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May 30/10 17:30 pm - Hardwood Canada Cup XC #3: Report and Full Elite results

Posted by Editoress on 05/30/10

The favourites won at round three of the Canada Cup cross-country series at Hardwood Ski and Bike, north of Toronto, but they had to battle for their wins, pointing to the increasing depth in Canadian fields.  Emily Batty (Trek World Racing) and Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing) each won in very hot and dusty conditions, coming back to race on what could be considered their 'home' course after an early season on the World Cup circuit in Europe.




In both races, a trio of riders broke away early, and rode together until late in the race, when the winner finally managed to get clear.  Batty, her former Toronto Trek Store team mate Mical Dyck and Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing) were the three riders to break clear in the women's race.

According to Batty, "Mical set the pace on the first lap, which separated us from the rest of the field.  Then Amanda was at the front for the middle part of the race, before I attacked on the final lap to get a gap."

Dyck, after fading in the middle of the four lap race, came back to overtake Sin for second.  Catherine Vipond (Norco Factory) takes over the Canada Cup series lead from Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing) after finishing sixth to Kofman's 12th.

In the men's five lap race, the three to break clear by the middle of the first lap were Zandstra, Raphaël Gagne (Rocky Mountain) and Andrew Watson (Norco Factory).  Gagne briefly got away when the other two were caught up in traffic behind riders from other categories on the course, but Zandstra and Watson were able to rejoin him, and Zandstra then powered away on the final lap to take his first win of the season.  Watson, in the absence of former series leader Max Plaxton (Sho-Air/Specialized), who was busy winning a U.S. pro series race in Texas, donned the leader's jersey for the men.

"It was a tough race," commented Zandstra.  "It's such a fast course that no one can get away.  In the singletrack you can hope for someone to make a mistake and get a gap.  The third lap, Watson and I both got stuck behind a girl that crashed, and Raph got away.  Andrew and I gave 'er to catch up, and that put a big damper into both of us. On the whole last lap I kept the pressure high, and on the climbs I was getting a little gap, and on the very last big climb I just gave it at the top and got into the singletrack first."

Batty was the top Under-23 rider for the women, with Tyson Wagler (3 Rox Racing) for the men.  Evan Guthrie (Rocky Mountain/Cycling BC), coming back from a bout of mononucleosis, was with the U23 leaders until fading in the final lap to finish fourth.

In the Junior Expert races, Kristina Laforge (Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone d'Alma) completely dominated the women's three lap competition, finishing two and a half minutes in front of national champion Laura Bietola (3 Rox Racing).  Laforge took the lead in the Canada Cup standings.  For the Junior men, it was a battle between Mitchell Bailey (Jetpower) and Leandre Bouchard (Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone d'Alma), until Bouchard flatted.  Impressively, Bouchard was able to run to the pit, replace his wheel and still finish third, behind Evan McNeely (EMD Serono Specialized).  Bailey leads the series standings.



Elite Women - 36 km
1 Emily Batty* (ON) TREK WORLD RACING 1:52:26
2 Mical Dyck (BC) Trek Canada at 1:14
3 Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing 1:49
4 Jean Ann McKirdy (BC) Local Ride Women's MTB 5:23
5 Sandra Walter (BC) Local Ride Elite Women's MTB 6:31
6 Catherine Vipond (ON) Norco Factory Team 7:01
7 Cindy Montambault (QC) CVM Val-David 9:18
8 Heather Gray (ON) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's 12:13
9 Sue Haviland (ON) Norco Evolution 12:50
10 Ashley Barson* (ON) Coach / Ted Velikonja 13:00
11 Andreanne Pichette* (QC) Equipe du Quebec SubwayGenetik 13:36
12 Mikaela Kofman* (ON) Scott/3 Rox Racing 14:10
13 Rebecca Beaumont* (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone dAlma 14:32
14 Susan Stephens (ON) Ind 15:19
15 Marie-Cl Surprenant* (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Xprezo-Borsao 18:19
16 Erin Disterheft (MI) Team Billy's 18:57
17 Tricia K. Spooner (ON) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery 18:59
18 Celine Foreht (ON) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's 23:45
19 S. Lacoursiere* (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone dAlma 24:49
20 Sarah Moore* (QC) CVM Val David 25:35
21 Kristen Lake (ON) Sweet Pete's 28:55
22 Annick Chretien (QC) Ind 33:09
23 Anna O'Brien (QC) Tall Tree Cycles 36:10
DNF C. Olivier-Lapierre* (QC) Equipe du Quebec SubwayGenetik
DNF Lisa Morgan (NZl) Ind
DNF Samantha Grover* (AB) Pedal Head Racing
DNF Marjorie Lavoie* (QC) CVM Val-David
DNF Holly WhiteKnight (ON) Wild Betty's
DNF Melanie Bernier* (ON) Coach Velikonja
Junior Expert Women - 27 km
1 Kristina Laforge (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone dAlma 1:33:17
2 Laura Bietola (ON) 3 Rox Racing at 2:34
3 Lauren Rosser (BC) Cycling BC 4:04
4 Valerie Meunier (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone dAlma 4:20
5 Cayley Brooks (ON) Team Hardwood/Trek 7:31
6 A. Lanthier Nadeau (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Rocky Mtn 8:13
7 Samantha Wagler (ON) Two Wheel Express 12:52
8 Caeli Barron (AB) Synergy Racing Club 14:51
9 Haley Smith (ON) / Carson Electric 18:29
10 Stacey Forbes (ON) Coach / Ted Velikonja 19:42
11 Emily Flynn (ON) EMD Serono-Specialized 21:42
12 Katlyn Dundas (ON) Bikefit Sunflower Squad 26:05
13 Jessica Tripp (ON) St. Catharines Cycling Club 36:49
14 Stephanie Vialle (QC) CVM Val David 1:00:40
DNF Emily Fisher (ON) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's
DNF Michelle Everist (ON) Ind
DNF Morin Justine (QC) Dalbix
Elite Men - 45 km
1 Derek Zandstra (ON) 3 Rox Racing 2:02:06
2 Raphael Gagne (QC) Rocky Mountain Factory Team at 0:26
3 Andrew Watson (ON) Norco Factory Team 1:03
4 Adam Morka (ON) Trek Canada 2:02
5 Peter Glassford (ON) Trek Canada 2:13
6 Stefan Widmer (BC) Rocky MTN Factory Team 2:47
7 Eric Batty (ON) Trek Canada 3:22
8 Mike Garrigan (ON) JetPower 4:05
9 Kris Sneddon (BC) KONA 4:33
10 Marty Lazarski (BC) Rocky Mountain Bicycles 4:56
11 Matthew Hadley (NB) XPREZO - BORSAO 5:19
12 Cameron Jette (ON) La Bicicletta Elite Team 6:39
13 Tyson Wagler* (ON) 3 Rox Racing 6:43
14 Daniel Sessford (BC) Aviawest/BlueCompetitionCycles 6:50
15 Ryan Atkins (ON) EMD Serono Specialized 7:42
16 Francis Morin* (QC) Specialized 8:11
17 S. CadieuxDuval* (QC) CVM Val David 8:46
18 Evan Guthrie* (BC) Rocky Mtn Bicycles/Cycling BC 9:21
19 Cody Canning* (AB) ERTC/Revolution Cycle 9:30
20 Jacob McClelland* (ON) Team Hardwood/Trek 9:30
21 Craig Richey (BC) Aviawest/BlueCompetitionCycles 11:06
22 Andrew L'Esperance* (NS) Cyclesmith/Trek 11:08
23 Simon Lalancette* (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Devinci 11:40
24 Felix Cote* (QC) CVM Val-David 11:42
25 Patrick Chartrand* (QC) CVM Val-David 12:47
26 Jon Kinsie* (ON) Ind 12:47
27 Neil Schiemann (QC) Tall Tree Cycles 14:01
28 Stu Alp (ON) Norco Evolution 14:07
29 Thomas Skinner (BC) Aviawest/BlueCompetitionCycles 15:23
30 Jamie Lamb (NS) Cyclesmith 16:10
31 Seamus Powell* (NY) Windham Mtn. Outfitters 17:16
32 Pierre Chamberland* (QC) CVM Val David 18:24
33 Codey May (ON) Mountainview Cycling Club 19:04
34 Ben Dawson (ON) Team Hardwood/Trek 19:31
35 JP ThibaultRoberge* (QC) 19:39
36 Logan Tacoma* (ON) Two Wheel Express 19:40
37 Danny Souter (ON) KHS Bicycles 19:53
38 Zachary Winn* (ON) Cycle Youth 20:23
39 Haydn Boucher* (ON) 3 Rox Racing 20:26
40 Matthew Paziuk (ON) Trek Store Toronto 20:41
41 Tim Carleton (ON) Trek Store Race Team 20:42
42 John Burns (ME) 21:38
43 Imad El-Ghazal (Lib) Kunstdat Cycling Club 22:38
44 Wai-Ben Wong (ON) Ind 22:55
45 Brendan Matheson (ON) Trek Store Race Team 23:42
46 Jamie Wagler* (ON) Two Wheel Express 23:58
47 Jon Slaughter* (ON) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's 23:59
48 Tristan Smit (ON) Evolution Cycles 25:30
49 Simon Wagler* (ON) Two Wheel Express 27:36
50 Patrick Dennis (ON) Trek Bicycle Store 28:22
51 Jeremi Bussieres* (QC) CVM Val David 30:57
52 Cory Hancock* (ON) 3 Rox Racing 33:34
53 Brandon Schmidt (ON) KHS Bicycles 35:24
DNF Leni Trudel (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Specialized
DNF Zachary Hughes* (ON) Norco Factory Team
DNF Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing
DNF Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Cannondale Factory Racing
DNF Ishai Rotem (Isr) Team Jamis
DNF Jared Stafford* (ON) Bikesports Racing
DNF Adam Snyder (USA) Team Jamis
DNF Mathieu Bilodeau (QC) Ind
DNF Stephen Chapman (ON) Ind
DNF Andrew De Cal* (ON) ShortHills Cycling Club
DNF Jason Everaert (ON) Coach / Ted Velikonja
DNF Jarrod Forrest (ON) The Hub Race Team
DNF Jerome Samson (ON) Sweet Pete's
DNF Rickey Visinski (CT) Justice Madison Cycles
Junior Expert Men - 36 km
1 Mitchell Bailey (ON) Jetpower 1:42:30
2 Evan McNeely (ON) EMD Serono Specialized at 1:21
3 Leandre Bouchard (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone dAlma 2:12
4 Antoine Caron (QC) Equipe du Quebec/SubwayGenetik 4:12
5 Jeremy Martin (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Rocky Mtn 4:21
6 Bretton Matthews (ON) Jetpower 5:05
7 Etienne Moreau (ON) Team Hardwood/Trek 6:14
8 Daniel Varga (ON) Jet Power 6:39
9 Steven Noble (ON) Jetpower 7:42
10 Felix Wilberg (AB) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle 9:20
11 JeanPhilippe Cote (QC) Velo Plein Air 11:15
12 Thomas Guiot (ON) Mountainview Cycling Club 12:29
13 Emmanuel Boily (QC) Ind 13:52
14 Karl Hoppner (ON) EMD Serono Specialized 15:04
15 Corey Brioschi (ON) Ind 16:33
16 Alex Gibson (ON) 18:09
17 Lucas Gracey (ON) Ind 21:04
18 Daniel Hope (ON) Team Spoke O`Motion 22:35
19 Luke Hlavenka (ON) 23:29
20 P. Gauhtier Boudreau (QC) CVM Val David 23:50
21 Sam Rykhoff (ON) Evolution Cycles 25:22
22 Thomas Botyrius (ON) Cyclepath Oakville 25:42
23 Parker Wilson (ON) Ind 27:23
24 TJ Boucher (ON) Long Sault Long Shots 28:21
25 Sean Kelly (ON) 29:50
26 Jordan Doner (ON) Team Spoke O`Motion 31:08
27 Joshua Thomas (ON) / Carson Electric 33:55
28 Brendan Cubello (ON) 38:08
DNF Xavier Perreault (QC) CVM Val David
DNF Preston Wagler (ON) 3 Rox Racing
DNF Rob Leigh (BC) Cycling BC
DNF Jason LeBlanc (ON) Ind
DNF JeanDaniel St.Martin (ON) Ind
DNF Stuart Loney (ON) HB Cycling Club



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