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April 8/11 10:08 am - Energiewacht Tour: Stage 2, Caron 21st

Posted by Editoress on 04/8/11

Results from the 2nd stage of the Energiewacht Tour in Holland won by Ina Yoko Teutenberg (HTC-Highroad Women). Joanie Caron (Canadian National Team) finished 21st in the same time



Teutenberg Takes Stage Win

HTC-Highroad's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg has clinched a bunch sprint triumph in the Van Lauwersee tot Dollard stage race in Holland on Friday, a victory that has propelled the German into the overall lead.

Teutenberg secured her fourth victory of the 2011 season on the four-day race's second stage, 87 kilometers long and starting and finishing in the town of Midwolda.

"Ina won it in a sprint, but there were times when it looked like anything but a bunch sprint would happen," commented HTC-Highroad sports director Ronny Lauke.

"The pack split again and again in the early part of the race, sometimes with about 30 in the front group, which made it very tough going at first."

"Then there was a breakaway in the last 20 kilometers and we had to work hard to bring that back, too."
"But Ina was second in yesterday's stage and she had picked up some time bonuses, too and we knew that if she won the final bunch sprint she'd be in the lead, so everybody was very motivated."

"Tomorrow it's a similar kind of course, and we're expecting it to be windy again, and with only one second's advantage overall it's going to be tough to keep it."

"But we'll do our best and see where that gets us."

HTC-Highroad for Energiewacht Tour: Charlotte Becker (Ger) Emilia Fahlin (Swe) Evelyn Stevens (USA) Ina Teutenberg (Ger) Ellen Van Dijk (Ned) Adrie Visser (Ned)

HTC-Highroad press release


Stage 2: Midwolda loop, 81.5 km
1 Ina Yoko Teutenberg (HTC-Highroad Women) 2:00:48
2 Kirsten Wild (AA Drink -
3 Giorgia Bronzini (Colavita Forno D'Asolo)
4 Marianne Vos (Nederland Bloeit)
5 Emma Johansson (Hitec Products-UCK)
6 Barbara Guarischi (Colavita Forno D'Asolo)
7 Martine Bras (Dolmans Landscaping Team)
8 Shelly Olds (Diadora-Pasta Zara)
9 Svetlana Bubnenkova (Russian National Team)
10 Julia Iliynkh (Russian National Team)
11 Rochelle Gilmore (Lotto Honda Team)
12 Alessandra D Ettorre (Colavita Forno D'Asolo)
13 Evelyn Arys (Belgian National Team)
14 Liesbet de Vocht (Belgian National Team)
15 Carmen McNellis-Small (TIBCO/To The Top)
16 Anne Arnouts (Dura Vermeer Cyclingteam)
17 Lucy Martin (Garmin-Cervelo)
18 Andrea Bosman (SCRAM - WV Eemland)
19 Laura van der Kamp (Dolmans Landscaping Team)
20 Melanie Woering (SCRAM - WV Eemland)
21 Joanie Caron (Canadian National Team)
22 Jessica Glasbergen (SCRAM - WV Eemland)
23 Sara Mustonen (Hitec Products-UCK)
24 Sofie Verdonck (Dura Vermeer Cyclingteam)
25 Cherise Taylor (Lotto Honda Team)
26 Judith Jelsma (People Trust-NWH)
27 Monique van de Ree (AA Drink -
28 Emilie Moberg (Hitec Products-UCK)
29 Nina Kessler (Dolmans Landscaping Team)
30 Esther Kortekaas (Jan van Arckel)
31 Alexandra Burchenkova (Russian National Team)
32 Amy Pieters (Skil-Koga Cyclingteam)
33 Leah Kirchmann (Canadian National Team)
34 Joanne Kiesanowski (TIBCO/To The Top)
35 Willeke Knol (Jan van Arckel)
36 Annemiek van Vleuten (Nederland Bloeit)
37 Sandra van Veghel (SCRAM - WV Eemland)
38 Bianca van den Hoek (SCRAM - WV Eemland)
39 Annelies Visser (Batavus)
40 Kaat Hannes (Belgian National Team)
41 Sharon Laws (Garmin-Cervelo)
42 Alie Gercama (Dolmans Landscaping Team)
43 Heleen van Vliet (AA Drink -
44 Joan Boskamp (Batavus)
45 Vicki Whitelaw (Lotto Honda Team)
46 Karin Truijen (Team Specialized-DPD)
47 Sarah Duster (Nederland Bloeit)
48 Julia Soek (Batavus)
49 Ingeborg Kreuze (People Trust-NWH)
50 Modesta Vzesniauskaite (Colavita Forno D'Asolo)
51 Ine Beyen (Belgian National Team)
52 Lindsay Myers (USA National Team)
53 Ellen van Dijk (HTC-Highroad Women)
54 Jessica Prinner (USA National Team)
55 Irina Molicheva (Russian National Team)
56 Cecilie Johansen (Hitec Products-UCK)
57 Megan Guarnier (TIBCO/To The Top)
58 Olga Zabelinskaya (Diadora-Pasta Zara)
59 Kim Schoonbaert (Lotto Honda Team)
60 Roxane Knetemann (Skil-Koga Cyclingteam)
61 Bianca Dumay (Peddelaars-Het Stadion)
62 Laure Werner (Lotto Honda Team)
63 Jessie Daams (Garmin-Cervelo)
64 Charlotte Becker (HTC-Highroad Women)
65 Emilia Fahlin (HTC-Highroad Women)
66 Iris Slappendel (Garmin-Cervelo)
67 Adrie Visser (HTC-Highroad Women)
68 Lucinda Brand (AA Drink -
69 Janneke Kanis (Nederland Bloeit)
70 Loes Gunnewijk (Nederland Bloeit)
71 Emilie Aubry (Nederland Bloeit)
72 Chantal Blaak (AA Drink -
73 Trixi Worrack (AA Drink -
74 Kristin McGrath (USA National Team)
75 Alona Androk (Diadora-Pasta Zara)
76 Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita Forno D'Asolo)
77 Lieselot Delcoix (Belgian National Team)
78 Tatiana Antoshina (Russian National Team)
79 Noemi Cantele (Garmin-Cervelo)
80 Veronica Andreasson (Lotto Honda Team)
81 Alison Starnes (USA National Team)
82 Amber Pierce (Diadora-Pasta Zara)
83 Jackie Crowell (USA National Team)
84 Evelyn Stevens (HTC-Highroad Women)
85 Claudia Hausler (Diadora-Pasta Zara) all s.t.
86 Taylor Wiles (USA National Team) 1:46
87 Mascha Pijnenborg (Dolmans Landscaping Team)
88 Marit Huisman (Batavus)
89 Esra Tromp (Skil-Koga Cyclingteam) all s.t.
90 Juliette Wigbold (SCRAM - WV Eemland) 2:47
91 Marieke den Otter (Jan van Arckel) s.t.
92 Thea Thorsen (Water Land en Dijken-NOR) 2:54
93 Charlotte Lenting (MovingLadies Cyclingteam) 5:42
94 Trieneke Fokkens (Hepro Kozijnen-NWVG)
95 Natalie van Gogh (Team Specialized-DPD)
96 Ilona Hoeksma (Peddelaars-Het Stadion)
97 Kim de Baat (Dura Vermeer Cyclingteam)
98 Marthe Skjolden (Water Land en Dijken-NOR)
99 Inge Klep (Dura Vermeer Cyclingteam)
100 Ivana Tiessens (Hepro Kozijnen-NWVG)
101 Kim Banga (Rabo Lady Force)
102 Ankie Ytsma (People Trust-NWH)
103 Samantha van Steenis (People Trust-NWH)
104 Sigrid Kuizenga (Jan van Arckel)
105 Suzan Simons (Dura Vermeer Cyclingteam)
106 Ines Klok (Rabo Lady Force)
107 Eltina van Wijk (Jan van Arckel)
108 Kim Wouters (Snelle Wiel-Buitenlust)
109 Carlee Taylor (TIBCO/To The Top)
110 Irene Tesink (Restore Cycling)
111 Tone Hatteland (Hitec Products-UCK)
112 Linda Ringlever (MovingLadies Cyclingteam)
113 Silke Kogelman (Team Specialized-DPD)
114 Eefje Tabak (Snelle Wiel-Buitenlust)
115 Marielle Kerste (Restore Cycling)
116 Anisha Vekemans (Belgian National Team)
117 Natalya Boyarskaya (Russian National Team)
118 Eleonora Patuzzo (Diadora-Pasta Zara)
119 Tetyana Riabchenko (Colavita Forno D'Asolo)
120 Marie Voreland (Hitec Products-UCK)
121 Lana Verberne (Snelle Wiel-Buitenlust)
122 Laura Trott (MovingLadies Cyclingteam)
123 Aafke Eshuis (Team Specialized-DPD) all s.t.
124 Eyelien Bekkering (Dolmans Landscaping Team) 5:57
125 Leah Guloien (Canadian National Team) 6:35
126 Anne Heijkoop (Batavus)
127 Adriene Snijder (Batavus) both s.t.
128 Judith Bloem (Jan van Arckel) 8:09
129 Esther Lommers (Restore Cycling)
130 Lisanne Al (Water Land en Dijken-NOR)
131 Linda Klein (Rabo Lady Force)
132 Sofie van Horik (Hepro Kozijnen-NWVG)
133 Julie Garnet (Canadian National Team)
134 Janien Lubben (Team Specialized-DPD)
135 Bianca Koning (People Trust-NWH)
136 Cindy van der Meulen (Snelle Wiel-Buitenlust)
137 Marion Meerkerk (Rabo Lady Force)
138 Margriet Kloppenburg (Dura Vermeer Cyclingteam)
139 Kathryn Bertine (Snelle Wiel-Buitenlust) all s.t.
DNF Alexis Rhodes (Garmin-Cervelo)
DNF Joelle Numainville (TIBCO/To The Top)
DNF Michelle Geoghegan (MovingLadies Cyclingteam)
DNF Astrid Schuitema (Hepro Kozijnen-NWVG)
DNF Annefleur de Leeuw (Hepro Kozijnen-NWVG)
DNF Ymke Stegink (Restore Cycling)

GC to come


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