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August 11/12 8:40 am - Confirmation of Emily Batty's injury going into Olympic MTB

Posted by Editoress on 08/11/12

On Tuesday August 7th, Canadian Mountain Biker Emily Batty fell during training. She was then transported to the official Polyclinic of the Olympic village in London, UK. She then went through medical tests including  X-Ray, with the results showing a fracture in her right clavicle.
At the polyclinic, Batty was evaluated by a team of collaborating experts, led by Dr. Bruce Davidson. After a series and Strength and Conditioning as well as Range In Motion tests which she successfully passed, Emily was then given the option to compete. After two days of testing on the course and extensive physical therapy from Cycling Canada Physiotherapist Tara Baker, Emily Batty then made the decision to race the Women’s Olympic Mountain Bike event.
On Wednesday August 8th, she did not ride her bike on the course, but instead worked on conditioning.
On Thursday August 9th, Emily rode her bike on the course for the first time since the crash. She informed the coaching and managing staff that she felt little pain, and at that point she made the decision to stay on the start list for the Olympic Mountain bike race.
Cycling Canada deployed all efforts necessary to support Emily. She was evaluated by two Canadian doctors,  and was treated by Cycling Canada physiotherapist Tara Baker.
We are very impressed by Emily’s work ethic, her determination and her fight to represent her country at the highest sporting stage, the Olympic Games. She’s has always been a fierce competitor, and her feat of completing the Olympic race is a testament to that determination.


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