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December 1/05 10:30 am - Burnaby Six Day Schedule

Posted by Editor on 12/1/05

Burnaby Velodrome Six Day Schedule
Courtesy Scott Laliberte

Just a reminder - There are many riders coming in for the week and are asking if there is any host housing available. The organizer is sending out a request to any cyclist or cycling enthusiast in the Greater Vancouver Area to send him an email ( if they can put up one or more cyclists for the week of December 12-17.

Monday - Opening Night

B - Pursuit 2km 25mins
A - Pursuit 2km 30mins
B - Miss & Out 10mins
A - Scratch 15km 25mins
B - Snowball 10km 20mins
A - Miss & Out 10mins
B - Madison 30mins
A - Madison 40mins

Tuesday - B Group Night

B - Points Race 15km 25mins
A - Unknown Distance 10mins (approx)
B - Snowball 7km 15mins
A - Point-a-Lap 8km 15mins
B - Unknown Distance 10mins (approx)
B - Madison 35mins
A - Madison 45mins
B - Point-a-Lap 9km 15mins

Wednesday - C Group Night

C - Points Race 10km 20mins
A - Miss & Out to Scratch 10km 20mins
C - Retro Kilo 5Laps 30mins
A - Scratch Race 15 km 25mins
C - Unknown Distance 10mins (approx)
B - Madison 30mins
C - Scratch Race 8 km 15mins
A - Madison 40mins


C - Point-a-Lap 7km 15mins
B - Scratch 10km 20mins
A - Snowball 8km 15mins
C - Miss & Out 10mins
B - Point-a-Lap 8km 15mins
A - Points Race 16km 30mins
C - Snowball 6km 15mins
B - Madison 35mins
A - Madison 45mins

Friday - Sprint Night

Fast - 200m 2.5laps 20mins
Faster - Win & Out 18laps 5mins
Fast - Win & Out 18laps 5mins
Faster - 200m 2.5laps 20mins
Fast - Chariots 1.5laps 10mins (Qualifier)
Faster - Keirin 8laps 15mins (Qualifier)
B - Madison 25mins
Fast - Keirin 8laps 15mins (Qualifier)
Faster - Chariots 1.5laps 10mins (Qualifier)
A - Madison 30mins
Fast - Chariots 1.5laps Finals
Faster - Chariots 1.5laps Finals
Fast - Keirin 8laps Finals
Faster - Keirin 8laps Finals

Saturday - Junior Night (Training Session for beginners before race start)

J - Points Race 30laps 10mins
A - Snowball 30laps 10mins
J - Scratch 5km 10mins
A - Points Race 15km 25mins
J - Retro Kilo 1km 30mins
B - Madison 20mins
J - Point-a-Lap 5km 10mins
A - Madison 20mins
J - Handicap 5mins


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