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August 9/12 19:15 pm - Olympic Team Raises Funds for Cycling

Posted by Editoress on 08/9/12

The different Canadian Cycling teams will be raising money for all competitive cyclists as they pedal to the medal at international cycling races across the World in 2012.

Each Canadian cycling team - Road, BMX, Mountain Biking and Track - has set up its own “Giving Group” on a new online charitable platform called Chimp. And within each of these Giving Groups, the teams are asking friends, family, fans and bike enthusiasts to join. Group members can leave comments for the team’s cyclists, and they can donate as well. All the money raised in the groups will be given to Cycling Canada.

“I wouldn’t be competing in the Olympics if it weren’t for the support of the Cycling Canada. So I’m glad I have this kind of platform to give back. I hope people join and support the BMX Giving Group, so the Cycling Canada can in turn support other BMXers,” said BMX rider Tory Nyhaug, ranked fifth in the World as he prepared for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Greg Mathieu, Chief Executive Officer of Cycling Canada: “We couldn’t be more proud of our athletes. Not only of the caliber of athleticism they hold, but also the strength of character they each have. They all want to support the cycling community as much as it has supported them. Their success helps build the sport of cycling in so many ways.”

There’s an added bonus: Every dollar given to the teams’ Giving Groups will be matched by North Vancouver’s John Henry Bikes. “We really want to help youth discover the sport, and the best way to do that is to support the sport – support Cycling Canada. We also want to reward and recognize those who are representing our sport and our country on the world stage,” says John Henry Bikes CEO Willie Cromack.

For more information and links to each group:


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