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October 31/12 9:52 am - Pumpkin Cross Report, Results and Photos (B.C.)

Posted by Editoress on 10/31/12

The sixth annual Pumpkin Cross cyclo-cross race presented by Local Ride Bike Shop haunted Maple Ridge on Sunday (October 28th), as over 150 cyclists took to their bikes on a fun and convoluted course at the North Alouette Greenway adjacent to the Maple Ridge Equi-Sports Centre.

“We had a fantastic turnout for our event,” said race organizer and Local Ride Bike Shop owner Barry Lyster. “So many people dressed up in creative costumes and a very large contingent of beginner and first-time racers showed up, which is exactly what we’re trying to achieve. We want people to realize bike racing is a blast.”

The racing was close and very exciting with leads changing numerous times across the categories. Despite torrential rain the day before the event, skies cleared on race morning and treated riders to a mild, albeit muddy, day.


Eite Men's leaders


Andrew Pinfold (Vancouver) snagged the win by a hair at the finish line in the elite men’s competition, just ahead of Kevin Noiles (Vancouver) of Sunday Best Racing. Kevin Calhoun (North Vancouver) of the Rocky Mountain Factory Team picked himself up and crossed the line in third place, after crashing on the barriers just before the finish as he was in second spot. Honourable Mention goes to Bob Welbourn (North Vancouver) of Sunday Best Racing, who finished a strong fourth. Normally Welbourn races in the masters category, but not only did he wear a racy costume, he also braved the elite category and out-rode a lot of young guns.

Leah Guloien (Port Moody) of the Colavita-ESPN team came from behind in the elite women’s race to swipe victory ahead of Jean Ann Berkenpas (Maple Ridge), who was flying the Secret Cycles banner. Sandra Walter (Coquitlam), racing for Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+ powered into third place.



Elite Women before the start


Kim Steed (North Vancouver) of Steed Cycles handily won the master 40+ men’s race, besting Rick Rodland (Langley) of Norco/Team Alliance and Cory Forrest (Vancouver), in second and third.  The intermediate men’s category was the biggest and saw Ben Schmidt (Abbotsford) ride away with the victory, ahead of second place Jason Rhodes (Vancouver) of Todds Racing and third place, Dave Collins (Vancouver).

Maple Ridge’s Maggie Coles-Lyster, 13, of the Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+ squad won the intermediate women’s race, besting Corinne Issel (White Rock). Aja Philip took the third podium spot.



The beginner men’s category saw lots of keeners in costume getting muddy and having fun on their bikes. Shawn Kingerlee took home the victory, followed by Andrew Appleton in second, and Brett Whitehead in third.

Fifteen beginner women pedaled, ran, and leapt along the track, with its many corners and obstacles. Susanne Nagy was the winner, beating second place, Emily Weekes, and third place, Karine Duval.

The U17 race saw Kian Zandi, 14, of Team Devo grab the top spot, while his teammate Quinn Storey finished second. Local brothers Noah and Caleb Dobie (Maple Ridge) of Ridge Meadows BMX pedaled into third and fourth spots, respectively. Allison Merke (Maple Ridge) and Kaelen Coles-Lyster (Maple Ridge) rolled across in fifth and sixth place.

The kid’s race saw about 20 enthusiastic children, most in costume, make their way around a special course.

Arguably the most competitive category of Pumpkin Cross was the costume contest. This year, favourites included an elaborate 80s prom queen, a flamboyant pig, Beauty and the Beast, Catwoman, and various other creatures from caterpillars to monsters. But it was the giant beer keg costume of Paul Craig’s (Pitt Meadows) that proved most popular and won him the adult costume prize. The best part was, Craig even contested the race while wearing the bulky getup. On the kid’s side, it was the little pink bunny suit worn by three-year-old Campbell Coles-Lyster (Maple Ridge) that was voted the winner.

Pumpkin Cross also supported the B.C. Cross Community Collective Effort to raise funds to ensure equal prize money for the top-15 men and women at the UCI cyclo-cross race in South Surrey on November 18th. Once that goal has been reached, any additional donations will go towards providing a prize purse at the Canadian Cyclo-cross Championships in South Surrey on November 17th. There is currently no prize purse being offered at the championships and many individuals in the B.C. cyclo-cross community believe there should be one. Riders and supporters of Pumpkin Cross donated over $300 to the cause on Sunday.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, participants, Giant Bicycle Canada, Cycles Lambert, Loudenterprise, District of Maple Ridge, Maple Ridge Equi-Sports Centre, and 360 Cycles for helping to make Pumpkin Cross such a howling success.



Photo gallery



Elite Women
1 Leah Goulien (Colavita-ESPN)
2 Jean Ann Berkenpas (Secret Cycles)
3 Sandra Walter (Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+)
4 Kelly Jones (Steed Cycles)
5 Cynthia Young (Independant)
6 Sarah Coney (Local Ride)
7 Jenny Lehmann (Independant)
8 Steph Roorda (Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+)
9 Kristine Brynjolfson (Trek Red Truck pb Mosaic Homes)
10 Laura Brown (Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+)

Intermediate Women
1 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+)
2 Corrinne Issel (Independant)
3 Aja Philip (Independant)
4 Tessa Pinckston (devo)
5 Marni Hambleton (Independant)
DNF Jeanine Ball (Local Ride Racing)
DNF Isabelle Deguise (Loudenterprise)
DNF Rachel Canning (Local Ride/Dr. Vie Superfoods+)
DNF Jennifer Gerth (Independant)

Beginner Women
1 Susanne Nagy (Independant)
2 Emily Weekes (Independant)
3 Karine Duval (Independant)
4 Kelsey MacDonald (Local Ride Racing)
5 Rosemary Gin (Independant)
6 Fiona Hodge (Independant)
7 Megan MacDonald (Local Ride Racing)
8 Glynis Webster (Independant)
9 Laurie Hardiy (Independant)
-1 lap Sue Weston (Local Ride Racing)
-1 lap Joanne kerr (Local Ride Racing)
-1 lap Gowa Kong (Independant)
-1 lap Christine Baron (Independant)
DNF Rozie Krupa (Independant)
DNF Beverly Coles (Independant)

U17 M/W
 Kian Zandy (Devo)
 Quin Storey (Devo)
 Noah Dobie (Ridge Meadows BMX)
 Caleb Dobie (Ridge Meadows BMX)
 Allison Merke (Independant)
 Kaelen Coles-Lyster (Local Ride/Dr Vie Superfoods+)

Elite Men
1 Andrew Pinfold (H&R Block)
2 Kevin Noiles (Sunday Best Racing)
3 Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)
4 Bob Welbourn (SBR)
5 Chris McNeil (Independant)
6 Sven Sturm (TREK RedMonsterRacing)
7 Matt Drown (Daryl-Evans Racing)
-1 lap Dan Gronross (Steed Cycles)
-1 lap Brett Wakefield (Local Ride Racing)
-1 lap Brandon Thomson (Speed Theory)
-1 lap Mike Berkenpas (Secret Cycles)
-1 lap Richard Machein (Local Ride Racing)
-1 lap Jeff Hanninen (Daryl-Evans Racing)
-1 lap Steve Devantier (Local Ride Racing)
-1 lap Bart Ludbrook (Independant)
-1 lap Douglas Ritchie (Independant)
DNF Jason Fluckiger (daryl-evans racing)
DNF Sherwood Plant (Independent)
DNF James Birkenbuel (Independant)
DNF Andrew Summer (Independant)
DNS Cyrus Kangarloo (Speed Theory)
DNS Scott McGregor (Steed Cycles)

Intermediate Men
1 Benjamin Schmidt (Independant)
2 Jason Rhodes (Todds Racing100946)
3 Dave Collins (Independant)
4 Paul Mc Carthy (Steed Cycles)
5 Darrin Grund (Escape Velocity)
6 Niels Steiner (West Coast Racing)
7 Michael McArthur (West Coast Racing)
8 Peter Wverr (Independant)
9 Mike Rauch (Independant)
10 David Stringer (West Coast Racing)
11 Drew Hemmingson (Independant)
12 Robert Smith (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
13 Chiron Kantakis (Independant)
14 Troy Neale (Independant)
15 Cameron Adam (Atomic Racing)
16 Brian Greening (West Coast Racing)
17 Tobin Copley (Escape Velocity / dEVo)
18 Brian Reguly (Independant)
19 Carsten Lapointe (Independant)
20 Brian Storey (Escape Velocity/dEVo)
21 Paul McCloskey (Independant)
22 Ashley Stotts (Mighty Riders / On The Rivet)
23 David Gilmour (Atomic Racing)
24 Galen Kehler (Phoenix Velo)
25 Ryan Jeans (Local Ride Racing)
26 Michael Parrish (Independant)
27 Jon Taylor (Daryl-Evans Racing)
28 Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing)
29 Brent Fahl (Delta Bike Co.)
30 Brian Gunn (Daryl-Evans Racing)
31 Matt Grossnickle (Obsession: Bikes)
-1 lap Geo Snelling (Independant)
-1 lap Dan Webster (Loudenterprise)
-1 lap Karl Bridge (Obsession bikes)
-1 lap Matt Smith (Obsession Bikes:)
-1 lap Steven Olsen (Independant)
-1 lap JP Baron (Independant)
-1 lap Peter Epp (Independant)
-1 lap John Coles (Independant)
DNF Paul Verlaan (Independant)
DNS Keith Kennedy (Independant)

Men 40+
1 Kim Steed (Steed Cycles)
2 Rick Rodland (Team Alliance/ Norco)
3 Cory Forrest (Independant)
4 David Kvick (Independant)
5 John Irvine (Independant)
6 Shawn Petterson (Independant)
7 Mike Murphy (Steed Cycles/Frontrunners)
8 Ray Lachance (West Coast Racing/RaceFace/Titus)
9 Bob Chew (Independant)
10 Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing)
11 Mark Oldenburg (VAN.S.S.)
12 Kalle Karu (Independant)
13 Richard Humphries (Independant)
14 Brian Griffin (Team Alliance)
15 John P. Stamp (Atomic Racing)
16 Michael Dolling (Daryl-Evans Racing)
17 Paul Beard (SpeedTheory)
-1 lap Jay Loder (Independant)
-1 lap Piers Cunnington (Fulgas)
-1 lap Nick Berry (Independant)
-1 lap Dane Usher (Independant)
-1 lap Scott Wotherspoon (Independant)
-2 laps Paul Craig (Local Ride Racing)
-2 laps Jeff Van Mulligen (ATOMIC RACING/ SPEED THEORY)
DNF Chris Wilberg (Red Truck Racing)
DNF Patrick Bechstead (Independant)

Beginner Men
1 Shawn Kingerlee (Independant)
2 Andrew Appleton (Independant)
3 Brett Whitehead (Independant)
4 Ronald Noa Kal (Independant)
5 Benoit Bohly (Independant)
6 Van Shih (Independant)
7 Matt Scott (Independant)
8 Kevin Woods (Steed Cycles)
9 #118
10 Mike Pearson (Coastal Race Team)
11 Kelly Barnes (Orange Sport Supply)
12 Dave Hodgson (Independant)
13 Brian Hunter (Independant)
14 Pete Whalen (Local Ride Racing)
15 Martin Richardson (Independant)
16 Sean Kerr (Giant Bicycle)
17 Andrew Hewat (Giant Bicycle)
-1 lap Greg Dehaan (Independant)
-1 lap Raphael Fang (Independant)


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