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March 14/11 10:32 am - Canadian Team Finishes Successful Para Track Worlds

Posted by Editoress on 03/14/11

The 2011 UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships came to an end on Sunday in Montichiari, Italy, and Canada fared well with honest performances by the Canadian men's tandems throughout the event, two medals on the second day of competition, as well as a stellar performance in the final day, which led to a Canadian record being broken by the tandem of Geneviève Ouellet ad Emilie Roy in the women's pursuit.

The last day of competition in Montichiari, which attracted a record number of participants, featured the 500M time trials for the women's C category, the pursuit race for the women's tandems, as well as the sprint events for the men's tandems.

In the women's pursuit race for the tandems, Canada's Geneviève Ouellet of Amos, QC and Emilie Roy of Québec City, broke the Canadian record with a time of 3:50.016, good enough for a ninth place, and Development Coach Sebastien Travers was thrilled with the athletes' performance.

"For their first pursuit together, this is a great overall performance, especially coming home with some precious UCI points, which will help them and Canada for upcoming major events," said Travers, development coach for the Canadian Para-Cycling Team.

Canada's top tandem in the men's sprint race was the Calgary duo of William Stanley and Doug Baron, who ended their first World Championships appearance with a time of 11.134 seconds for tenth position. In the same race, the duo of Neil Fachie and Craig Maclean of Great Britain broke the World Record to capture the win.

"This is an honest performance by Stanley and Baron, in their first World Championships. They were both able to see where they stand against the rest of the world," added Travers.

Also in the tandem sprints, the duo of Daniel Chalifour of St-Jérôme, QC and pilot Alexandre Cloutier of St-Antoine-de-Tilly, QC finished in 12th place, followed by the duo of Brian Cowie of Burnaby, BC and his new pilot Luc Dionne of Sorel, QC in 18th.

Silver medallist in the pursuit on Saturday, Marie-Claude Molnar of Ste-Adèle, QC finished fifth in the women's C1 500m Time Trial race, breaking a second personal best result at these World Championships.


Report Courtesy CCA

Women's 500m Time Trial C1
1 Jayme Paris (Australia) 47.236
Women's 500m Time Trial C2
1 Qi Tang (China) 45.373
2 Bianbian Sun (China) 45.412
3 Allison Jones (United States) 46.276
4 Raquel Acinas Poncelas (Spain) 47.651
5 Yvonne Marzinke (Germany) 48.319
6 Barbara Buchan (United States) 51.186
7 Danijela Jovanovic (Serbia) 1:03.711
Women's 500m Time Trial C4
1 Jianping Ruan (China) 39.359
2 Susan Powell (Australia) 41.347
3 Ya Ping Ye (China) 41.922
4 Roxanne Burns (South Africa) 43.651
5 Marie-Claude Molnar (Canada) 44.160
6 Alexandra Green (Australia) 46.353
Women's 500m Time Trial C5
1 Sarah Storey (Bailey) (Great Britain) 37.733
2 Ju Fang Zhou (China) 38.506
3 Jennifer Schuble (United States) 38.615
4 Greta Neimanas (United States) 39.480
5 Qing Guo (China) 41.574
6 Anna Harkowska (Poland) 41.603
7 Fiona Southorn (New Zealand) 42.985
8 Kerstin Brachtendorf (Germany) 43.948
9 Sara Tretola (Switzerland) 44.949
10 Michaela Bitsch (Germany) 45.245
11 Trix Schwedler (Ireland) 47.272

Women's Individual Pursuit B
1 Great Britain (Lora Turnham/Fiona Duncan) 3:38.850
2 New Zealand (Jayne Parsons/Sonia Waddell) 3:39.458
3 Ireland (Catherine Walsh/Francine Meehan) 3:41.042
4 United States (Karissa Whitsell/Mackenzie Woodring) 3:42.561
5 Germany (Henrike Handrup/Ellen Heiny) 3:43.397
6 Australia (Brandie O'connor/Kerry Knowler) 3:44.070
7 New Zealand (Phillipa Gray/Laura Thomson) 3:44.657
8 Great Britain (Aileen Mc Glynn/Helen Scott) 3:45.095
9 Canada (Genevieve Ouellet/Emilie Roy) 3:50.016
10 Netherlands (Kathrin Goeken/Kim Van Dijk) 3:54.576
11 Australia (Felicity Johnson/Stephanie Morton) 3:57.181
12 Netherlands (Joleen Hakker/Samantha Van Steenis) 3:57.826
13 United States (Carrie Willoughby/Shelby Reynolds) 3:58.090
14 Greece (Adamantia Chalkiadaki/Argyro Milaki) 4:01.129
15 Italy (Cinzia Coluzzi/Annamaria Scafetta) 4:05.006
Ride for Gold and Silver
1 New Zealand (Jayne Parsons/Sonia Waddell) 3:39.376
2 Great Britain (Lora Turnham/Fiona Duncan) 3:41.450
Ride for Bronze
3 Ireland (Catherine Walsh/Francine Meehan) 3:42.730
4 United States (Karissa Whitsell/Mackenzie Woodring) 3:44.517
Men's Sprint B
1 Great Britain (Neil Fachie/Craig Maclean) 10.282
2 Great Britain (Anthony Kappes/Barney Storey) 10.351
3 Spain (Jose Enrique Porto Lareo/Jose Antonio Villanueva Trinidad) 10.504
4 Netherlands (Rinne Oost/Patrick Bos) 10.729
5 Japan (Tatsuyuki Oshiro/Yasufumi Ito) 10.828
6 United States (Clark Rachfal/David Swanson) 10.878
7 Ireland (Michael Delaney/Con Collis) 10.944
8 Greece (Christos Stefanakis/Konstantinos Troulinos) 10.969
9 Australia (Kieran Modra/Scott Mcphee) 11.117
10 Canada (William Stanley/Doug Baron) 11.134
11 Netherlands (Richard Bonhof/Jeroen Lute) 11.229
12 Canada (Daniel Chalifour/Alexandre Cloutier) 11.265
13 Czech Republic (Ales Moravec/Pavel Buran) 11.272
14 Germany (Yannick Reich/Torsten Goliasch) 11.392
15 Poland (Przemyslaw Wegner/Arkadiusz Garczarek) 11.494
16 Colombia (Elicer Orjuela Prada/Manuel Javier Tunjano) 11.627
17 Switzerland (Laurent Delez/Christophe Grenard) 11.628
18 Canada (Brian Cowie/Luc Dionne) 11.644
19 Germany (Ralf Arnold/Jan Ratzke) 11.781
20 Czech Republic (Marek Moflar/Jiri Chyba) 11.915
21 Argentina (Alberto Lujan Nattkemper/Juan Martin Ferrari) 11.996
22 Greece (Nikolaos Manatakis/Nikolaos Koumpenakis) 12.705
DNS Italy (Emanuele Bersini/Daniele Riccardo)
DNS Italy (Ivano Pizzi/Luca Pizzi)
Ride for Gold and Silver Race 1 Race 2 Decider
1 Great Britain (Neil Fachie/Craig Maclean)   10.892 10.875
2 Great Britain (Anthony Kappes/Barney Storey) 10.821
Ride for Bronze
3 Netherlands (Rinne Oost/Patrick Bos) 11.362 11.046
4 Spain (Jose Enrique Porto Lareo/Jose Antonio Villanueva Trinidad)


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