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October 6/09 18:03 pm - Ontario Female Training Group to Form

Posted by on 10/6/09

Ontario has a need for a training environment for teen-aged female cyclists. To address this Steve Neal Performance Development is offering an all female training group commencing this November. Our program is directed at fostering key development skills including technical, nutritional and tactical elements in a supportive, safe and social environment.

The group will meet 2-3 times monthly for a session in addition to meeting at races for pre-ride and Race Preparation sessions (additional personal sessions available). In addition, all Members of the group will receive coaching through SNPD, including an Online Training Log and Coaching support via email, phone and in person.

Locations such as Albion and King will be common venues but this will vary each week so as to reduce athlete travel, to offer different terrain and to vary training stimulus. In terms of race support, the program is not meant to be an official team but rather membership will include HB Cycling Club membership. Members will be expected to be active club members and in return benefit from the fun club environment at key Ontario Events (race trailer, feed support). Finally, key services such as bike fits and testing will be available on first priority basis.

Program Includes:

• SNPD Personal Coaching ($250 + GST Monthly Value)

• HBCC Membership ($50 / year Value)

• HBCC Jersey ($70 Value)

• Bike Fits, Personal Sessions and Tests at 50 % off

• Weekly Session ($100 / hr Value x 2-3 / month)

• Pre - Ride sessions (6-10 over year) ($100 / hr)

This is a great opportunity for young female cyclists to learn about the sport and health with similar athletes. We welcome your feedback and question; please let us know what is needed to provide the support you require to excel!

* Note the Program is structured for a minimum of 5 Athletes Please spread the word to help us provide this important developmental opportunity!

See for more details and Program Specifics

Contact for more information.


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