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February 22/12 12:57 pm - Registration Opens for Tour of British Columbia

Posted by Editoress on 02/22/12

Ultraletic Sports Ltd. is pleased to announce that rider registration now opens for 2012 and 2013 Tour of British Columbia and that the event will support the efforts of .

The Tour of British Columbia is a new ultra-distance, ultra-endurance bicycle race that starts and finishes in White Rock, BC. The race, which debuts August 5th, 2012, is open to anyone over the age of 21 who has the physical capacity and bike riding skills required to safely complete the 5,100 kilometre route and its 47,000 metres of climbing. Racers vie to achieve one of three levels of recognized accomplishment. Pre-registration is required.

Ultra-endurance cycling is a defined by “non-stop”. Events have one stage and each racer must decide how many hours a day they can race along the way. Soloists face the most demanding pace while relay-team riders share their “on-bike” time with all team racers.

The Tour of British Columbia is designed to challenge the world’s greatest riders and to provide a platform for those who seek to test themselves at a level that few ever even dare to attempt. The Tour of British Columbia allows people to discover just exactly how far they can go. For more information please visit:

It’s world class: Along their journey riders will encounter ever evolving landscapes, including the Canadian Rockies, the Alaskan Highway, the vineyards and lakes of the Okanagan Valley, World Heritage Sites and National Parks, Banff and Jasper, the Columbia Icefields and British Columbia’s spectacular and rarely experienced remote north. Riders will travel past glaciers, through rain-forests while observing an abundant wildlife population that includes high-alpine mountain goats, bears, bison, eagles and more than a few hundred different species of animals and birds. For more information please visit:

It’s tough: At an approximate distance of 5,100 kilometres it is currently the longest ultra-endurance race on earth. The total amount of climbing is roughly equal to five times that of Mt. Everest. There is no drafting, scheduled stages, rests or breaks, the official timer runs from start-to-finish, non-stop. For more information visit:

Cost of Participation: With an event of this nature participants will need to travel to and from the start/finish line from varying locations around the world. By having a route that returns to the starting point participants can save money by renting event vehicles and returning them to original point of rental, saving money on “on-way rentals”. Additionally, there are two international airports within 50 kilometres of White Rock, BC - on the Canadian side there is Vancouver International and on the American side of border there is the Bellingham International Airport. This is both convenient and cost savings as participants can book round trip airfare to and from a single location.

Ultraletic Sports, the operators of the Tour of British Columbia, believe that such an event that spans such a vast distance and travels through so many Canadian communities not only presents an opportunity to help a charity increase awareness of its agenda, but also a has responsibility to do so. After careful consideration of so many credible and worthwhile charities was selected because of its agenda and its synergy with ultra-endurance cycling. is a Canadian organization headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, whose bold “in-your-face” campaigns reach out across North America [and] are far more than a promotional stunt; a social media-powered movement that aims to educate people on the crucial early warning signs of cancer. strives to inspire Generation Y to share this message with loved ones. Their mission is to equip every member of this influential generation with one critical piece of information: 90% of all cancers are curable if detected in stage one. Beyond this message they provide the educational resources and communication tools necessary to support someone through their journey with Cancer. F* Cancer is not just another feel-good movement. It is a campaign with tangible goals. By promoting early detection and self-awareness, and it is changing the way cancer is understood by regular people.

The Tour of British Columbia is actively seeking riders, event volunteers, sponsors and suppliers. Interested parties should visit or contact us via email or telephone.

Perry Stone
Ultraletic Sports Ltd.
Phone: 778-292-7525


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