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December 13/05 11:24 am - Top-10 Canadian Cycling Achievements Announced

Posted by Editor on 12/13/05

Canadian Cycling Achievements

We are pleased to announce the results of our poll on the top-10 Canadian Cycling Achievements. After two weeks of voting, readers chose the top-10 individual achievements of Canadian cyclists, from a list of 25 significant athletic accomplishments.

Leading the list were Alison Sydor and Steve Bauer, who took four of the top five spots between them, and seven of the top-10. Also on the top-10 list were Lori-Ann Muenzer (4th) for her Olympic gold medal in Athens (the first Canadian cyclist to win an Olympic gold medal), Roland Green (tied for 7th) for his incredible 2001 season, and Curt Harnett (9th), for his world record in the Flying 200 Metre time trial (a record that has not been broken after more than 10 years).

The full top-10 list is:

1. Alison Sydor's three consecutive world titles (1994-96)

2. Steve Bauer's 1990 Tour de France, when he spent 10 days in the Yellow Jersey

3. Steve Bauer's 1988 Tour, when he won a stage, finished 4th overall and spent 5 days in Yellow

4. Lori-Ann Muenzer's Olympic gold medal in the Sprint at the 2004 Olympics; Canada's first Olympic gold medal in cycling

5. Alison Sydor's 17 World Cup victories (mountain bike cross-country)

6. Alison Sydor's 13 consecutive years of top-5 finishes (cross-country) at the World Championships, including 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze medals

7. Roland Green's 2001 season, when he was world champion, World Cup champion, World Team Relay champion, National champion and won two U.S. national (Norba) series titles

7. Steve Bauer wins the silver medal at the 1984 Olympics as an amateur, immediately turns professional and wins a bronze medal one week later at the Professional World Championships

9. Curt Harnett's world record in the Flying 200 Metre time trial (9.865 seconds) at the 1995 World Championships, a record that still stands

10. Alison Sydor's silver medal at the 1996 Olympic Games in the inaugural Olympic mountain bike event

Canadian Cycling Achievements List

We have received requests to publish the entire list of Canadian Cycling Achievements, from which the top-10 were chosen. In no particular order, the list is:

William "Torchy" Peden still holds the record for the most 6-day victories in one year: 10 in 1932

Alison Sydor's 13 consecutive years in the top-5 at the Worlds

Curt Harnett sets world record for Flying 200M (record still stands after 10 years)

Alison Sydor's 3 consecutive world titles

Steve Bauer's 1988 Tour, winning a stage, finishing 4th overall and spending 5 days in yellow

Gord Singleton wins Canada's first-ever world title (Keirin, 1982)

Jocelyn Lovell wins 3 gold medals at 1978 Commonwealth Games, sets three Commonwealth Games records, and wins silver at Worlds in same year

Kelly Ann Way - first Canadian woman to wear Tour yellow jersey

Curt Harnett's silver medal at the 1992 Olympics in the Sprint

Alison Sydor's silver medal at the 1996 Olympics in the Mountain Bike Cross Country

Marie-Helene Premont's silver medal at the 2004 Olympics in the Mountain Bike Cross Country

Eric Wohlberg wins 8 consecutive national individual time trial titles (1996-2003)

Alex Stieda becomes first North American to wear the yellow jersey

Clara Hughes wins double bronze at 1996 Atlanta Games

Jocelyn Lovell's Bronze, Silver and Gold at the 1970 Commonwealth Games ended a 32 year drought for Canada in international competition

Cindy Devine wins world downhill title in first Mountain Bike World Championships

Gord Singleton sets 3 world records in one year (1980 - 200M, 500M, 1000M standing start)

Alison Sydor's 17 World Cup victories (cross-country)

Genevieve Jeanson wins double world junior titles (road and time trial)

Steve Bauer wins silver at 1984 Olympics an amateur, turns pro and wins bronze at professional Road Worlds less than 1 week later

Brian Walton's silver medal at the 1996 Olympics in the Points Race

Roland Green's 2001 season (World title, World Team Relay title, World Cup title, two Norba titles, National title)

Steve Bauer's 1990 Tour, spending 10 consecutive days in yellow

Lori-Ann Muenzer wins Canada's first-ever Olympic gold medal

Tanya Dubnicoff becomes first Canadian woman to win world title (1993)


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