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July 17/10 13:42 pm - MTB XC Nationals - Women Updates

Posted by Editoress on 07/17/10

Our coverage of the 2010 Nationals brought to you with the support of Shimano


Women will do a start loop plus 4 laps of the 7.5 km course


It is a beautiful sunny but cool day in Canmore AB


A note of thanks out to all the volunteers who have given up their Saturday to act as marshals and in other capacities.  A special thank you to the group of Olympic XC Skiers who are out there today too.


Start Loop


Elite Women

Mical Dyck (Trek Canada/Terrascape Racing) at the front as they round the short loop


U23 Women

Emily Batty (Trek World Racing) at the front as they round the short loop


Lap 1


Elite Women

Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team) has taken the lead followed by  Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing), Mical Dyck (Trek Canada/Terrascape Racing), Wendy Simms (KONA)


At the 2.5 km mark, Pendrel has 15 sec on Sin and 25 sec on Dyck


Pendrel's gap is now quite large , Sin is second but well back.


U23 Women

Emily Batty (Trek World Racing) has easily dropped the field and is starting to catch the tail end of the elites


Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing) has joined Batty,   and they have a good gap on the next riders


Lap 2


Elite Women

As they head out to the 2nd lap, Pendrel leading with a gap to Amanda Sin now 1:48.  Mical Dyck 3rd  2:06 min.  Catherine Vipond (Norco Factory Team) 3rd at 2:27, Jean Ann Mckirdy (Local Ride Women's MTB Team) 4th at 2:40


At 2.5 km mark Pendrel with Sin at 1:58, Dyck at 2:18, Vipond at 2:27, Cindy Montambault (CVM Val-David) at 2:30, mcKirdy 4th at 2:35




Across the line Kofman leading with Batty on her wheel.   Rebecca Beaumont (Équipe du Québec/Cyclone d'Alma) 3rd at 1:54. Ashley Barson (Coach Velikonja) 4th at 2:31, Andréanne Pichette (CVM Subway-Génétik - Équipe du Qc) 5th at 2:32

Batty and Kofman still together with Kofman still in the lead on the climb.  They continue to catch and pass the tail end of the Elite riders.



Live Video coverage of Nationals is costing the organizers $8K, and judging by the Alberta Tourism ads .. you can figure out WHO is paying.



Lap 3


Elite Women

Pendrel has just finished her 2nd lap with a total time of 48:49.  Sins still 2nd at 3:21 back.  Dyck 3rd at 3:54. Vipond 4th at 4:49. Montambault 5th at 5:29.  Sandra Walter (Local Ride Women's MTB Team) 6th at 5:41. Brandi Heisterman (Northlands Medical Clinic) 7th at 5:55. Jean Ann Mckirdy (Local Ride Women's MTB Team) 8th at 5:55 and Wendy Simms (KONA) 9th at 6:40


At 3.2 km in  Pendrel is not letting up - her gap to  Sin now 3:30. Dyck at 4:05. Batty is closing on Dyck - she is just 30 sec behind


U23 Women

Emily Batty now alone in the lead as she heads out onto lap 3.  Kofman at 21 sec,  Beaumont at 5:41.  Ashley Barson (Coach Velikonja) 4th at 5:52


Batty attacked 1/2 way into the 2nd lap and Kofman could not respond,  Kofman is still riding well.  She continues to catch and pass Elite riders


There is a real battle for 3rd heating up.  Barson has closed the gap on Beaumont and is just a few metres behind at 3.2 km into the lap.



Lap 4


Elite Women

Pendrel starting her 4th and Final lap.  Her time so far (3 laps completed) has been 1:13

Sin comes through in 2nd spot with a gap of 4:24, Dyck at 5:27, Vipond at 7:08, Walter at 7:55, , Montembault at 8:03, Heisterman at 8:37, mcKirdy at 9:32, Sims at 10:21


At 1 km in.  Pendel leading Sin by a gap of 4:30.  Batty (U23) at 5:25, Dyck at 5:30.  Kofman (U23) at 3:37


U23 Women

Batty comes through to start her final lap with a time of 1:17:49.  Kofman 2nd at 59 sec.  Beaumont 3rd at 8:47 and Barson at 8:54


Batty has caught Dyck on the climb




1 Catharine Pendrel (Luna Pro Team), 1:37:41
2 Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing), at 5:01
3 Mical Dyck (Trek Canada/Terrascape Racing), 6:58

U 23
1 Emily Batty (Trek World Racing), 1:43:31
2 Mikaela Kofman (3 Rox Racing) at 1:29




Course Map Large click to open


Course Map

Course Map small


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