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July 31/12 21:51 pm - Panorama Canada Cup DH Final, report and results

Posted by Editoress on 07/31/12

Mad Trapper Canada Cup & BC Cup success at Panorama

Mountain bike race hosts over 200 riders

Panorama Mountain Village is delighted with the outcome of this past weekend’s Mad Trapper downhill mountain bike race. The race weekend was made up of both BC Cup and Canada Cup level races.

The Canada Cup race marked the final in the series which added pressure to the riders to perform, as they were competing for individual race results and for overall series standings.

Two hundred and twelve riders representing six provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland) and two states (Washington and Colorado) participated in the race. Many of these riders travelled with their own technical support teams as well as families and friends who cheered them on though the challenges of the course.

Reaching speeds of over 60kph (37mph) racers descended 380m (1,246ft) while navigating berms, treed sections and rugged terrain. Racers, in 27 categories, all ran the same course down the trails Insanity and Quadzilla.

Mark Wallace of Duncan, BC had the overall fastest time of the weekend finishing the course in an astounding 03:15.16 giving him the win for his category (Junior Expert Men 17-18) and resulting in him taking the overall top podium spot in the Canada Cup Race series for men.

Danice Uyesugi of North Vancouver, BC posted the fasted time for the women at 3:51.43 securing her position as the overall Canada Cup Race series winner for women.

The Panorama Bike Park will be open for another month of operation with its closing day scheduled for September 2, 2012.

Report by Jamie Hurschler



Elite Women
1 Danice Uyesugi (BC) CCN/Intense 3:51.43
2 Kristen Courtney (ON) AdrenalineRacer/ToWheels 3:53.73
3 Miranda Miller (BC) SRAM/Santa Cruz 3:53.75
4 Vaea Verbeeck (QC) Intense/Fox Racing Shox 3:59.71
5 Jaime Hill (BC) CCN/Troy Lee Designs/Santa Cruz Bicycles 3:59.90
6 Jaime Rees (WA) The Bike Hub/Loeka 4:06.47
7 Katherine Short (BC) Smash and Shorty Cove Bikes 4:11.86
8 Lindsay Trimble (BC) Bryson Racing Clan, Rocky Mountain Bicycles 4:19.48
Elite Men
1 Remi Gauvin (BC) PerformX Young Guns
2 Adriano Digiacinto (BC) Bryson Racing Clan 3:22.35
3 Dean Tennant (BC) Dunbar/Transition 3:22.98
4 Jamie Biluk (BC) Rocky Mounain Bicycles/ Bond Training 3:23.22
5 Jeffery Bryson (BC) Bryson Racing Clan 3:25.14
6 Bryden Rigets (BC) CCN/Intense 3:25.27
7 Robert Venables (BC) DUNBAR CYCLES 3:25.98
8 Ken Faubert (BC) Dunbar Cycles 3:26.78
9 Matt Nielsen (ON) Rocky Mountain Bicycles 3:26.87
10 Lachlan McKillop (NS) Renegade Racing, Trek Bikes 3:29.94
11 Kirk McDowall (BC) 3:30.22
12 Anthony Evans (BC) 3:30.81
13 Spencer Graf (BC) DeathGrip racing 3:32.27
14 Regan Hogelie (BC) Death Grip Racing 3:32.63
15 Ryan Schepf (BC) DeathGrip racing 3:33.29
16 Cody Ratte (AB) Bryson Racing Clan 3:33.39
17 Daniel Banks (AB) Xpress Racing 3:33.69
18 Chris Barlin (NS) Renegade Racing, Trek Bikes 3:34.25
19 Ben Porteous (BC) Dunnbar Cycle 3:34.77
20 Mike Trickett (NL) Free Ride Mountain Sport 3:36.33
21 Dexter Robson (BC) Intense Cycles Experience Cycling Club 3:37.31
22 Braeden Onciul (AB) XPress Racing 3:38.23
23 Jonathan Widen (CA) Troy Lee Designs / Five Ten 3:41.19
24 Jordan Bromley (BC) 3:42.03
25 Jake Grob (WA) 3:42.97
26 Justin Dale (BC) Dunbar Cycles 3:51.08
DNF Riley Suhan (BC) Specialized/Derailed
Junior Expert Women
1 Diane McCullagh (ON) Spider Riders DH 5:24.38
Junior Men
1 Mark Wallace (BC) Devinci Experience Cycling club 3:15.16
2 Forrest Riesco (BC) Cycling BC 3:20.61
3 McKay Vezina (AL) Newbury Park Bike Shop 3:21.88
4 Nicholas Geddes (BC) Norco Factory Team/Cycling BC/C4 3:22.54
5 Alexander Geddes (BC) C4 Racing/POC/Cycling BC 3:24.25
6 Lee Jackson (BC) C4 Cycling Club 3:24.86
7 Stuart Dickson (BC) 3:26.68
8 Jordan Hodder (NL) SPS & Freeride 3:31.71
9 Bas Van Steenbergen (BC) Transition, Deity, Profile, Cyclepath 3:33.33
10 Branden Ostoforoff (BC) Spoke N Motion 3:34.51
11 Grant Lestoke-Kay (BC) 3:35.28
12 Cameron Starcheski (AB) Xpress Racing 3:41.18
13 David Tronnes (AB) 3:43.05
14 Andre Volard (BC) Teck Coal/ Fernie Alpine Resort/ Favorite Cycl 3:43.25
15 Benjamin Yeager (BC) Prince George Cycling Club/RUCKUS/Omen Ap 3:43.79
16 Neil McGinnis (AB) 3:52.22
17 Philippe Ricard (QC) 3:52.35
18 Nick Chappell-Moss (BC) Cycling BC 3:55.40
19 Trevor LeBlanc (AB) Xpress Racing 3:57.87
DNF Jayson Giorio (BC) DeathGrip racing

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