. Warren Tilbrook (ON) St. Catharines CC-1 lap
38. Shawn Clarke* (ON) The Cyclery-1 lap
39. John Fee (ON) Velocity Racing-1 lap
40. Marco Li (ON) Aquila Racing/Racer Sportif-2 laps
41. Paul Ignatiuk (QC) ERTC / Redbike - Alberta-2 laps
42. Keith Moore (ON) Waterloo CC/The Flying Dogs-2 laps
43. Mark Stables (ON) -2 laps
44. Michael Dennis (ON) Midweek CC-2 laps
45. Brent Poulsen (ON) -2 laps
46. Alexander Fulton* (ON) Ottawa Bicycle Club-2 laps
47. Scott Kelly* (ON) McMaster CC:Freewheel Cycle-2 laps
48. Kyle Rothwell (ON) Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees-2 laps
49. Nicholas Vipond (ON) Team Hardwood-2 laps
DNS. Mathieu Toulouse (QC) Maxxis
DNS. Joel Dion-Poitras* (QC) SG / Espoirs de Laval
DNF. Ryan Belliveau* (NB) Atlantic Cycling Center NB
DNF. Ian Manning* (ON) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team
DNF. Dave Brown* (ON) BikeSports-Pfaff Racing Team
DNF. Andrew Pinfold (BC) Symmetrics Cycling - B.C.
*= Espoir


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