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April 16/10 10:38 am - Barry's Robubaix: Report and results

Posted by Editoress on 04/16/10

Pitt Meadows, BC, April 11th

Roubaix Sunday brought uncharacteristic blue skies, but that did not render the racing any less challenging. Winds picking up in the afternoon, the extended, bumpier course, and an elite field of cat 1/2 racers, ensured that the competition was tough. Aside from the competition on the bikes, there also appeared to be a bit of a competition going on, on the upper lip of many of the men at the start line. The complete Local Ride Race Team showed up with moustaches, but Jeff Ain shamed them all and gets props for the most-manly-Roubaix-moustache award.

The Cat 1/2 men’s field was 45 riders deep, and contained some big names and fast legs. Cody Campbell (Trek-Livestrong U23), the only rider to race the true Paris Roubaix cobbles was on the start line, as well as Olympian Zach Bell racing for Kelly Benefit Strategies. However, it was Trek Red Truck who showed up in the greatest strength and numbers, and ultimately dominated the race.

The men raced 12 laps, which was 120 km and included 40% gravel. An early attack from Nathan MacDonald, a U-23 rider on Team Trek Red Truck, resulted in him soloing off the front of the group and staying out for a large portion of the race. He was eventually brought back, and a series of breaks went, but were shut down by the chasing group. On the last lap the group fractured. Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck) attacked on the gravel section of the last lap and gained a gap, but with several small groups of chasers in hot pursuit. He managed to maintain his lead and win the race just ahead of the chasers. Curtis Deardon (Garneau Evolution) beat out Mike Sidic (Team H&R Block) for second, Jason Thompson (Garneau Evolution) took fourth, and Cuylar Conoly (Westwood Cycle/Cannondale) was fifth.

In the women’s Cat 1/2 race Local Ride Racing showed up with a strong contingent of riders, containing Jean Ann McKirdy, Sandra Walter and Rachel Canning. Westwood Cycle/Cannondale also had four riders on the line, including Kristine Brynjolfson and up-and-comer Jasmin Galesser.

The women contended 10 laps, which was 100km on the gravel and windy roads of Pitt Meadows. Sandra Walter took an early flier off of the front, but was brought back after a lap by efforts by Jasmin Galesser and Kristine Brynjolfson of Westwood Cycle/Cannondale. At the midpoint of the race a series of attacks caused the group to split and Claire Cameron (Mighty Riders), Kristine Brynjolfson (Westwood Cannondale), Jennifer Schultz (Fresh Air/ Balance Point Racing), Marie-Claude Gangnon (Glotman Simpson) and Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing) broke away from the group, with Sandra Walter (Local Ride Racing) bridging up to join them. The group was split further, into a 3 person lead group, containing Cameron, Brynjolfson and McKirdy with three laps to go. On the last lap McKirdy soloed away from that group to take the win. Claire Cameron and Kristine Brynjolfson finished 2nd and 3rd respectively, with Jennifer Schultz taking the sprint behind. Sandra Walter rounded out the podium in 5th.

The 80km, Cat 3/4 men’s race was dominated and won by Team Coastal. With 51 starters, the race was aggressive and stayed together to the end. Scott Inman of Team Coastal unleashed his sprint to take an exciting win. Jason Kilmartin (Balance Point Racing) was 2nd, Keith Jones (Garneau Evolution) was 3rd, Emil Marcetta was 4th and Graham Laurie of Pheonix Velo rounded out the podium in 5th.

In the Cat 3/4 women’s race Mighty Riders took the majority of the top places. A group of six raced together for the majority of the 60km race, splitting close to the finish. Jenny Lehmann of Mighty Riders took the win, Morgan Cabot was 2nd and Stacey Hutton also of Mighty Riders finished 3rd. Rounding out the podium was Jenelle Cassidy of Local Ride Racing in 4th and Virginia Sellars Balance of Point Racing in 5th.

The U-17 races were lead by Local Ride Racing’s Maggie Coles-Lyster and Pete Whalen, Both enjoyed special edition Barry’s Roubaix Gold Brew Root Beer on the podium.

A big thank you goes out to the volunteers and sponsors who helped make the race a success:
Local Ride Bike Shop
Kicking Horse Coffee
Cycles Lambert
Nature’s Sunshine
Golden Ears Phisiotherapy
Tifosi Eyewear
Taraxca Jewlery
Giant Bicycles
Met Helmets
The City Of Pitt Meadows
Pitt Meadows Regional Airport
Metro Vancouver

Report courtesy Local Ride Bike Shop

1/2 Women
1 Jean Ann McKirdy (Local Ride Racing)
2 Claire Cameron (Mighty Riders)
3 Kristine Brynjolfson (Westwood Cycle / Cannondale)
4 Jennifer Schulz (Fresh Air / Balance Point Racing)
5 Sandra Walter (Local Ride Racing)
6 Marie-Claude Gagnon (Glotman Simpson)
7 Naomi Cooper (Trek Red Truck)
8 Leslie Vice (Team Glotman Simpson Racing)
9 Rachel Canning (Local Ride Racing)
10 Nik Vogler (Westwood)

1/2 Men
1 Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck/Mosaic Homes)
2 Curtis Deardon (Garneau Evolution)
3 Mike sidic (TEAM H&R BLOCK)
4 Jason Thompson (Garneau Evolution)
5 Cuylar Conly (Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Spo)
6 Justin Kerr (TEAM H&R BLOCK)
7 Mike Rothengatter (dEVo)
7 Jesse Reams (Garneau Evolution)
9 Christopher McGarity (Garneau Evolution)
10 Mathew Bell (trek red truck)
11 Sebastian Salas (TEAM H&R BLOCK)
12 Rory McAdams -38
13 Chris Worsfold (Coastal)
14 Chris Christie (Red Truck)
14 Tim Abercrombie (Garneau Evolution)
15 Luca Segato (Team Coastal)
17 Mike Laxdal (westwood/cannondale)
18 Dylan Sebel (Team Coastal)
19 David Vukets (Hennebont Cyclisme)
20 Cody Campbell (Trek-Livestrong U23)
21 Craig Logan (Trek Red Truck)

U-17 Women
1 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing)

U-17 Men
1 Pete Whalen (Local Ride Racing)

3/4 Women
1 Jenny Lehmann (Mighty)
2 Morgan Cabot (Ind)
3 Stacey Hutton (Mighty Riders)
4 Jenelle Cassidy (Local Ride Racing)
5 Virginia Sellars (Balance Point Racing)
6 Jeanine Ball (Local Ride Racing)

3/4 Men
1 Scott Inman (Team Coastal)
2 Jason Kilmartin (Balance Point Racing)
3 Keith Jones (Garneau Evolution)
4 Emil Marcetta (Ind)
5 Graham Laurie (Pheonix Velo)
6 Stephen Ushy (Balance Point Racing)
7 Brian Griffin (Team Alliance)
8 Leithen Mgonigle (Glotman-Simpson)
9 Roman Dujmovic (Glotman Simpson)
10 Erik Mulder (Cycling BC; Steed)
11 Jordan Maynard (devo)
12 Ray Lachance (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
13 Thomas Pickett (Glotman Simpson Cycling Club)
14 Michael McArthur (Glotman Simpson)
15 Bryan Gallant (Escape Velocity)
16 David Stephens (Team Coastal)
17 Brian Postlethwaite (Escape Velocity)
18 Geoff Duyker (TNA/Shape)
19 Fergus Lavelle (dEVo - Escape Velocity)
20 Kerry White (Team Coastal)
21 Jeffrey Werner (Escape Velocity)
22 Alex Northey (Wedgewood)
23 Rich Machhein (Local Ride Racing)
24 Bart Ludbrook (Glotman Simpson)
25 Murray Shaw (team coastal)
26 Rob Mulder (Steed Cycles)
27 Jason Burch (Glotman Simpson)
28 Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing)
29 Geoff Agnew (Large Larry's Crab Shack)
30 Ryan Jeans (Local Ride Racing)
31 Martin Leduc (Steed Cycles)
32 Brian Wong (Glotman Simpson)
33 Zach Young (Local Ride Racing)
34 Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing)


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