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June 16/12 8:47 am - Banff National Park Bike Fest: Stage 1 report and results

Posted by Editoress on 06/16/12

Banff National Park Bike Fest Lake Louise 1A Road Race

Just past the 5km mark, as Mulder got in front again for a massive pull and a CP train powered North along the tracks below, another grizzly bear appeared on the road ahead. The pack was slowed until the lumbering beast made it off the road, then it was race on, again.
With many small attacks proving futile, it wasn't until the 23-km mark when Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road Works), got off the front and put a 32-second gap ahead of the peloton. Just as this was going on, another black bear appeared off to the side of the road while two large elk were foraging in the grasslands beyond. Another rider bridged to join Jendzjowsky in what was to prove to be an unsuccessful break.

Once past the turn-around, the leaders were caught on an up-hill climb and with 30km to go, the group was all together.

At the 62km mark things started to heat up again. Two more black bears were spotted by the tracks near the road, which kept the caravan drivers on alert to stop the riders if need be.

Once past this point, it was the local boy's in yellow, the Rundell Mountain Cycling Club, who had several numbers up front and was able to take control of this race to the end. And in the end, it was their rider, Sean Crooks, who took the sprint finish for the victory followed by Aaron Schooler (Team HR Block) and Shawn Bunnin (Top Gear - ROAD) rounding out the top three.

"We got serious and established a well organized team this year," commented a stoked Crooks, "We planned our lead-out during our pre-race meeting and today it worked to perfection. We rode a great race today."

Crook's victory was enough to put him in the leaders jersey heading into tomorrow's Stage 3 Time Trial.

In the Open Women's race, it was Pepper Harlton (Pedalhead Road Works) who won the sprint and took the stage victory. In doing so Harlton also padded her lead in the overall standings. Shoshauna Laxson (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes) came second while independent rider Kirsti Lay finished third.

This was the first year that the Cat 3 Men were able to race the Lake Louise Road Race, and the 100+ riders put on a great show on this scenic stretch of highway. The pack stayed mainly together and in the sprint for victory it was again taken by the Canmore based Rundell Mountain Cycling Club's Anthony Killick while teammate Robin Clegg remains in the overall leader's jersey.

Holding a race in a National Park like Banff presents its own challenges, wildlife encounters being one of them. Stuart Back, Director, In Resort Services for Banff Lake Louise Tourism commented that, "Today's seven bear sightings, including three grizzlies and four blacks, was quite unique. We often get wildlife sightings, but usually not that many concentrated in one area at the same time. This is just another aspect which makes hosting a bike race in a National Park special."

Results from the Lake Louise Road Race, June 15th

Open Women, 81 km
1 Pepper Harlton (Pedalhead Road Works) 2:10:54
2 Shoshauna Laxson (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
3 Kirsti Lay (Independent)
4 Kristine Brynjolfson (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
5 Seabird Urtasun (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team)
6 Chantell Widney (Pedalhead Road Works)
7 Naomi Cooper (Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes)
8 Lindsay Aspen (BCW/Northern Bush Rastas)
9 Brenda Seasons (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team)
10 Christina Smith (Bicisport)
11 Adrienne Dunbar (BCW/Horizon/isupportlocalbikeshops)
12 Jennifer Joss (Speed Theory Cycling)
13 Terra Manca (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
14 Tara Kabatoff (Rebound)
15 Brittany Webster (Top Gear-ROAD)
16 Kinley Gibson (Pedalhead Road Works)
17 Suzanne Hamilton (Independent) all s.t.
18 Sheila Summers (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team) 0:09
19 Kristin Baker (Pedalhead Road Works)
20 Annett Kamenz (Pedalhead Road Works)
21 Evangeline Fletcher (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
22 Margie Smith (Independant) all s.t.
23 Carli Tyson (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team) 0:13
24 Jennifer Mansell (Speed Theory Cycling) 0:20
25 Emma Bandol (Regina Cycle Club/OffRoad Synd) s.t.
26 Shantel Koenig (Pedalhead Road Works) 0:23
27 Isabel Ostrom (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team) 0:37
28 Sherri MacDonald (Aerobic Power Haus) 1:32
29 Tanya Hopping (Aerobic Power Haus) 1:35
30 Pam Hauck (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team) 2:51
31 Lesley Matthews (Speed Theory Cycling) 3:21
32 Kendra Fergusson (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team) 3:41
33 Jill Sagan (Lamprey Systems) 27:09
34 Alex Kotyk (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 27:11
Cat 1/2 Men, 81 km
1 Sean Crooks (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 1:53:06
2 Aaron Schooler (Team H&R BLOCK)
3 Shawn Bunnin (Top Gear-ROAD)
4 David Gonda (
5 Jeff Werner (Garneau Evolution)
6 Mark McConnell (Synergy Racing)
7 Erik Mulder (Garneau Evolution)
8 Manuel Fehlmann (
9 Trevor Gunderson (Pedalhead Road Works)
10 Warren Muir (Top Gear-ROAD)
11 Seth Cowie (
12 Nathan Underwood (isupportlocalbikeshops Cycling)
13 Dan McDonald (
14 Gord Jewett (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
15 Trev Williams (Speed Theory Cycling)
16 Ian Auld (Soul Sportif)
17 David Gerth (Garneau Evolution)
18 Jared Green (Speed Theory Cycling)
19 Kris Dahl (Team H&R BLOCK)
20 Micheal van den Ham (
21 Clayton Meisner (
22 Mike Rothengatter (Garneau Evolution)
23 Noah Bloom (Garneau Evolution)
24 Scott Inman (Garneau Evolution) all s.t.
25 Graham Rudge (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 0:05
26 Matthew Jeffries (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
27 Jason Proche (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
28 Stephen Mundy (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
29 Chris Mcgarity (isupportlocalbikeshops Cycling)
30 Mackenzie Garvin (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle)
31 Chris McNeil (Soul Sportif)
32 Willy Gonzalez (Top Gear-ROAD)
33 Josh Krabbe (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
34 Alyosha Boldt (isupportlocalbikeshops Cycling)
35 Scott Manktelow (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
36 Dan Wood (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
37 Shaun Adamson (Velocity Cycling Club)
38 Cuylar Conly (isupportlocalbikeshops Cycling)
39 Jevon Almond (Aerobic Power Haus)
40 Charles Bougie (Speed Theory Cycling) all s.t.
41 Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road Works) 0:11
42 Blaine Richter (Edmonton Road and Track Club) s.t.
43 Frank Woolstencroft (Speed Theory Cycling) 0:13
44 Darren Anderson (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 0:15
45 Thomas Yip (Speed Theory Cycling) 0:16
46 Carson Bannon (Top Gear-ROAD) s.t.
47 Craig Jones (Team H&R BLOCK) 0:18
48 Jesse James Collins (Synergy Racing) s.t.
49 Harley Borlee (Speed Theory Cycling) 0:21
50 Barret Dunbar (isupportlocalbikeshops Cycling) s.t.
51 Brad Kerr (isupportlocalbikeshops Cycling) 0:24
52 Dennis Bland (Speed Theory Cycling) 0:28
53 Eric Jensen (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 0:31
54 Bill Quinney (Top Gear-ROAD) 0:34
55 Jon Wood (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 0:52
56 Keith Batstone (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:06
Cat 3/4 Men, 81 km
1 Anthony Killick (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 1:56:45
2 Robin Clegg (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
3 Eric Johnstone (Synergy Racing) both s.t.
4 Samuel Ratzke (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle) 0:03
5 Scott Peever (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
6 Jason Myslicki (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
7 Aaron Sands (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
8 Kevin Stafford (Juventus)
9 Chris Hooper (Speed Theory Cycling)
10 Mark Jessee (Team Niklas)
11 Brent Bittner (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
12 Robert Welch (Team Niklas)
13 Brett Person (Team Niklas)
14 Jeff Perron (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
15 Brody Loster (Team Niklas)
16 David Strasser (Russ Hay Racing Club)
17 Patrick Walsh (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
18 Zach Heskett (Montana State University-BOZEMA)
19 Justin Masse (SteepCity Squad)
20 Paul Martin (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle)
21 Robert Starkey (Team Niklas)
22 Shawn Bond (Top Gear-ROAD)
23 Robert Brandrick (Independent)
24 Michael Waldhuber (Speed Theory Cycling)
25 Jay Shockey (Top Gear-ROAD)
26 Peter Swart (Bicisport)
27 Matthew Joss (Speed Theory Cycling)
28 Rob Reid (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
29 Clinton Bialas (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
30 Dalton Fayad (Regina Cycle Club/OffRoad Synd)
31 Don King (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle)
32 Evan Bayer (Aerobic Power Haus)
33 Tyson Smith (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
34 Bryon Howard (Team Niklas)
35 Tanner Broadbent (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
36 Matthew Bennett (Pedalhead Road Works)
37 Pedro Peralta Elgueta (Regina Cycle Club/OffRoad Synd)
38 Stuart Smith (Revelstoke Cycling Association)
39 Cody Godlonton (Team Niklas)
40 Thomas Auer (Top Gear-ROAD)
41 Greg Nicholson (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
42 John Rilett (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team)
43 Derek Jobson (Speed Theory Cycling)
44 James Kendal (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
45 Marty Heck (
46 Cory Dickinson (United Cycle)
47 Brian Green (Team Niklas)
48 Craig Fraser (Top Gear-ROAD)
49 Chris Taylor (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
50 Joel Goralski (Team Niklas)
51 David C Watson (Velocity Cycling Club)
52 Scott MacKenzie (Juventus)
53 Masa Higuchi (Bicisport)
54 Nicolas Andrichuk (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle)
55 Mark Franklin (Top Gear-ROAD)
56 Craig DeBellefeuille (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle) all s.t.
57 Greg Dycke (Bicisport) 0:25
58 Kevin Coghlan (Velocity Cycling Club) 0:29
59 Ryan Barr (Team Niklas) s.t.
60 Sean Sinclair (Top Gear-ROAD) 0:31
61 Stephen Paiano (Pedalhead Road Works) 0:34
62 Josh Kropf (MJ Pavers/isupportlocalbikeshops)
63 Lukas Conly (NRB/Horizon/Cycedelia) both s.t.
64 Stacey Mateika (Central Alberta Bicycle Club) 0:40
65 Conrad Winters (Ballistic Velo Racing) 0:43
66 Douglas Hallett (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 0:48
67 Mark Cliffe-Phillips (Pedalhead Road Works) s.t.
68 Matt Wheatley (Juventus) 0:53
69 Kirk Loberg (TCR Sport Lab-TXR Team) 3:12
70 Connor Wilson (Juventus) 3:37
71 Eric Wong (Bicisport) 3:39
72 Jason Yanota (Independent) 6:03
73 Peter Doig (Speed Theory Cycling) 7:58
74 Ed Garvin (Cyclemeister/Bow Cycle) 9:00
75 Ryan Robinson (Top Gear-ROAD) 9:12
76 Dave Jaeger (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 9:46
77 Dave Holmes (Speed Theory Cycling) 10:29
78 David Johnston (United Cycle) 14:21
79 Mike Corno (Independent) 15:44
80 Jalen Kropf (MJ Pavers/isupportlocalbikeshops) 38:37


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