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September 2/10 14:01 pm - Interview: Lauren Rosser

Posted by Editoress on 09/2/10

Canadian cross-country rider Lauren Rosser finished 11th in the Junior women's race, despite the heat and having to ride a double suspension Giant Demo bike her shop lent her. She finished in a sprint, just behind team mate Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau. She received the bike a mere two days before her race today. She had cracked her hardtail carbon frame in Switzerland previously.

CC: How did you feel about your race?Rosser

Lauren: I feel pretty good. It was really hot and it was hard to get your head wrapped around the heat, but I managed to push myself through that and it worked for me.

CC: Did you do anything differently from usual to deal with the heat?

Lauren: No, I just rode my own race and when I saw where the shade was closer I rode in the shade and that managed to help me.

CC: But there isn't much shade on this course is there?

Lauren: No, there are lots of climbs in the heat, in the full sun.

CC: Is this your kind of course?

Lauren: Yes. I like short, steep hills and long technicals that a lot of people fumble on.

CC: Did you have any trouble in the rocky "Beatrice" section?

Lauren: Right at the beginning, there was a little cluster or people and I went over the bars, but I managed to run that out and then got back on my bike. I didn't get too dirty!

CC: Did you have any trouble anywhere else on the course?

Lauren: Just the heat. Once I got my head wrapped around the heat, realized it wasn't going to change, I decided I might as well ride the way it is.

CC: Did you speed up in the last lap?

Lauren: I got my head around the fact that this is Worlds, you have to hammer. It has to hurt.

CC: Were you preparing all year for this race?

Lauren: At the very beginning of the year I didn't think I was coming to Worlds. I didn't even think of it. And then after Nationals I was like "I'm going to Worlds. I've never been to something this big." I was excited.

CC: What position were you at Nationals?

Lauren: I was second. And then I went off to Switzerland and Italy to race but I didn't get to race in Italy because the doctor thought I broke my finger, which I didn't. It's completely fine. It was just bruised.

CC: How did that happen?

Lauren: A couple days before the race I hit a pole that was cemented into the ground.




CC: Were you surprised that Andreane was right up there with you during this race?

Lauren: I was surprised that she was there and I was just like "Go Canada! Let's do this. Come on!" I tapped her on her on the back and was like "Come on, let's go!" And we went.

CC: Was there anyone else you were with during the race or trying to catch?

Lauren: No, I was looking forward, not back.

Note: Lauren is also a member of the Downhill team, so Thursday she switches from a lightweight cross-country endurance to full-on DH mode.

Interview by Sarah Moore


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