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February 1/12 17:12 pm - UBC Exercise Physiology Study Seeking Cyclists

Posted by Editoress on 02/1/12

I am recruiting cyclists and/or triathletes for an exercise physiology study at UBC. I am wondering if any of your readers would be interested in participating. The following is a summary of the qualification criteria and participation involvement. Anyone interested can contact Sabrina Wilkie via email: or by phone: 604.822.4384

Title: Effects of Heliox on Respiratory Mechanics, Sensory Responses, and Performance during Exercise in Endurance-Trained Men and Women.

Qualification Criteria:

• Between 19-40 years of age (inclusive)

• Non-smoking

• Healthy (free of cardio-pulmonary disease, exercise-induced asthma, cancer, etc.)

• Trained cyclist/triathlete (Women VO2MAX > 50ml/kg/min; Men VO2MAX > 60 ml/kg/min)

Summary of your Involvement:

• 3 separate days (~2hrs/day)

• Day 1: VO2MAX test on a bike, followed by a practice 5 km TT

• Day 2: 5 km time-trial on a bike

• Day 3: 5 km time-trial on a bike

During the TT’s, you will have a catheter placed through your nose and into your esophagus (tube connecting your mouth to your stomach).

You will be supplied with a detailed fitness assessment that may be incorporated into your training following the study.


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