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May 14/10 19:45 pm - Club News: OBB Wheelers

Posted by Editoress on 05/14/10

OBB Wheelers is pleased to announce that La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries has agreed to sponsor the Midweek time trials and criteriums for the balance of the 2010 season.These events will now be known as the La-Z-Boy Midweek Series.Z Bernie Willock, the Nanaimo and Victoria La-Z-Boy stores owner, and an ex -member of the Canadian national team, concluded the agreement with club organiser, Peter McCaffery. La-Z-Boy has been a generous supporter of competitive cycling on Vancouver Island for a number of years and this latest sponsorship will continue this support.

Criterium Series on May 13th, Nanaimo BC

It was a fine evening with little wind as the 14 starters lined up for the race. The first three laps were semi-neutralised and everyone stayed together. But as soon as the flag dropped to signify the start proper, the pace upped to well over 40kph.

After a couple of laps of racing, the group was strung out,with young Brodie Hay already well off the back. Soon afterwards, the OBB duo of Cory Pickett and Dan Curtis lost contact, shortly followed by Bill Hutchinson who continued to ride strongly.

Over the next few laps, Mike Sevcov appeared off the front of the bunch three or four times but it was Chris Cameron who did much of the work, the rest of the group was content to let him sit just off the front for several circuits of the fast 1.1km course. With five laps to go, the remaining ten riders in the bunch were still together and, although a few abortive atempts were made to break, at the bell lap the bunch was still intact.

At the line, OBB's Derek Brain took the win, narrowly edging out Warren Muir, who won the first criterium in the series. Third was Schwalbe's Iain Hay, repeating his third place finish from crit. Number 1.

Thanks to Dave Kenny for course set up and take down, and to two friends of Bill Hutchinson for marshalling.

1 Derek Brain (OBB) 0:38:26
2 Warren Muir (OBB)
3 Iain Hay (Schwalbe)
4 Chris Cameron
5 Shepherd Stewart (OBB)
6 Paul Thompson (OBB)
7 Tony Winter (OBB)
8 Mike Sevcov (Everti)
9 Normon Thibault
10 Kirby Villeneuve (NMBC) all s.t.
11 Bill Hutchinson (OBB) lapped
12 Brodie Hay (OBB (Youth)) lapped
DNF Cory Pickett (OBB)
DNF Dan Curtis (OBB)

20 km ITT on May 13th, Nanaimo BC

1 Rhona Lettau (Tri BC) 0:27:06
2 Charlene Hay (OBB) 0:29:33
3 Michelle James (Tri BC) 0:31:00
4 Colleen Wtorek (Tri BC) 0:31:08
5 Kim McCarley (Hub City Tri Club) 0:32:37
6 Janet Wright (Ind.) 0:33:08
7 Leigh Blaney (Hub City Tri Club) 0:38:22
1 Robin Dutton (Arrowsmith) 0:23:07
2 Tony Winter (OBB) 0:24:22
3 Steve Sharpe (Hub City Tri Club) 0:26:01
4 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith) 0:26:37
5 Iain Hay (Schwalbe) 0:27:01
6 Patrick Burnham (OBB) 0:27:22
7 Bill Hutchinson (NRC) 0:28:38
8 Wayne Bianchin (Tri BC) 0:28:55
9 John Hannon (Cycling BC) 0:30:59
Gary Vernette (5 points for volunteer)
Ross Palfrey (5 points for volunteer)


1 Colleen Wtorek (Tri BC) 30 pts
2 Michelle James (Tri BC) 26
3 Cheryl Morch (Tri BC) 25
4 Charlene Hay (OBB) 24
5 Janna Gillick (Hub City Tri Club) 24
6 Julie Langelo (Tri BC) 23
7 Erin Hibbitts (OBB) 22
8 Rhona Lettau (Tri BC) 22
9 Rose Houle (Tri BC) 19
10 Kim McCarley (Hub City Tri Club) 17
11 Leigh Blaney (Hub City Tri Club) 12
12 Cathy Graham (Ind. (CBC)) 12
13 Janet Wright (Ind.) 10
14 Debbie Epps (NMBC) 8
15 Shari Rehill (Tri BC) 6
16 Vicki Boyd (Tri BC) 5
17 Anita Gilmore ( Ind.) 5
1 Tony Winter (OBB) 45 pts
2 Robin Dutton (OBB) 34
3 Iain Hay (Schwalbe) 31
4 Derek Steel (Arrowsmith) 26
5 Don Gillmore (Schwalbe) 24
6 Dave Steen (BCMCA) 20
7 Ian Smith (Ind) 20
8 Patrick Burnham (OBB) 19
9 John Hannon (Cycling BC) 14
10 Steve Sharpe (Hub City Tri Club) 14
11 Gary Vermette (Tri BC) 13
12 Ron Hewitson (Tri BC) 12
13 Bill Hutchinson (NRC) 11
14 Stephen Page ( Ind.) 10
15 Peter Sinclair (Ind. (CBC)) 10
16 Stephen Price (Ind) 9
17 Bob Langelo (Tri BC) 7
18 Shawn Boyd (Tri BC) 7
19 Ross Palfrey (Tri BC) 7
20 Bryan Rehill (Tri BC) 7
21 Wayne Bianchin (Tri BC) 6
22 Dan Curtis (?) 6
23 Mike James (Tri BC) 5
24 Regis Chapman (Ind.) 5
25 Reagan Lovig (?) 5
26 Dave Ellis (BCMCA) 3
27 Jared Scott (Tri BC) 3
28 Dave Metcalfe ( Ind.) 2
29 Simon Weber (OBB) 2

1 Jackson James (OBB) 34 pts
2 Brodie Hay (OBB) 24


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