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December 15/05 11:44 am - Burnaby SixDay (Day 3)

Posted by Editoress on 12/15/05

Burnaby SixDay - Day 3 Burnaby BC
Courtesy Organizer

Day three of the SixDay and with the B's resting it was time for the C riders to show up and have a go. Seven brave souls took to the track, some in their very first race ever. The pack was as polarized as you could get, with two young women and five old guys battling it out over four races.

The Points Race was the first up and it turned out to be a very competitive field with six of the seven riders gaining points. Unfortunately young Rachel Canning, all of 16, who was using one of our rental bikes was horribly undergeared and lost a lap. The race went to Brian Wong who consistently scored points in all five sprints.

Next up was the Retro Kilo and with no aero equipment to be used world record times were safe for the night. The times on the night were surprisingly fast however and just like in world level competition the anchor could be seen coming out for every rider. With under eight seconds separating first and seventh the crowd got into the excitement and cheered each rider on. The last rider, Stuart Lynne, made it even more unbelievable when he came within ( ) that much of beating early race leader Wong and lost out by 4/100 of a second.

Third up was the Unknown Distance race and as Lady Luck would have it both ladies were in great position for the final coming across the line just behind Stuart and Steve Crowe. The smile on Rachel's face could be seen from the back row of the packed house as she collected points in only her third race on the track. The Scratch race was last for these tiring competitors and taking a page out of her '03 National Junior Points Race, Lisa Tasa planned her move and exploded from the pack with just two laps remaining. With tired legs, the pack took their time to react but react they finally did and Lisa held onto fourth with Stuart taking their last race of the night. Thursday will conclude their Omnium race.

The A group's Madison race might be all but wrapped up with the Symmetrics duo holding a commanding lead on laps but the Individual Omnium is heating up with veteran rider and race director Scott Laliberte being chased by both Symmetrics racers and Calgarian Ryan McKenzie.

The racing proved to be very tactical last night with the Burnaby invented Miss & Out to Scratch race first off. The boys in yellow controlled the race perfectly and Meier attacked at the right moment to pull out the win. Next was the ever simple Scratch race. But with points on the line and many tired legs in the group, the pack shattered. Three riders took to the front and with Scott being sandwiched between the Symmetrics duo it looked like a victory for one of the young guns. Somehow Laliberte did match both racer's moves and came out with the victory.

Last race of the night was the Point-a-Lap and as confusion rained regarding lapping the field and cash from the crowd on the line the win went to a well thought out move by Ryan McKenzie.

Group A: Miss and Out to Scratch
1. Christian Meier
2. Scott Laliberte
3. Ryan McKenzie
4. Marsh Cooper
5. Murray Solem
6. Andrew George
7. Mandy Poitras
8. Jimmy Lingwood
9. John Perkins
10. Philippe Abbott
11. Attila Fritz
12. Gordon Ross
13. Luis Bernhardt
14. Jeff Ain

Group A: Scratch Race
1. Scott Laliberte
2. Marsh Cooper
3. Christian Meier
4. Ryan McKenzie
5. John Perkins
6. Mandy Poitras

Group A: Point-a-Lap
1. Ryan McKenzie 12 pts
2. Gordon Ross 10
3. John Perkins 2
4. Scott Laliberte 1

Group A: Madison
1. Christian Meier/ Marsh Cooper, 15 pts
2. Ryan Mckenzie/ Philippe Abbott, 8 (-4 laps)
3. Scott Laliberte/ Murray Solem, 7 (-4 laps)
4. Luis Bernhardt/ Andrew George, 1 (-5 laps)
5. Jeff Ain/ Gordon Ross, 2 (-6 laps)
6. Adrian Hegyvary/ Jimmy Lingwood, 0 (-11 laps)

Group A: Individual Omnium Standings (after 7 events)
1. Scott Laliberte, 28 pts
2. Ryan McKenzie, 21
3. Christian Meier, 18
4. Marsh Cooper, 18
5. John Perkins, 8
6. Adrian Hegyvary, 7
7. Murray Solem, 6
8. Gordon Ross 4,
9. Philippe Abbott, 1

Group C: Points Race
1. Brian Wong, 17
2. Steve Crowe, 13
3. Stuart Lynne, 13
4. Doug Preston, 6
5. Rob Mcmurtry, 3
6. Lisa Tasa, 3
7. Rachel Canning, -20

Group C: Retro Kilo
1. Brian Wong, 1:25.91
2. Stuart Lynne, 1:25.95
3. Steve Crowe, 1:26.09
4. Rob Mcmurtry, 1:28.15
5. Lisa Tasa, 1:29.22
6. Doug Preston, 1:32.62
7. Rachel Canning, 1:33.44

Group C: Unknown Distance
1. Stuart Lynne
2. Steve Crowe
3. Rachel Canning
4. Lisa Tasa
5. Rob McMurtry
6. Doug Preston

Group C: Scratch
1. Stuart Lynne
2. Steve Crowe
3. Doug Preston
4. Lisa Tasa
5. Rachel Canning
6. Rob McMurtry

Group C: Omnium Standings (after 4 events)
1. Stuart Lynne, 19 pts
2. Steve Crowe, 15
3. Doug Preston, 5
4. Lisa Tasa, 5
5. Rachel Canning, 4
6. Rob Mcmurtry, 4


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