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September 21/12 8:11 am - Road World Championships: Junior Women's Road Race UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 09/21/12

Today the only race being held in Limberg, Netherlands is the junior Women's  80.5 km road race, being held on a 16.1 km circuit. 

There are 81 entires, including 3 Canadians:  Ariane Bonhomme, Allyson Gillard and Audrey Labrie. Saskia Kowalchuk will not start after being dignaosed with a concussion after her crash at the start of the ITT on Tuesday.


The women will do 5 laps of the circuit.

Lap 1

A crash on the first first lap before first climb around the 7 km point. Approx. 15 riders are chasing back in small groups. All  Canadians are ok, Audrey Labrie is with the main bunch with Allyson Gillard at 24 sec and Ariane Bonhomme at 41 sec.  Looks like Addyson Albershardt (USA) also escaped the crash, but the other 3 US riders were caught in it and with Alexis Ryan at 1:29 and chasing,  Grace Alexander and Erin Donohue chasing at over 2 min back.


Lap 2

Halfway through the 2nd lap

Most of the riders caught up in the crash have now made it back in to the peloton.  The Canadians are all in the bunch, but the 3 Americans are still well off the back.  Ryan at 1:58, Alexander at 2:50 and Donohue at 3 min.


Lap 3


Setting out on the 3rd lap and the lead bunch is getting smaller.  Just 68 riders now in the group, with the Brits and the Dutch riders at the front.  Audrey Labrie is still, but Gillard is at 10 sec and Bonhomme is at 13 sec. US riders: Albershardt is still with the leaders but the other 3 Americans are well off the back, riding together at 3:19.


Lap 4

Leaders are on lap 4 of 5 now with the bunch now down to 53 riders. Alice Maria Arzuffi (Italy) lead the group out onto the 2nd last lap.  Labrie is off the back by 15 sec. Gillard and Bonhomme at 2:01.


US riders: Albershardt is still with the leaders. The other 3 Americans are well off the back, riding together at 4:50 back.


9:32 am ET

1/2 way through the 4th lap. Corine van der Zijden (Netherlands) at the front. Labrie is back in the bunch.  Gillard and Bonhomme at 3:39,

US riders: Albershardt is still with the leaders. The other 3 Americans are well off the back (5 min+), riding together.


Last lap  9:48 am

Break of 28 away with a gap of 5 second on a long line of chasers.  Katarzyna Niewiadoma (Poland), Sheyla Gutierrez Ruiz (Spain), Anna Zita Maria Stricker (Italy) leading

Albershardt at 5 sec, Labrie is at 32 sec








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