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November 14/11 14:38 pm - Cycling (in the) News

Posted by Editoress on 11/14/11

“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride." --Eddy Merckx

Green plan gains traction with N.D.G. mayor
Urban ecology centre document; Recommendations designed to calm traffic, encourage walking and cycling
Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum says he will act on at least three of 60 recommendations in a communitybacked report calling for a redesign of the southeast sector of his borough to make it safer and more pleasant for cyclists and pedestrians.
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Moyse on the mend
Heather Moyse is back on track after an injury that set back her attempt at making Canada's cycling team.

The Summerside native, who captured bobsled gold in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, decided earlier this year to turn her attention to yet another new sport.

But a recent fall from the bike on the cycling track left her with a nasty burn on her right arm.
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Last stretch of river trail reopens in Windsor
Two years after the public lost access to a stretch of Windsor's popular riverfront trail, unimpeded recreational access has been restored along the Detroit River from Hiram Walker in the east to the Ambassador Bridge in the west.
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Alberto Contador to discover Tour de France fate in 2012
Alberto Contador, who tested positive for the banned substance clenbuterol during the 2010 Tour de France, is hoping to discover in January whether he can keep his third winner's yellow jersey or suffer the ignominy of being stripped of his title.
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Lie detection expert to testify for Contador at CAS next week, butcher to bolster WADA's case
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Le Monde's fine for defaming Barca drastically cut
Barcelona says Spain's supreme court has drastically cut French newspaper Le Monde's fine for linking it to a doctor involved in one of cycling's biggest doping scandals.
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DIY high heels with clip-less cleats for cycling
A part-time inventor who wanted to make cycling in heels a more practical proposition for his girlfriend has published free plans on how to make your own high-heels with a clip-less cleat.
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The first timer's guide to cycling tours
Lance Armstrong I'm not, but as I raced to the finish line of at Banteay Srey Temple in Cambodia - legs pumping, brow dripping — I could have been forgiven for thinking I was competing in the Tour de France.
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Essex wants to keep Olympic mountain bike course
Residents say they want to keep a three-mile (5km) Olympic mountain bike course in Essex after it is used for the London 2012 Games.
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Epic cycle journey ends
More than 200 people joined Michael Schratter on his bike ride Saturday to Rogers Arena from Tsawwassen and Richmond at the end of his worldwide bike journey.
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Miniature robot rides bicycle like a pro
Riding a bike can be challenging enough for humans, so seeing inventor Masahiko Yamaguchi's remote-controlled miniature robot tooling along on an equally miniature bicycle is quite a thrill.
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Motorists are just as bad as cyclists - editorial
Call it revenge of the cyclists. Or maybe damn the motorists.

Either way, I received a solid and swift response to my recent column about councillors turning thumbs down on the idea of asking the province to allow cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs.
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Victoria Pendleton: I'll quit after London 2012
It SHOULD have been the highest point of her career, but Victoria Pendleton admits that striking gold in Beijing left her with an almighty post-Olympic hangover.
Cycling’s pin-up was one of the stars of the Games in China asTeam GB dominated in the velodrome on their way to their most successful Olympics in 100 years.
Now, with London 2012 fast approaching and with Pendleton among the favourites for gold in her own backyard, she insists that she has learnt her lesson from three years ago. And if Pendleton strikes gold again, she won’t be getting back on a bike – for she has decided to hang up her bicycle clips and take a well-earned break before deciding the next step.
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Officials from Vail to Aspen await decision on USA Pro Cycling Challenge host cities for 2012
Despite the snow collecting on ski area slopes, many leaders in Colorado mountain towns have biking on the brain.
The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is expected to name its roster of host cities by the end of this month. Eleven cities hosted the inaugural race in August, including Vail, Avon and Aspen, which hosted the “Queen Stage” of the 518-mile odyssey through Colorado's historic places and breathtaking high mountain passes.
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Hercules on Two Wheels
Why isn't the Tour de France in America? I mean, besides the obvious fact that the French started it 108 years ago and it takes place over three weeks through roughly 2,000 miles of countryside there. Hear me out.
I know, bicycles are “alternative transportation.” They are the puerile, pedal-powered playthings of likely unshaven, eccentric malcontents and ne'er-do-wells who refuse to grow up and accept the internal combustion engine. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Paul Revere's Ride was all about protecting our inherent right as Americans to freedom of movement: to never propel ourselves under our own power. And, apologies to Lance Armstrong, but I'll argue that asexual, eternally adolescent Pee-wee Herman best represents what most Americans think of bicyclists.
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Exploring the World with Bicycle
Zahariz Khuzaimah is a Malaysian who had had enough of the routine life and decided to leave everything behind. He set out with 40kg of luggage on his bicycle to explore the world. He chose to live his life on the road. The road teaches him things that he can never learn in universities.

Part 1 - Pedalling a dream to see the world
Part 2 - Mystical Sichuan Mountains beckon
Part 3 - The endless climb to Luding
Part 4 - t A marriage proposal in Tibetan land
Part 5 - Camping in the Wild
Part 6 - An attempt to cross into Tibet


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