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August 27/12 13:23 pm - Impact-Alert Helmet Sensor

Posted by Editor on 08/27/12

This is one of those extremely simple but incredibly important ideas that has been long overdue for the cycling market.  Essentially, it is a small stick-on unit for the helmet with two sensors.  If the helmet suffers an impact either one or both of the sensors will turn red, and the rider should be monitored for symptoms of concussion or injury.  If both sensors turn red then the helmet should be replaced.


Top right - sensor has 'fired',

Bottom right: intact sensor and packaging



This Canadian company started out making sensors for sports such as football and hockey, but launched a sport-specific cycling version this year.  The weight is negligible - just a few grams - and it can be attached in seconds.  After that, all you have to do is check it regularly, especially following any impact.  The Impact-Alert sensor is supplied with a Pocket SCAT2-inspired information tag (Sport Concussion Assessment Tool).

Available in stores and online, with a suggested retail price of $39.99 .  This is one add-on everyone should get.


right : close up of a red sensor that has been dropped


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