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August 18/09 11:38 am - BC Provincial Road Championships results

Posted by Editoress on 08/18/09

BC Provincial Road Championships, Aug 16th in Abbotsford BC, August. Presented by Team Coastal


Elite Women
1 Jessica Hannah (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:47:45.8
2 Moriah MacGregor (Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:47:49.2
3 Alison Testroete (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:48:00.4
4 Stephanie Ossenbrink (Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:48:02.2
5 Shailie Sanbrooks (Ind) 2:48:02.4
6 Courtney Albert (Trek/Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai) 2:48:03.9
7 Shoshauna Laxson (LOCAL RIDE RACING) 2:48:09.6
8 Laura Brown (LOCAL RIDE RACING) 2:48:13.3
9 Kristine Brynjolfson (Westwood Cannnondale pb Vision) 2:48:14.5
10 Sara Neil (Trek Red Truck) 2:48:17.5
11 Jean Ann McKirdy (LOCAL RIDE RACING) 2:48:51.1
12 Sarah Nathan (Westwood Cannondale pb vison sp)
13 Margaret Pugh (Chicks Cycling Club)
14 Karen Watson (Ind)
DNF Jennifer Gerth (Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b V)
DNF Stephanie Roorda (Jazz Apple)
DNF Leslie Vice (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
DNF Leah Guloien (Trek Red Truck p/w Mosaic Homes)
Elite Men
1 Cyrus Kangarloo (H&R BLOCK KONA) 3:35:42.5
2 Tim Sherstobitoff (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:35:59.0
3 Rob Britton (Trek Redtruck p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:35:59.9
4 Jason Thompson (Garneau Evolution) 3:38:11.5
5 Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:38:51.3
6 Nic Hamilton (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:39:20.8
7 Dan Skinner (Garneau Evolution) 3:39:27.2
8 Mike Sidic (Garneau Evolution) 3:39:30.7
9 Tim Abercrombie (Garneau Evolution) 3:39:33.4
10 Jamie Sparling (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:39:38.9
11 Christiaan Devries (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:39:41.3
12 Adam Thuss (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) 3:39:41.6
13 Chris Worsfold (Coastal) 3:39:54.2
14 Dan Macdonald (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:39:55.2
15 Trevor Haaheim (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 3:39:55.7
16 Bryce Fegley (Fanatik Bike Co.) 3:39:56.1
17 Maurice Worsfold (Coastal) 3:39:56.8
18 Craig Richey (Blue Competition Cycles p/b Nev) 3:39:57.6
19 Shawn Goulet (H&R BLOCK - KONA) 3:39:58.1
20 David Gerth (Steed Cycles) 3:39:58.3
21 Jason Kilmartin (Balance Point Racing) 3:39:58.5
22 Steven Devantier (LOCAL RIDE Racing) 3:39:58.9
23 Sven Sturm (TREK RedTruck p/b Mosaic) 3:40:00.2
24 Mike Laxdal (cannondale/westwood) 3:40:00.8
25 Marvin Guzman (Ind) 3:40:01.8
26 Shane Savage (Mighty Cycling) 3:40:07.6
27 Jonas Sandstrom (Fresh Air Experience Kelowna) 3:40:09.8
28 Mark Rainer ( 3:40:15.9
29 Kevin Noiles (Trek red truck racing P/B mosai) 3:40:32.4
30 Kenyon Campbell (Westwood Cycles / Cannondale) 3:40:59.6
31 Matthew OHagan (Westwood Cycle - Cannondale) 3:41:02.7
32 Aaron Quesnel (Ind)
33 Rob Breathet (IRC)
DNS Curtis Jung (dEVo)
DNS Shin Hwan Kim (Ind)
DNF Paul Berry (spoke n motion)
DNF Chris Christie (Trek/Red Truck P/B Mosiac)
DNF Lido Crema (Ind)
DNF David Gillam (Ind)
DNF Scott Inman (Coastal)
DNF Fergus Lavelle (Escape Velocity - dEVo)
DNF Richard Machhein (Ind)
DNF John Markez (Ind)
DNF Ted Martin (Escape Velocity)
DNF Ryan Olson (Ind)
DNF Michael Rothengatter (H&R BLOCK - KONA)
DNF Jeff Sherstobitoff (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
DNF Jeffery Tenk (Ind)
DNF John Tolkamp (Garneau Evolution)
DNF Dave Vukets (Trek Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
DNF Simon Craig (Spoke N Motion)
DNF Sebastian Salas (Ind)
DNF Thomas Skinner (Oak Bay Bikes/Specialized)
DNF Hugh Trenchard (Schwalbe)
DNF Marcel Aarden (H&R BLOCK - KONA)
DNF Paul Beard (Garneau Evolution)
Under 19 Men
1 Zachary Taylor (Total Restoration Cycling Team) 2:57:47.0
2 Kyle Buckosky (Coastal) 2:57:47.2
3 Craig Logan (Avia West) 2:57:47.9
4 Joshua Hall (Ind) 2:57:54.4
5 Devan Mcclelland (Zimichcoaching) 2:59:40.8
6 Boris Martin (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b mosai) 3:00:36.9
7 Graham Laurie (Phoenic Velo Training Group)
8 # 108 (Ind)
DNF Trevor Pearson (Devo)
Master Men
1 Wendell Challenger (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:08:02.0
2 John Perkins (Team Glotman Simpson Racing) 2:08:12.6
3 Sean Dawson (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai) 2:08:14.7
4 Maurizio Giraldi (Mighty Riders) 2:08:17.4
5 Rory McAdams (Ind) 2:08:19.2
6 Mike Elliston (Glotman Simpson) 2:08:20.8
7 Wade Christie (Kelowna Cycle United) 2:08:22.4
8 Tony Routley (Team Whistler) 2:08:22.6
9 Ryan Newsome (LOCAL RIDE RACING) 2:08:23.6
10 John Armstrong (Ind) 2:08:23.8
11 Jason Fluckiger (Ind) 2:08:23.9
12 Otto Kamstra (Team Whistler) 2:08:24.0
13 Peter Stevenson (Experience Cycling) 2:08:25.0
14 Jay Shockey (Ind) 2:08:26.1
15 Uli Mayer (unattached) 2:08:26.7
16 Bryan Gallant (Escape Velocity) 2:08:29.2
17 Steve Munro (IRC) 2:08:30.1
18 Bob Welbourn (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club) 2:08:31.7
19 Allan Prazsky (Glotman Simpson) 2:08:32.7
20 Louis Watson (Ind) 2:08:36.5
21 Eric Harvey (RepsWest Racing) 2:08:38.5
22 Jay Murray 2:08:38.6
23 # 514 2:08:39.5
24 Roger Lee (Ind) 2:08:39.9
25 Mark Ormesher (South Delta Riders) 2:08:42.2
26 Ted Matson (Ind) 2:08:43.0
27 Dale Ewanchook (Team Alliance) 2:08:45.8
28 Jon Taylor (Cyclepath Racing) 2:08:46.9
29 Chris Squire (Might Riders) 2:08:47.9
30 Horacio Chaves (Mighty) 2:09:05.4
31 Mike Allina (Atomic) 2:09:36.8
32 Roy Mcbeth (Local Ride Racing)
33 Steven Grandy (Ind)
34 Emil Marcetta (Atomic)
35 Andrew Pitre (Ind)
36 Stuart Lynne (Escape Velocity)
37 John Langley (Ind)
38 Mark James (trek red truck racing)
39 Ted Russo (secert cycles)
DNS Trevor Hopkins (Team Whistler)
DNS Sean Howie (The Bike Gallery)
DNS Jamie Smigel (schwalbe cycle club)
DNS robert bescott (CVC)
DNS James Thompson -557
DNF Todd Allison (Team Whistler)
DNF Alexander Pope (Escape Velocity)
DNF Bill Riley (Vancouver VeloVets)
DNF John Athanas (Pacific Multisport)
DNF Brian Griffin (Team Alliance)
DNF Ray Lachance (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Darrin Grund (Glotman Simpson)
DNF Jeff Van Mulligen (Speed Theory)
DNF Casey Ryder (Schwalbe Cycling Club)
DNF John Rozell (steed cycles)
DNF James Neil (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosai)
DNF Bob Chew (Ind)
DNF Charles Bougie (Les Rouleurs)
DNF Nick Berry (independant)
DNF Bruce Denis (Ind)
DNF Dustin Dickout (cvc racing)
DNF Julian Base (Westwood Cannondale)
DNF Roman Kralovic (Ind)
DNF Michael Hunter (Rocky Mountain -Different Bikes)
DNF Russell Stead (Mighty Cycling)
DNF Chris White (Trek-Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
DNF Vittorino Dal Cengio (Vancouver Velo Vets Cycling Clu)
DNF David Kosick (Escape Velocity)
DNF Andy George (Coastal)
DQ Jonathan Braunstein (Ind)
DNF Todd Allison (Team Whistler)  


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