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May 14/10 6:42 am - Pan American Championships: Track Day 3, Smith medals

Posted by Editoress on 05/14/10

Canadian Records Fall at Pan Am Championships

Daniele Defranceschi, Mark MacDonald, Jean-Michel Lachance, and Remi Pelltier-Roy took almost a second off the Canadian Record in the Men’s Team Pursuit at the Pan American Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The team was looking to make it in to the final but had to settle for 5th and the knowledge that they gained time on all their competitors from last year.

smith podiumPersonal bests were the theme of the day for the Canadian Team and Monique Sullivan set another one in the 200 meter sprint qualifier. Her previous personal best was set at Junior Worlds in Aguascalientes in 2007 and today’s 4th fastest time of 11.307 gave her confidence heading in to the sprint rounds. She easily dispatched her Mexican pairing in the 1/8 round and won the first two races in the quarter finals moving on to the semi-final round tomorrow.

Steph Roorda and Laura Brown raced in the Scratch Race and were outnumbered by the South Americans finishing in 9th and 10th place respectively. “My goal for the scratch race was to race hard, but smart. I was aggressive in the race, I spent 10 laps or so off the front. I was caught inside half distance to go, and then set myself up for the finish. I made a move with a few laps to go, but it didn’t go as I hoped. I was wanting a better result from this race, but feel I had a solid ride” commented Steph Roorda.

Travis Smith and Stephane Cossette rode in the kilo final and both raced to personal bests and moved up one spot from last year. Stephane finished in 6th place and 1.18 seconds faster than last year in a time of 1:02.671 and Travis bested his Canadian Record to win Silver in a time of 1:01.429. Travis and Stephane will race again Friday in the Sprints and are feeling confident heading in to the race.

CCA press releasePhoto Jeremy Storie



Men's Kilo
1 Cristopher Sellier (Trinidad and Tobago) 1:00.995 (NRP)
2 Travis Smith (Canada) 1:01.429
3 Angel Pulgar (Venezuela) 1:01.795
4 Jonathan Marin (Colombia) 1:02.009
5 Fabian Puerta (Colombia) 1:02.422
6 Stephane Cosette (Canada) 1:02.671
7 Roberto Serrano (Mexico) 1:03.093
8 Emilioano Fernandez (Argentina) 1:03.115
9 Christopher Mansilla (Chile) 1:03.323
10 Tj Mathieson (USA) 1:03.688
11 Daniel Walker (USA) 1:03.782
12 Dario Alvarez (Argentina) 1:04.174
13 Jhonny Araujo (Venezuela) 1:04.288
14 Azikiwe Kellar (Trinidad and Tobago) 1:04.890
15 Miguel Larrañaga (Mexico) 1:04.978
16 Jonathan Macz (Guatemala) 1:05.070
17 Deivi Capellan (Dominican Republic) 1:05.290
18 Edison Bravo (Chile) 1:05.465
19 Shane Whekers (Barbados) 1:05.579
20 Marco Gullen (Costa Rica) 1:07.838
21 Julio Padilla (Guatemala) 1:09.570
DNS Euris Vidal (Dominican Republic)
Women's Scratch Race
1 Yumari Gonzalez (Cuba)
2 Sofia Arreola (Mexico)
3 Paola Muñoz (Chile)
4 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA)
5 Talia Aguirre (Argentina)
6 Yudelmis Dominguez (Cuba)
7 Lorena Vargas (Colombia)
8 Angie Gonzalez (Venezuela)
9 Steph Roorda (Canada)
10 Laura Brown (Canada)
11 Leidy Muñoz (Colombia)
12 Luz Gonzalez (Ecuador)
13 Shelley Evans (USA)
DNF Cassandra Rodriguez (Costa Rica)
DNF Melissa Loria (Costa Rica)
DNF Olga Cisterna (Chile)
DNF Paola Salazar (Guatemala)
DNF Maria Briceño (Venezuela)
DNF Daiana Almada (Argentina)
DNF Nancy Arreola (Mexico)
DNF Luz Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
DNF Maria Rivera (Puerto Rico)
DNF Elaine Dominguez (Dominican Republic)
DNF Yaina Beras (Dominican Republic)
Rider Shelly Evans Sanctioned for causing the crash
and failure to respect instructions by Commissaires


Men's Team Pursuit
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 Colombia (Juan Pablo Suarez/Arles Castro/Weimar Roldan/Edwin Avila) 4:06.394
2 Chile (Enzo Cesario/Pablo Seisdedos/Antonio Cabrera/Luis Mansilla) 3:59.412
Ride for Bronze
3 Cuba (Pedro Sibila/Reldys Perez/Yans Carlos/Ruben Campanioni) 4:10.982
4 Argentina (Eduardo Sepulveda/Marcos Crespo/Walter Trillini/Maximilano Almada) 4:15.734
5 Canada (Daniele Defranceschi/Mark MacDonald/Jean-Michel Lachance/Remi Pelltier-Roy


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