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April 14/11 9:45 am - Junior Pan Am Track Championships: Day 3 Update, Medals for Canada

Posted by Editoress on 04/14/11

Alex Cataford Wins Gold at Junior Pan Ams

Team Canada Manager Rob good has provided the following updates from today's competition in Mar de Plata, Argentina, at the Junior Pan Am Championships.

Team Canada added to our medal count this morning with a Gold in the Individual Pursuit by Alex Cataford.  Cataford had the race in hand from the third lap, and could see his Chilean opponent. Alex won the race by a comfortable three seconds.

Bronze medals by the Team Sprint and Team Pursuit women's team of Audrey Labrie, Nina Nesdoly and Allison Beveridge brings Canada's medal count to four: 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.

Kyle Buckosky and Aidan Caves rode a very competitive Scratch Race, with Kyle just missing a medal, finishing in a very solid fourth place, half a wheel out of a medal, while Cadet Aiden Caves finished unofficially in 7th.  In women's sprint qualifying Labrie qualified in third.  Men's Keirin participant Jesse Marams made the final, only to be shuffled out of a medal in the last half lap to finish sixth, while Daniel McKenzie-Picot made the small final and finished in 11th place.
Tonight the women's Scratch, Men's Team Pursuit (Canada goes for Bronze), Men's Kilo, and Women's Sprints continue.


Results from races now completed

Men's Scratch Race
1 Fabrizio Vonnacher (Mexico)
2 Lucas Gaday (Argentina)
3 Kacio Freitas (Brazil)
4 Kyle James Buckosky (Canada)
5 Romeo Daniel Quicibal (Guatemala)
6 Jamol Eastmond (Barbados)
7 Fernando Hernandez (Mexico)
8 Pedro Rodriguez (Ecuador)
9 Aidan Michael Caves (Canada)
10 Leandro Alves (Brazil)
11 Santiago Espindola (Argentina)
12 Luis Fernando Pop (Guatemala)
DNF Pablo Matías Reyes (Chile)
DNF Germán Alfredo Bustamante (Chile)
DNF Mandez Alvarado (Costa Rica)
DNF Mario Delgado (Ecuador)
DNF Emanuel Cardozo (Uruguay)
Men's Keirin
Heat 1
1 Alexander Quincy (Trinidad and Tobago)
2 Riky Gordillo (Ecuador)
3 Jesse Tyler Marans (Canada)
4 Jair Tjonenfa (Suriname)
5 Jairo Garcia (Uruguay)
6 Daniel Joseph Mckenzie-Picot (Canada)
Heat 2
1 Ismael Verdugo (Mexico)
2 Cristobal Valdez (Mexico)
3 Dieferson Borges (Brazil)
4 Matias Ibañez (Uruguay)
5 Juan Pablo Serrano (Argentina)
6 Javed Mounter (Barbados)
Final 1-6
1 Ismael Verdugo (Mexico)
2 Riky Gordillo (Ecuador)
3 Dieferson Borges (Brazil)
4 Cristobal Valdez (Mexico)
5 Alexander Quincy (Trinidad and Tobago)
6 Jesse Tyler Marans (Canada)
Final 7-12
7 Juan Pablo Serrano (Argentina)
8 Javed Mounter (Barbados)
9 Jairo Garcia (Uruguay)
10 Jair Tjonenfa (Suriname)
11 Daniel Joseph Mckenzie-Picot (Canada)
DNS Matias Ibañez (Uruguay)

Women's Team Sprint
Final for Gold and Silver
1 Chile (María Paz Vicencio/Ilonka Paola Jara) 38.843
2 Argentina (Debora Coronel/Erica Peralta) 39.056
Final for Bronze
3 Canada (Allison Beveridge/Audrey Labrie) 39.594
4 Mexico (Aline Tamez/María Fernanda Padilla) 40.004

Men's Individual Pursuit
Final for Gold and Silver
1 Alexander Cataford (Canada) 3:33.717
2 Felipe Andrés Peñaloza (Chile) 3:39.376
Final for Bronze
3 Ezequiel Linaza (Argentina) 3:39.638
4 Brian Fenochio (Argentina) 3:44.702

Women's Team Pursuit
Final for Gold and Silver
1 Mexico (Ingrid Drexel/Carolina Rodriguez/Bianca Davis) 3:56.559
2 Chile (Flor Aparecida Palma/Gabriela Rojas/Karla Daniela Vallejos) 3:56.819
Final for Bronze
3 Canada (Nina Nesdoly/Allison Beveridge/Audrey Labrie) 4:06.386
4 Guatemala (Paula Lucresia Guillen/Andrea Fernanda Guillen/Nicolle Marie Bruderer) 4:08.675


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