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July 10/10 10:22 am - Tour de Delta - Prologue: report, photos and full results

Posted by Editoress on 07/10/10

Brown defends, Chaddock surprises at the Tour de Delta Prologue

Photos by Greg Descantes


If the overjoyed look on Ben Chaddock’s face didn’t already convey the significance of Friday night’s victory at the Tour de Delta’s Prologue, the caller at the other end of the cell phone that was handed to him after a series of post-race interviews must have.

“Mom?” said a surprised Chaddock. “I guess I’m aerodynamic. This is unbelievable.”

Knocking off current Canadian Time Trial Champion Svein Tuft is worth of a call from the parents anytime. But that goes double when you are 25 years old, in just your third year of competitive cycling, and only six weeks into a stint with your new pro team.

Chaddock has quickly repaid the faith shown by the Rubicon-ORBEA pro cycling team, flying around the 3.2-kilometer MK Delta Prologue course in three minutes and 46.52 seconds, less than half a second faster than the 3:47 turned in by Tuft, who is at BC Superweek on a break from his Garmin-Transitions Pro Tour team in Europe.

“This is very exciting,” said Chaddock, a Richmond native who recently graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. “I don’t have a lot of words. I just wanted to go as fast as I could and when I can across the line I couldn’t believe my time.”

Ryan Anderson of Kelly Benefits Pro Cycling, who won the Tour de Delta overall last year, was third after completing the leg-shaking, lung-burning course in 3:48.36.

Laura Brown defended last year’s title in the women’s race, finishing in four minutes and 18 seconds, less than two seconds off her winning pace the year before despite a head wind after the final corner that slowed the riders. It was part of a podium sweep for her Okanagan-based Total Restorations Cycling team, with Jasmin Glaesser in second at 4:23, Sarah Stewart third at 4:25 and Leah Guloien in fourth place at 4:26.

Brown, who has a bronze medal from the 2009 Pan American Championships Team Pursuit and has represented Canada on the road, time trial and track, won last year’s MK Delta Prologue for Local Ride Racing. She was a close second the year before, but said her experience didn’t make it any easier this time around. If anything, she felt pressure.

“It was nervous at the start,” Brown, a 23-year-old Calgary native, said of defending, adding it didn’t make the all-out race any easier. “I had an idea what a good ride felt like from last year, but by the time I got to that final corner it was all a blur anyway.”

If Brown’s finish made sense given history, Chaddock’s was a surprise given the field.

With a group that included Olympian Zach Bell (Kelly Benefits), current Canadian Road Race and defending Delta Prologue Champion Will Routley (Jelly Belly), a long list of top pros from US teams, and Tuft and his Garmin-Transitions teammate Christian Meier, few expected to see Chaddock spraying the crowd with champagne atop the podium.

If you ask Tuft, though, that’s what BC Superweek is all about, pointing to a similar out-of-nowhere performance by Bell at the Tour de Delta hillclimb years ago

“I was happy with my ride,” said Tuft, whose attempt to break his own 2008 record of 3:44.16 was made tougher by a headwind on the uphill home stretch. “But its good to see young talent coming up and taking it to the older guys. I heard he’s just starting out, so it’s about guys like coming out and smashing it and realizing it’s possible. Maybe in the Road Race (Sunday) and the Criterium (Saturday) it will take a while to develop, but he showed he has the engine to be right up there. He just has to hone that. It’s going to take time but when you do that you’ve proven you have the engine and the skills.”

Chaddock actually honed his engine in alpine skiing, racing all the way to a provincial and NorAm level alongside friends like Robbie Dixon and Manual Osborne-Paradis, who both now race on Canada’s national downhill team. He switched to cycling at Whitman College, and helped led the team to a pair of NCAA Division 2 Road Race Omnium Championships. He’s worked hard the last three-plus years to improve his distance performances, but says the skiing background is perfect for shorter distances like Friday night, even if the last gruelling stretch was straight uphill instead of the other way.

“Physiology I’m matched up for 3-4 minute effort, but that last stretch was pretty tough,” said Chaddock, who will wear the Tour de Delta leader jersey when the Brenco Criterium starts Saturday – with a Canadian Criterium Championship on the line to boot.

“When I wake up tomorrow I probably won’t believe I’m in this jersey but to be called up to the front for the start will mean a lot,” he said. “Rubicon-ORBEA brought some really strong guys to this race and the plan was to ride for me tomorrow in the crit.”

The Tour de Delta continues with the Canadian Criterium Championship on the line a the Brenco Criterium on Saturday night, and finishes Sunday morning with the White Spot Road Race. BC Superweek then wraps up with the 31st Tour de White Rock next weekend, July 16-18, a challenging three-event weekend that starts with the Homelife Realty Hillclimb Friday night and Maximum Collision Criterium Saturday, before wrapping up with the scenic and storied Peace Arch News Road Race on Sunday.


Tour de Delta press release


1 Laura Brown (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - W1 4:18
2 Jasmin Glaesser (Ger) Total Restoration Cycling Team - W2 4:23
3 Sarah Stewart (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - W2 4:25
4 Leah Guloien (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - W1 4:26
5 Leah Kirchmann (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - W2 4:28
6 Rachel Mcbride (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - W2 4:30
7 Heather Kay (Can) United Cycle - W1 4:30
8 Amy Dearden (Can) Keller Rohrback - W1 4:32
9 Jean Ann Mckirdy (Can) Local Ride Racing - W2 4:32
10 Jessica Hannah (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - W2 4:32
11 Kristine Brynjolfson (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - W1 4:32
12 Shawn Wenger (Can) Interior Grasslands Cycling Club - W43 4:36
13 Naomi Cooper (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - W1 4:38
14 Shailie Sanbrooks (Can) Russ Hays Cycling Club - W1 4:38
15 Sarah Coney (Can) Independent - W2 4:38
16 Annie Ewart (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - W2 4:38
17 Courtney Albert (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - W1 4:39
18 Shoshauna Laxson (USA) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - W2 4:42
19 Rachel Canning (Can) Local Ride Racing - W2 4:43
20 Angela McClure (Aus) Webcor/ Alto Velo - W1 4:44
21 Leslie Vice (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - W2 4:44
22 Jenny Lehmann (Can) Mighty Riders - W3 4:45
23 Andrea Bunnin (Can) dEVo Escape Velocity - W2 4:46
24 Chelsea Bilsbarrow (Can) Local Ride Racing - W1 4:48
25 Morgan Cabot (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - W3 4:49
26 Marie-Claude Gagnon (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - W2 4:50
27 Erin Redl (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - W2 4:57
28 Margaret Pugh (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - W2 4:58
29 Claire Cameron (Can) Mighty Riders - W1 5:00
30 Tannille Stickley (Can) Kelowna Cycle - W43 5:01
31 Jennifer Gerth (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - W3 5:06
32 Jennifer Kohm (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - W2 5:13
DNS Megan Rathwell (Can) Aviawest/Blue Competition Cycles W2
1 Ben Chaddock (Can) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 3:47
2 Svein Tuft (Can) Garmin – Transitions - M1 3:47
3 Ryan Anderson (Can) Kelly Benefit Strategies - M1 3:48
4 Will Routley (Can) Jelly Belly p/b Kenda - M1 3:49
5 Adrian Hegyvary (USA) UnitedHealthCare Pro Cycling - M1 3:51
6 Mike Sidic (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M2 3:51
7 Jesse Reams (Can) Garneau Evolution - M2 3:52
8 Christian Meier (Can) Garmin – Transitions - M1 3:52
9 Justin Kerr (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 3:52
10 Nic Hamilton (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M1 3:53
11 Zach Bell (Can) Kelly Benefit Strategies - M1 3:53
12 Taylor Gunman (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 3:53
13 Jamie Sparling (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - M1 3:54
14 Andrew Pinfold (Can) UnitedHealthCare Pro Cycling - M1 3:54
15 Aaron Schooler (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 3:54
16 Roman vanUden (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 3:55
17 Curtis Deardon (Can) Garneau Evolution - M2 3:55
18 Tim Abercrombie (Can) Garneau Evolution - M1 3:55
19 Mike Rothengatter (Can) dEVo - M2 3:56
20 Jacob Schwingboth (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M2 3:56
21 Garrett McLeod (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 3:56
22 Bradley Clifford (Can) ERTC Revolution - M1 3:56
23 Craig Logan (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M2 3:56
24 Cyrus Kangarloo (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - M1 3:57
25 Morgan Schmitt (USA) UnitedHealthCare Pro Cycling - M1 3:58
26 Dustin Andrews (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 3:59
27 Tyler Trace (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M1 3:59
28 Steve Fisher (USA) Hagens Berman LLP - M2 3:59
29 Spencer Smitheman (Can) Hagens Berman LLP - M1 3:59
30 Dan Skinner (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M1 3:59
31 Andres Diaz (Col) Team Exergy - M1 4:00
32 David Stephens (Can) Team Coastal - M2 4:00
33 David Veilleux (Can) Kelly Benefit Strategies - M1 4:00
34 Jason Allen (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 4:00
35 Kai Applequist (USA) Team Exergy - M1 4:00
36 Mike Northey (NZl) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 4:00
37 Kevin Rowe (USA) Team Exergy - M1 4:00
38 Ted Martin (USA) Garneau Evolution - M2 4:00
39 Cody Campbell (Can) Trek-Livestrong U23 - M1 4:01
40 Chris McNeil (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 4:02
41 Chris Stuart (USA) Team Exergy - M1 4:03
42 Christopher Wingfield (USA) Hagens Berman LLP - M2 4:03
43 Geoff O'Toole (Can) Garneau Evolution - M1 4:03
44 Emile De Rosnay (Can) Organic Athlete Victoria p/b Green Cuisine - M2 4:03
45 Cuylar Conly (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - M2 4:03
46 Andrew Kyle (Can) Garneau Evolution - M1 4:03
47 John Perkins (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - M1 4:04
48 Quinn Keogh (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 4:04
49 Remi Pelletier-Roy (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - M2 4:04
50 Marcel Aarden (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - M1 4:05
51 Geoff Macdonald (Can) ERTC Revolution - M2 4:05
52 Sebastian Salas (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 4:06
53 Keith Jones (Can) Garneau Evolution - M2 4:06
54 James Neil (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M1 4:07
55 Bailey Mcknight (Can) Synergy - M2 4:07
56 Chris Christie (Can) Suarez/ - M2 4:07
57 Guy Biggar (Can) Garneau Evolution - M2 4:08
58 Ryan Aitcheson (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee - M1 4:08
59 Dan MacDonald (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - M1 4:09
60 Adam Thuss (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M1 4:09
61 Shawn Bunnin (Can) Total Restoration Cycling Team - M1 4:09
62 Christopher McGarity (Can) Garneau Evolution - M1 4:09
63 Scott Laliberte (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - M1 4:10
64 Marsh Cooper (Can) Kelly Benefit Strategies - M1 4:10
65 Mark MacDonald (Can) Team H&R BLOCK - M1 4:10
66 Roman Kilun (USA) UnitedHealthCare Pro Cycling - M1 4:10
67 Dave Vukets (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M1 4:11
68 Ian Terry (USA) Hagens Berman LLP - M2 4:11
69 Kyle Buckosky (Can) Team Coastal - M2 4:11
70 Stephen Meyer (Can) Jet Fuel Coffee - M1 4:11
71 Colter Young (Can) ERTC - M2 4:11
72 Jeffrey Werner (Can) Garneau Evolution - M2 4:12
73 Mike Berkenpas (Can) Local Ride Racing - M2 4:13
74 Lang Reynolds (USA) Hagens Berman LLP - M1 4:14
75 William Goodfellow (Can) - M1 4:15
76 Marvin Guzman (Can) Independent - M2 4:15
77 Scott Inman (Can) Team Coastal - M2 4:15
78 Boris Martin (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes - M2 4:15
79 Mike Elliston (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - M2 4:16
80 Matthew O'Hagan (Can) Garneau Evolution - M1 4:16
81 Mike Laxdal (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - M2 4:16
82 Stephen Ferris (Can) Calgary Cycle/top gear - M2 4:16
83 Galen Mittermann (USA) Rubicon-ORBEA; Benefiting LIVESTRONG - M1 4:16
84 Rory McAdams (USA) Glotman Simpson Cycling - M1 4:17
85 Zachary Young (Can) Local Ride Racing - M2 4:18
86 Julian Base (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - M2 4:24
87 Sam Loud (Can) Westwood Cycle/Cannondale p/b Vision Sports - M2 4:25
88 Chris Worsfold (Can) Team Coastal - M1 4:26
89 David Gillam (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - M2 4:28
90 Paul Berry (Can) spoke - M1 4:31
91 Bob Welbourn (Can) Glotman Simpson Cycling - M2 4:32
92 Maurice Worsfold (Can) Team Coastal - M1 4:33
93 David Gerth (Can) Garneau Evolution - M1 4:43
DNS Nathan MacDonald (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes M1
DNS Mathew Bell (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes M1
DNS Vaughn Hildebrand (Can) IRC p/b Bob Cameron Law Corp M2
DNS Austin Arguello (USA) Independent M1
DNS Russell Stead (Can) Mighty Riders M2


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