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September 8/12 4:53 am - MTB World Championships: Women's XC LIVE UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/8/12

The women are on course for a start loop plus six laps of the 4.5 km course


It is another beautiful sunny day


Start loop

The start loop is done and Olympic silver medalist Sabine Spitz is leading. Adelheid Morath (Germany) 2nd, Julie Bresset (France) 3rd

Catharine Pendrel (Canada) 18th, Emily Batty (Canada) 20th

The in the forest sections that are still quiite slippery after heavy rains early in the week.  LOTS of riders are crashing especially with the 'compact' pack of the early lap.  And many riders have selected tires for the drier faster parts of the track


5:18 am  Partway around the first lap

Julie Bresset (France) now leading with Eva Lechner (Italy) at 5 sec. Sabine Spitz (Germany) 3rd at 9 sec, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway) 4th

Georgia Gould (USA)  7th


Lechner has gone down hard on the rock drop


Lap 2

5:25 am

Heading out onto the 2nd lap and Bresset is in control. Dahle Flesjaa in 2nd at 17 sec, Spitz 3rd at 20 sec, Gould 4th at 50 sec

Batty 15th at 1:23, Pendrel 16th at s.t.

Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) 36th, Sandra Walter (Canada) 37th, Amanda Sin (Canada) 40th


It appears Lechner has dropped out?


5:33 am

1/2 way through the2nd lap and Bresset has opened her gap to Spitz and Dahle Flesjaa to 30 sec

Katerina Nash (Czech Republic) 4th at 1:13, Gould 5th at 1:30


Pendrel 12th at 1:45

Batty 13th at 1:53


Lap 3

5:40 am

Heading out on to the 3rd lap

Bresset has 34 sec on chasers Spitz and Dahle Flesjaa.  Gould 4th at 1:32, Nash 5th at 1:33

Pendrel 12th at 2 min

Batty 14th at 2:09


Good turn out of spectators to cheer on the riders


Pendrel is working her way up through the field.. a bit.  She has passed Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation)


5:48 am

1/2 way round

Bresset goes through with 58 sec on Dahle Flesjaa with Gould now into 3rd at 1:50.

Spitz has dropped to 10th after a crash (went down with Dahle) and a run to tech zone.


Pendrel up to 6th at 2:14 back


Lap 4 

5:54 am

Starting the 4th lap and Bresset has 56 sec on Dahle.  Gould 3rd at 2:03, Esther Süss (Switzerland) 4th at 2:20

Pendrel in 5th now at 2:23


Batty still struggling 4 weeks after broken collarbone sitting 17th

Walter 34th, Sin 38th, Premont 39th

Premont has been really having difficulty in the technical sections


1/2 way 

6:01 am


Bresset continues to open the gap to 2nd place Dahle, now at 1min. Gould 3rd at 2:24, Suss 4th at 2:39, Pendrel 5th at 2:56

Adelheid Morath (Germany) 6th at s.t., Spitz 7th and Kalentieva 8th both at 3 min

Batty 16th


Lap 5  6:09 am

2 to go

Bresset starts the 5th lap with a 59 sec gap on Dahle. Gould 3rd at 2:34, Suss 4th at 2:47, Pendrel 5th at 3:03

Lea Davison (USA) 12th

Emily Batty 17th

Heather Irmiger (USA) 26th

Walter 33rd


1/2 way round

6:16 am

Bresset goes through with Dahle at 1:31, Gould 3rd at 2:52, Suss 4th at 3:22, Kalentieva 5th at 3:25.

Pendrel 11th at 3:52

Batty 17th


Lap 6

6:23 am

Starting the last lap

Bresset leads out on what is almost cerain to be for the  World Championship with 1:23 on Dahle

3 Gould at 2:56, 4 Suss 3:25, 5 Kalentieva 3:35. 

Pendrel 12th

Batty 18th


6:32 am

1/2 way through the final lap and Bresset looks relaxed as she heads toward her second goldmedal of hte year

Dahle at 1:38, 3rd Gould  3:01, 4th Suss at 3:30, 5th Kalentieva at 3:34


Lechner continued on after her earlier crash and has crashed again in a technical downhill section after fighting her way back up into 7th position


New rules state that riders who enter i the World Championship Eliminator (on Sunday) MUSt enter the cross country, so a high drop out rate today for a World Championship, that most riders want to at least finish





1 Julie Bresset (France) 1:32:25

2 Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway) at 1:47

3 Georgia Gould (USA)  3:12

4 Esther Süss (Switzerland) 3:22

5 Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation) 3:23


15 Catharine Pendrel (Canada), 4:51







Course Profile







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