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January 12/11 18:50 pm - OCA Spring Camp Filling Up Fast

Posted by Editoress on 01/12/11

Mike Garrigan, Ontario Provincial Endurance Development Coach, is inviting Ontario athletes to participate in the OCA Spring Endurance Camp. The Camp is now 70% full.

Hi there young Ontario Endurance Athletes!

I wanted to personally send out a message to you regarding what I feel is one of the best spring training camps that I have ever attended.

Every year a great group of riders assemble to ride some of the best roads Eastern North America has to offer. These roads include challenging climbing routes such as Ceasar's Head, Mount Sassafras, Whitewater, Old Toxaway, and several options up to the Blue Ridge parkway, as well as an endless supply of twisting country roads through some extraordinary rural areas of both North and South Carolina. I can honestly say I am truly excited to once again be a part of this camp.

We will have great ride leaders as usual, and the format will be consistent with that of years previous.

I asked some racers who have attended the camp in past years to share some thoughts:

Denise Ramsden: (2007, 2008 National Road Champion)

"You don't get more bang for your buck at any other camp. Guaranteed lots of climbing, fun descending, long interesting rides, and if you get home and aren't quite tired enough, you've got one of the hardest climbs right out the door to finish the legs off. And being at an actual camp gives a fun, camp atmosphere between all the riding (s'mores!!). Lots of good memories!"

Kevin Hazzard: (9th at Montreal-Quebec, top 20 at Univest Crit UCI event)

"Well, I was telling someone the other day that going to that camp was the best thing I could have done as a cadet/junior. You get to meet the coaches and other riders your age. You get to do real mountain climbs/descents. And you get the chance to learn how to and live like a professional for those 2 weeks or however long it is (cooking, stretching, training, etc.). Best memory would be racing up Caesars Head."

Jamie Riggs: (Provincial Champion 2010, Canada Games 2009)

"I had a great time at that camp! I only went once as a 'camper', and I basically had to beg to get in, but it was the best thing I could have done at that point in my cycling, some of the guys I met for the first time there are still some of my best friends. Being the first time I had ridden with the older guys like Guse and Maggi, it (the camp) really opened my eyes and showed me how to train and take care of myself like a pro. I mean, for me that was my first time in a high-performance environment and some of the things I learned about taking care of myself stuck with me for sure, plus suffering like crazy trying to prove I could ride in the fast group."

Mitch Bailey: (2 time MTB world championship team, Canada cup overall champion)

"I just had fun, honestly it's a cheap way to go down there and train with your friends...and learn how to cook."

The spring camp fills up fast, and we are already 70% full with two weeks until registration closes

If you have any questions please give myself or Brendan a call or e-mail.

Send in your application - Looking forward to seeing everyone in South Carolina

Mike Garrigan – Provincial Endurance Development Coach (; 416-426-7247)

Foor more information and application form please click here.


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