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July 18/10 22:29 pm - National MTB XC Championships: Sunday results

Posted by Editoress on 07/18/10

Beautiful weather continues at Canmore Nordic Centre for the cross-country Mountain Bike Canadian Championships Master events

It was a changing of the guards of sorts, as every Master category saw a new Canadian Champion crowned at the Canmore Nordic Centre in Canmore, Alberta.

In the Men’s 30-39 category, cross-country skiing Olympian, Gordon Jewett of Canmore, AB (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club), won a two-man battle against Graham Torrie (Bike Bros). Despite the fact he has had two incapacitating back operations in the last few years, Jewett continues to impress by his sporting accomplishments.  Completing the podium was local cross country skier Robin McKeever, Paralympian guide to brother and history making Olympian Brian McKeever,

Mike Hunter (Rocky Mountain/Different Bikes) dominated the 40-49 race, with a winning time of 1:28.09, a lead of four minutes over his closest competitor Alaric Fish (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club).

Robert Anderson (Specialized Masters Team) finally won the coveted National Champions jersey, in the men’s 50+ category, after being runner-up and third numerous times over the past decade.

In the women’s races, Joanne Thompson (Ride With Rendall) in the 30-39 category and Loni Klettl in the 40-49 category lead from the sound of the start pistol.

Thomson’s time of 1:16.21 was a full minute and thirteen seconds faster than second place finishers Carrie Tuck (Top Gear p/b Calgary cycle) and four minutes, three seconds faster than third place Nicole Muzechka (Terrascape Racing).

Klettl also soloed to victory, leaving all her rivals behind on lap number one. Her nearest competitor, Cathryn Zeglinski (Northlands Medical Clinic) finished a minute and eight seconds back, while Lisa Lepoole (Terrascape Racing) completed the podium by finishing three minutes and thirty eight seconds of the winning pace.

The 2011 Mountain Bike Canadian Championships are scheduled to return to Canmore again next year.



Results from the races on Sunday at Canmore

Expert Men 24 km (4 laps)
1 Zachery Tatem (ON) Trek Store Race Team 1:26:11
2 Peter Watson (BC) Balance Point Racing at 2:38
3 Ryan Correy (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 4:26
4 Robert Haine (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 4:46
5 Tom Van Ommeren (Ned) CMC/Bow Cycle 5:59
6 Luke Marshall (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 6:45
7 Corey Hakkers (ON) Two Wheel Express 9:53
8 Chris Hubick (AB) United Cycle 12:17
DNF Kyle Anderson (AB) ERTC/Revolution Cycle
DNS Ryan Curtis (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle
DNS Mark Foster (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle
Sport Men 18 km (3 laps)
1 Brent Rosvold (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 1:06:01
2 Alex Lyon (AB) Café Racers at 0:10
3 Darren Freeman (Aus) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 0:50
4 Brent Bittner (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 1:54
5 Tim Kulak (AB) ERTC/Revolution Cycle 3:30
6 Paul Martin (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 4:09
7 Tim De Freitas (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 5:16
8 Alistair Hill (GBr) CMC/Bow Cycle 5:55
9 Joseph Litke (AB) Fiera Race Team 5:58
10 Kurtis Wenzel (AB) Café Racers 6:00
11 Jason Redfern (AB) Pedalhead Racing Club 6:10
12 Trevor Pombert (AB) United Cycle 8:05
13 Kurtis Bond (AB) TCR Sport Lab 9:46
14 Kirk Schmiedge (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 10:00
15 Brent Clark (AB) Schmoe Racing 11:30
16 James Jensen (AB) Mud, Sweat and Gears 12:00
17 Eric Trouillot (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 12:04
18 Robert Starkey (AB) Team Niklas 12:54
19 Chris Warnke (AB) United Cycle 13:07
20 Clayton Stafford (AB) United Cycle 13:15
21 Curtis Wilberg (AB) Independent 15:26
22 Ed Garvin (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 16:44
23 William Vialle (QC) CVM Val David 16:49
24 John Mcknight (AB) Independent 16:57
25 Paul Wagler (ON) Two Wheel Express 26:38
26 Duane Wagler (ON) Two Wheel Express 31:42
27 Philip Anderson (SK) Offroad Syndicate 37:11
DNS Hugh Simson (AB) Independent
DNS Mike Ahnemann (CO) Independent
DNS Lorne Allaby (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle
Novice Men 18 km (3 laps)
1 Kevin Nemeth (AB) Headwinds 1:14:51
2 Niels Van Ommeren (Ned) CMC/Bow Cycle at 5:11
3 Sheldon Smart (AB) River Valley Cycle 9:43
4 Gord Brenner (AB) River Valley Cycle 9:55
5 Louis Bugeaud (AB) 9th St. CycleLogic 14:48
6 Dylan Law (AB) Juventus 17:49
7 Jeff Towstego (AB) River Valley Cycle 28:51
8 Stewart Hutchings (AB) United Cycle 33:00
DNF Christopher Hubert (AB) Independant
DNF Clinton Bialas (AB) United Cycle
DNF Waleed Al-Rabeh (KSA) Redbike
Youth Men 13-14, 12 km (2 Laps)
1 John Connor (BC) Independent 0:46:10
2 Félix Belhumeur (QC) Lessard Bicycles at 0:21
3 Sam Ratzke (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 4:31
4 Willem Boersma (MB) Portage Junk Yard Dogs 4:34
5 Peter Hicks (AB) Canmore Nordic Ski Club 9:53
6 Alec Cowan (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 15:23
7 Kellen Viznaugh (BC) Revelstoke 27:51
Expert Women, 18 km (3 laps)
1 Amy Barnett (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 1:18:04
2 Alyssa Barker (AB) United Cycle at 6:55
Sport Women, 12 km (2 Laps)
1 Shari Clare (AB) Fiera Race Team 0:56:22
2 Richelle Love (AB) Terrascape Racing at 1:30
3 Ramona Hill (AB) Spin Sisters at 1:53
4 Laurie Wischoff (AB) United Cycle 3:51
5 Lesley Fisher (ON) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's 8:32
6 Briana Illingworth (ON) True North Cycles Race Team 13:22
DNF Magi Scallion (AB) Cafe Racers
Novice Women, 12 km (2 Laps)
1 Shawna Donaldson (AB) Speed Theory 0:57:02
2 Clare Neville (AB) Spin Sisters at 11:04
DNF Sarah Sawyer (AB) Independent
Youth Women, 13-14, 6 km (1 lap)
1 Marie-Pierre Nadon (ON) Team Hardwood/Trek 0:26:51
Master 30-39 Men, 30 km (4 Laps)
1 Gordon Jewett (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 1:45:31
2 Graham Torrie (AB) Bike Bros at 0:58
3 Robin Mckeever (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 1:37
4 Ian Auld (AB) Top Gear p/b Calgary Cycle 3:21
5 Steve Martins (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 4:57
6 Gabor Csonka (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 5:48
7 Devin Erfle (AB) Deadgoat Racing 6:29
8 Dave Jetz (AB) Top Gear p/b Calgary Cycle 8:16
9 David Roberts (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 9:18
10 Neil Reid Spruce Grove (AB) Team Alberta 9:31
11 John Clark (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 10:24
12 Aaron Weiss (BC) Full Boar Bike Store 11:37
13 Darren Anderson (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 11:53
14 Peter Yez (AB) Mud, Sweat and Gears 11:56
15 Kris Abrahamson (SK) OffRoad Syndicate 13:43
16 Ryan Newsome (BC) Local Ride Racing 13:57
17 Mike Blennerhassett (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 14:26
18 Trevor Hopkins (BC) Team Whistler CAN19721216 14:39
19 Keith Wilson (BC) Independent 15:02
20 Adrian Specogna (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle 16:07
21 Matt Drown (BC) Daryl-Evans Racing 16:21
22 Jeremy Trask (SK) Offroad Syndicate/Regina Cycle 16:52
23 Neil Johns (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 18:29
24 Stephen Ushy (BC) Balance Point Racing 21:07
25 Brian Loewen (AB) Mud, Sweat and Gears 22:15
26 Scott Legere (BC) The Sacred Ride/Rocky Mountain Bicycles 23:58
27 Thomas Yip (AB) Speed Theory 25:08
28 Regan Pringle (BC) Pro City Racing 26:28
DNF Robin Dutton (BC) Oak Bay Bike-Wheelers Cycling Club
DNF Jon Barnes (ON) Trek Canada
DNF Martin Bojesen (BC) Spoke N Motion
DNS Ken Hurd (AB) Deadgoat Racing
Master 40-49 Men, 24 km (3 laps)
1 Mike Hunter (BC) Rocky Mountain/Different Bikes 1:28:09
2 Alaric Fish (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club at 4:07
3 Paul Cooney (ON) True North Cycles 5:02
4 Kevin Williams (SK) Cycledelia 6:21
5 Mark Rumsey (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 6:48
6 Pete Holzhuter (BC) Spoke N' Motion 6:58
7 Tom Brodzinski (AB) Deadgoat Racing 9:00
8 Edward Roddy (AB) Deadgoat Racing 10:19
9 Dean Etienne (AB) Independent 10:33
10 Normon Thibalt (BC) Frontrunners 10:37
11 Craig Marshall (AB) Deadgoat Racing 10:43
12 Brian Burnside (ON) CyclePath Markham 11:09
13 Darcy Kuss (AB) Pedalhead Racing Club 18:08
14 Albie Malan (SK) NBR 18:11
15 Alex Brothers (BC) Pro City Racing 21:12
16 Wes Zychowicz (AB) Deadgoat Racing 24:11
DNF Ted Ingram (ON) Independent
DNF Niclas Christoffersson (AB) Lifesport
DNS Craig Mclaren (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club
Master 50+ Men, 18 km (3 Laps)
1 Robert Anderson (USA) Team Specialized Racing Masters 1:05:28
2 Peter Lawrence (AB) Team H&R BLOCK
at 1:33
3 Tim Daechsel (BC) Bike Barn 3:45
4 John Fisher (ON) Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's 6:25
5 Chuck Connor (BC) Independent 9:39
6 Steve Varga (ON) Kamikaze Racing 14:39
7 Jack Funk (AB) Deadgoat Racing 15:19
8 Clive Burke (GBr) Juventus 23:02
DNF Lorne Short (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club
DNS Gary Dearing (AB) Ridley's Cycle
DNS Tony Routley (BC) Team Whistler
Master 30-39 Women, 18 km (3 Laps)
1 Joanne Thomson (QC) Ride With Rendall 1:16:21
2 Carrie Tuck (AB) Top Gear p/b Calgary Cycle at 1:12
3 Nicole Muzechka (AB) Terrascape 6:03
4 Cindy Koo (AB) Deadgoat Racing 11:01
5 Jeanine Ball (BC) Local Ride Racing 13:17
6 Michelle Anderson (AB) Rundle Mountain Cycling Club 18:48
DNS Kate Aardal (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club
Master 40+ Women, 18 km (3 Laps)
1 Loni Klettl (AB) Freewheel Cycle 1:18:52
2 Cathryn Zeglinski (BC) Northlands Medical Clinic at 1:12
3 Lisa Lepoole (AB) Terrascape Racing 3:42
4 Claudia Van Vliet (ON) CyclePath Markham 5:19
5 Lori Kofman (BC) Velikonja 13:30
6 Susan Bladyko (SK) OffRoad Syndicate 27:47



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