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January 31/10 4:59 am - Cyclo-cross World Championships - Women UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 01/31/10

 A few degrees cooler this morning and overcast, but no wind.  However, it is snowing lightly, which will make the course even more slippery.

Canada may not have the most fans (mostly family), but they are very vocal and clearly identifiable as Canucks (wearing lots of Vancouver Olympic kit).

Most picked Compton as favourite, but her notorious leg cramps have been acting up, causing her to miss last two World Cups.  She is taking the start, but has not been on a bike in over 2 weeks.  This makes Vos a strong favourite.  Also, German champion Philipp Walsleben may not start - coming off the flu.  According to German press he has already been scratched.

Sven Nys had planned on retiring after 2012, but says now he will stay on for Worlds in U.S.

The Apollo disco appears to be the favourite night spot - lots of dry ice, light shows and gyrating dancers.  The Belgians took over the place last night, and a booing match ensued between rival camps of fans (Nys, Vervecken, Albert).


40 min with 44 starters

Coverage of the 2010 Cyclo-cross World Championships provided with the support of Shimano


Lap 1


The women have started and it is a large bunch together slipping and sliding through the slick corners

5:03 am

Marianne Vos (Netherlands) and Daphny Van Den Brand (Netherlands) take the lead followed by Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (France)


5:06 am

Now 6 at front : Marianne Vos and Daphny Van Den Brand (Netherlands), Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany), Christel Ferrier-Bruneau , Caroline Mani and Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France).


Lap 2 (8:59)


Vos goes through in the lead followed by Van Den Brand, Kupfernagel,  Ferrier-Bruneau


Vicki Thomas  is the lone Canadian entry and she is sitting well back near the end of the bunch


5:12 am - Vos still leading, Kupfernagel moved in to 2nd, Ferrier-Bruneau 3rd


5:15 am - Vos still leading but Kupfernagel is reeling her in .  Ferrier-Bruneau 3rd, Van Den Brand 4th, Mani Prevot Katerina Nash (Czech Republic) and Eva Lechner (Italy) are together and moving up as well.


Compton has pulled out


Lap 3 (8:29)


Vos leading, Kupfernagel at 9 sec, Ferrier-Bruneau 3rd at 23 sec, Van Den Brand at 25 sec, Mani and  Prevot at 30 sec and Nash at 34 sec


5:21 am - Vos is riding away with it. Race will be for 2nd and 3rd.


Nash has caught Mani and  Prevot and is moving up on Van Den Brand and Ferrier-Bruneau


Ferrier-Bruneau has crashed hard on the ice.  Vos is heading for the end of the 3rd lap.


Lap 4 (8:28)


Vos goes through first, Kupfernagel at 24 sec, Van Den Brand at 42 sec, Nash at 47 sec, Ferrier-Bruneau at 49 sec, Mani at 55 sec, Lechner at 57 sec


5:33 am  Vos heading to end the 4th lap with a huge advantage over Kupfernagel


Lap 5 (8:31)


Last lap - Vos, Kupfernagel at 33 sec, Van Den Brand at 52 sec, Nash at 1:07






1    Marianne Vos (Netherlands)    42:59
2    Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany)    at 0:45
3    Daphny Van Den Brand (Netherlands)    1:02
4    Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)    1:20

5    Eva Lechner (Italy)    1:41
6    Christel Ferrier-Bruneau (France)    1:47


12    Meredith Miller (United States Of America)    2:55
14    Amy Dombroski (United States Of America)    3:16
25    Maureen Bruno Roy (United States Of America)    4:28


Vicki Thomas (Canada) finishes on same lap




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