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June 30/12 16:52 pm - Windham World Cup: U23 and Junior Women's XC Updates

Posted by Editoress on 06/30/12

The U23 and Junior Women's races will be the final events of the day.


The U23 women will do 4 laps and the Junior Women 3


Both will start in downtown Windham, ride ~ 1 km on pavement, befoer hitting the gravel on the actual course.  This makes lap 1 longer and the first climb a very long one.


U23 Women


Lap 1

At the end of the first full lap, Jolanda Neff (Wheeler - IXS Team) is leading  Barbara Benko (Focus MIG Team)  by 9 seconds .  Candice Neethling 3rd at 34 seconds. Rebecca Henderson  4th at 37 sec and Samara Sheppard (Wheeler - IXS Team) 5th at 38 sec

Andréanne Pichette (OPUS/OGC) 7th at 1:32 back

Haley Smith (Norco Evolution) 8th at 1:43 and Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada) 9th at 2:04


Lap 2


At the end of the 2nd lap, Neff leading Henderson at 30 sec.  Neethling 3rd at 1:04, Benk 5th at 1:18

Pichette 7th at 3:39, Smith 8th, Valerie Meunier  9th and Brooks 10th

Lap 3

end of lap: Neff leading Henderson by 53 sec.  Neethling solid in 3rd. Benko 4th at 3:24

Pichette 7th, Brooks 8th, Smith 9th and Meunier 10th



1 Jolanda Neff (Sui) Wheeler - IXS Team, 1:23:03

2 Rebecca Henderson (Aus), at 1:24

3 Candice Neethling (RSA), 2:49






Junior Women

Lap 1

No surprise, Frederique Trudel (Team Canada) is leading at the end of hte first of 3 laps.  Kate Courtney (USA) 2nd at 1 sec, Grace Alexander (USA) 3rd at 3 sec.  Trudel won at MSA and also won Windham in 2011

Rachel Pageau (Team Canada) is 10th, Frédérique Larose-Gingras (Team Canada) 12th and Gabrielle April (Team Canada) 14th


Lap 2

Courtney has taken over teh lead with Trudel and Grace at 27 sec.  Amber Johnston (New-Zealand) 4th at 1:07 and Shayna Powless (USA)  at 1:28



1 Kate Courtney (USA) United States of America, 1:06:48

2 Frederique Trudel (Can) Team Canada, at 1:25

3 Amber Johnston (NZl) New-Zealand, 1:27


8 Rachel Pageau (Can) Team Canada

12 Frédérique Larose-Gingras (Can) Team Canada
13 Gabrielle April (Can) Team Canada





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