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April 23/12 14:57 pm - Sunny King Criterium results, Ewart 4th

Posted by Editoress on 04/23/12

Results from the Sunny King Criterium held in Anniston, AL on Saturday April 21st.


Canada's Annie Ewart (Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies) just missed the podium, getting pipped at the line by Laura Van Gilder.


Pro/1/2 Women
1 Erica Allar (USA)
2 Jade Wilcoxson (USA) Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies
3 Laura Van Gilder (USA) Mellow Mushroom
4 Annie Ewart (Can) Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies
5 Emma Grant(GBr) Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies
6 Sarah Fader (USA) Pepper Palace/spintech Training
7 Courteney Lowe (USA) Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies
8 Lex Albrecht (Can) Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies
9 Cheryl Fuller Muller (USA) (USA) Louis Garneau Factory Team
10 Anna Barensfeld (USA) Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies
11 Hanan Alves-Hyde (USA)
12 Meghan Korol (USA) Pepper Palace-Spin-Tech Training
13 Ann Koehler (USA) Moody Evergreen
14 Christina Gokey-Smith (USA) (USA) ow And Novartis For Ms
15 Hannah Miller (USA) Pain Pathways
16 Amy Phillips (USA) Mystique
17 Marianne Holt (USA) Pain Pathways
18 Ashley James (USA) Now And Novartis For Ms
19 Rebecca Larson (USA) Team Type 1-Sanofi
20 Debbie Milne (USA) Absolute Racing/ Msmoc
21 Katherine Williams (USA) Team Belladium
22 Kathryn Clark (USA) Team Kenda-Geargrinder
23 Colleen Paine (USA) Team Kenda-Geargrinder
24 Jennifer Schuble (USA) US Paralympics
25 Lauren de Crescenzo (USA) Team Kenda-Geargrinder
26 Addyson ‘addy’ Albershardt (USA) Now And Novartis For Ms
27 Shannon Parrish (USA) Team Kenda-Geargrinder
28 Beth Hollingsworth (USA) Velocity Pro Cycle-Tuscaloosa

Pro/1 Men
1 Issac Howe (USA) Kenda-5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling
2 Carlos Alzate (USA) Team Exergy
3 Kyle Wamsley (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home
4 Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling
5 Luke Keough (USA) Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop
6 Demis Aleman (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home
7 Alexey Shmidt (USA) Team Type 1 Devo
8 Frank Travieso (USA) Team Cocos
9 Daniel Holt (USA) Team Type 1 Devo
10 Oscar Clark (USA) United Healthcare Of Georgia
11 Colin Jaskiewicz (USA) Champion System b Stan’s No T
12 Brendan Cornett (USA) Locos
13 Chris Brown (USA) Litespeed-Bmw
14 Cesar Grajales (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team
15 David Lozano (Esp) Team Type 1 Devo
16 Josh Thornton (USA) Zmotion
17 Ben Day (USA) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Te
18 Christian Parrett (USA) Athletix Benefitting Globalbike
19 Emile Abraham (USA) Rossetti Devo Cycling Team
20 Thomas Brown (USA) Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop
21 Travis Livermon (USA) Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop
22 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Rossetti Devo Cycling Team
23 Jeff Louder (USA) Unitedhealthcare
24 Adam Myerson (USA) Team Mountain Khakis-SmartStop
25 Chad Hartley (USA) Kenda-5-hour Energy
26 Brian Toone (USA) Tria Cycling b
27 David Cueli (USA) Team Cocos
28 Nick Inabinet (USA) Astellas Oncology b Abd
29 John Simes (USA) Jamis-Sutter Home
30 Chris Barton (USA) Bissell Pro Cycling
31 Michael Olheiser (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team
32 Luca Damiani (USA) Kenda-5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling
33 Thomas Rabou (USA) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team
34 Dan Harm (USA) Astellas Oncology b Abd
35 Serghei Tvetcov (USA) Team Exergy
36 Kevin Mullervy (USA) Team Exergy
37 Andrew Crater (USA) Cleveland Clinic Sports Health
38 Conor Mullervy (USA) Team Exergy
39 John Murphy (USA) Kenda-5-hour Energy
40 Patrick Allison (USA) Tria Cycling b Donohoo Auto
41 Andres Faustino Alzate (Col) Team Exergy
42 Jose Frank Rodriguez (Dom) Team Cocos


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