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November 4/12 19:23 pm - Ontario Provincial Cyclo-cross Championships results, photos and report

Posted by Editoress on 11/4/12

Julie Lafreniere and Andrew Watson won their respective elite titles at the 2012 Ontario Provincial Cyclocross championships, held at the Barrie Sports Complex in Midhurst.  Organized by the Barrie Cycling Club, the sixth annual Barrie Baseball 'Cross featured a mostly flat 3.5km course with long straightaways, a couple of barriers, a challenging set of stairs and, as an extra bonus, a good ol' mud pit.

Elite Women
Defending provincial champion Melissa Bunn (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) led the women off the line and down the long opening straight.  Joining her were Jamie Gilgen (Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville) and Lafreniere, riding her first race for new sponsor Xprezo-Borsao.  The trio wasted no time in distancing themselves from the remainder of the field.




Their speed was such that they soon ran into the tail end of the Master B Men's race, where Bunn fell back slightly. "I always start fast," explained the Ottawa-area hydrogeologist.  "We came into the back of the men and through that little muddy section I kind of dropped off."

Early in the second lap Lafreniere stepped on the accelerator and simply rode Gilgen off her wheel. "On the second lap, I was in a good position and it was "Go", " said Lafreniere.  Within a couple of laps her lead was 20 seconds, which she eventually stretched to more than 30 by the finish.  "It went really well", said the new champion, who resides in Oxford Station.  "It was very hard because the course is flat and a lot of power was needed."

Behind her it was still a battle for second, as Bunn was able to recover and claw her way back to Gilgen.  "I kept seeing Jamie in my sights which gave me some push to catch her.  After I caught my breath from the start I settled in and reeled her in."  Neither was able to shake the other, and it came down to a sprint.

Coming out of the final turn Gilgen was in the ideal position, but Bunn was able to hold her off to claim second.   "I was behind", related Gilgen, a self-employed software developer from Toronto.  "She actually kicked a little bit.  I was planning on going right then, but she kicked a little bit which kind of surprised me and I couldn't get around her."

Not until the awards ceremony did Bunn realize that she had actually won the sprint for second.  "I tried to sprint as hard as I could.  I didn't know who won until we got called up to the podium.  I couldn't get my chain into the big ring.  It was more cadence than power on that sprint."

Elite Men
Watson (Norco Factory) quickly surged to the front of the combined Senior and U23 men's field.  Joining him early on the opening lap were Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada), Peter Mancini (, Marco Li (Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose) and Tyson Wagler (Scott - 3Rox Racing).  By the end of lap one, however, the quintet had disintegrated as Watson and Bailey came through in the lead with a slight gap to Mancini, and Li and Wagler another 10 seconds back.




Hailing from nearby Craighurst, Watson was a definite crowd favourite, with enthusiastic calls of "Doctor" marking his progress around the course.  By the end of lap two he had a slight lead over Bailey, who not only closed it down by the start of the fourth lap, but blasted past the erstwhile leader to establish a gap of his own.  Although enrolled at McGill in Montreal, Bailey calls Barrie home and had plenty of support as he came through the half-race point with a seven-second lead.

Watson appeared to be in a spot of bother, but collected himself and regained Bailey's wheel by the sixth lap.  The leading pair rode together briefly, but Watson was soon on the gas again.  Bailey held him for a while, but eventually the elastic snapped and the Norco pro rider was on his way to the overall victory.

"Yeah it was a battle, for sure", admitted Watson. "We were never riding together a whole lot.  I was more attacking, Mitch was riding a steadier pace. I kind of cracked a little bit.  Mitch got a good gap on me, then I caught back up to him.  I'm not a crazy-good sprinter so I just tried to attack with about two laps to go.  I got a little bit of a gap and just held on to it.  I'd say we were pretty equal on this course.  He definitely had a bit more power on the flats.  Maybe in a few of the turns I was able to carry a little more speed, and through the barrier section."

"Yeah, that was definitely hard," agreed Bailey.  "I thought I had him at one point but ... nope.  It just kept going back and forth.  He had a lot more than me in the last few laps."

Bailey continues to train as much as possible while at school, and is contemplating attending the national championships.  For his part, Watson will take his undefeated 'cross record east to Ottawa next weekend for The Hammer and The Anvil, before heading west for the national championships.





While a lot of attention was directed at the two leaders, Mancini and Li were locked in a pursuit race for third overall.  For five laps the gap between the two remained around the 10-second mark, before Mancini was eventually able to get some breathing room.

"They were going at too hard of a pace," said Mancini of Watson and Bailey.  "I was looking  back at Marco and I figured he was far enough that I could just keep going, keep the hammer down and try to keep him away.  Near the end I think he messed up on a turn and that was it; I was home free."  He was also very appreciative of the course.  "It was awesome.  An excellent course.  There were some really good turns.  It was fast and there was a wicked hill with a run-up.  When I saw the run-up driving in I was really pumped up."

Junior Men
A small but elite field of Junior men was led off the start line by Adam Jamieson (Team CHCH).  Peter Disera (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's Cycling) quickly went to the front and opened a gap, which only William Elliot (Team BTG-Barrie Cycling) could close.  The two took turns attacking each other, but without success.  It eventually came down to a sprint, with Disera narrowly taking the win.  Jamieson rode in third for most of the opening half of the race, but was eventually caught and passed by Tyler Lee (St. Catharines Cycling)..

Master Women
Susan Croswell (First Capital Cycling) and Lori Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling Team) were the early pace setters in the Master Women's race.  Croswell surged ahead on the second lap to take the win over Kofman, with Carolyne Haill (Chain Reaction/Molson '67) finishing third.

Master Men
As befitting his status as national champion, Peter Mogg (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) led from start to finish to win the Master A race.  A ding-dong race-long scrap for second was won in a sprint by Tim Marshall (Morning Glory Cycling) ahead of Isaac Smith (Blacksmith Cycle).

Despite being the final Master B rider called to the line in the biggest field of the day, Andrew Croutch (The Hub Race Team) relied on determination and a bit of good luck to go from worst to first and take the victory.  Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions) and Rob Holmgren (Velocity Cycle & Ski) traded places throughout the race before Makarchuk prevailed in a sprint for second.

Bob Bergman (Canadian Cycling Magazine), Colin Funk (First Capital Cycling) and Robert Sule (Chain Reaction/Molson '67) were the class of the Master C race.  The trio quickly established an unassailable lead, staying together until the final lap when Sule powered ahead of Funk, with 2011 provincial champ Bergman taking the bronze.

The trip from Kingston proved fruitful for James Laird (First Capital Cycling) as he took the Master D championship over Jack Sasseville (Team Hardwood/Trek) and Francis Morrow (Independent)..

Report by Emil van Dijk


Photo Gallery


Beginner Men, 15 km (Average Speed 20.5 km/h)
1 Peter Demos (Muskoka Cycling - RMM.3) 0:43:52
2 Bradford Brock (Morning Glory - RMMB) at 2:25
3 Lionel Stanley (Independent - CME.4) 3:01
4 David Tompkins (Independent - CMMB) 3:26
5 Chris Raynor ( - CMMA) 3:43
6 Richard Thomas (Independent - CMMB) 4:19
7 Erick Begin (Midweek Cycling Club - CMMB) 4:49
8 Jonathan Bailey (Independent - CME.4) -1 Lap
9 Stephen Hart (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMMB) -1 Lap
10 Pedro Caraballo (Independent - CMMB) -1 Lap
11 Scott Packham (Team Silent Sports - CME.4) -1 Lap
Under 15 Men, 12 km (Average Speed 20.0 km/h)
1 G Graydon Staples (Independent - RMU15) 0:35:56
2 S Max Chalovich (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMU15) at 10:34
3 B Richard Elliott (Team BTG - CMU13) -1 Lap
Under 17 Women, 12 km (Average Speed 16.7 km/h)
1 G Farleigh Creswicke (Invita - FCV - CWU17) 0:43:01
2 S Samantha Fuller (Down To Earth - CWU15) at 0:23
3 B Charlotte Creswicke (Team Attack - CWU15) -2 Laps
Under 17 Men, 12 km (Average Speed 19.7 km/h)
1 G Caleb Shaver (Reactivated Racing - CMU17) 0:36:32
Master D Men, 12 km (Average Speed 21.3 km/h)
1 G James Laird (First Capital Cycling, Kingston - CMMD) 0:33:47
2 S Jack Sasseville (Team Hardwood/Trek - CMMD) at 1:43
3 B Francis Morrow (Independent - CMMD) 6:20
4 Ian Macqueen (Team Hardwood/Trek - CMMD) 7:34
Master C Men, 15 km (Average Speed 22.3 km/h)
1 G Robert Sule (Chain Reaction/Molson 67 - CMMC) 0:40:21
2 S Colin Funk (First Capital Cycling, Kingston - CMMC) at 0:05
3 B Bob Bergman (Canadian Cycling Magazine - CMMC) 0:10
4 Peter Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling Team - CMMC) 2:06
5 Emil Van Dijk (Independent - CMMC) 2:54
6 Martin Mueller (Impala Bicycles - CMMC) 3:42
7 Brien Ross (Total Sports The Bike Shop - CMMC) 4:05
8 Hugh Hill ( - CMMC) 4:09
9 Ron Spencer (Velocity Cycle And Ski - CMMC) 4:24
10 David Staples (Independent - CMMC) 4:28
11 Thomas Mackay (Independent - CMMC) 4:33
12 Chris Chambers (Morning Glory Cycling Club - CMMC) 4:53
13 Gilles Cordier (Kunstadt Sports Cycling - CMMC) 4:53
14 Robert Massicotte (Erace Cancer Cycling Team - CMMC) 5:46
15 Jean Michaud (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMMC) 6:44
16 John Bietola (Impala Bicycles - CMMC) 7:40
17 William Ross (Midweek Cycling Club - CMMC) 8:44
18 Don Gilroy (Beaches Cycling Club - CMMC) -1 Lap
19 William Packham (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMMC) -1 Lap
20 Michael Lo (Independent - CMMC.3) -1 Lap
21 Scott Wishart (Independent - CMMC) -1 Lap
22 Henry Au (Cmba - CMMC) -1 Lap
DNF Neil Armstrong (Team N/A - CMMC)
Master Women, 15 km (Average Speed 20.0 km/h)
1 G Susan Croswell (First Capital Cycling, Kingston - CWMB) 0:44:58
2 S Lori Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling Team - CWMB) at 0:57
3 B Carolyne Haill (Chain Reaction/Molson 67 - CWMB) 2:03
4 Sandra Deegan (Novofit - Compass 360 Racing - CWMB) 2:09
5 Kathleen Macewen (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CWMA) 2:09
6 Robyn Angeles (Independent - CWMB) 2:49
7 Nathalie Mousseau (Coachchris.Ca/Ted Velikonja - CWMB) 3:10
8 Leslie Greene (Chain Reaction/Molson 67 - CWMB) 3:56
Junior Men, 18 km (Average Speed 23.4 km/h)
1 G Peter Disera (Cycle Solutions/Angry Johnny's - CMJ) 0:46:12
2 S William Elliott (Team Btg - CMJ) at 0:01
3 B Tyler Lee (St. Catharines Cycling Club - CMJ) 1:00
4 Adam Jamieson (Team Chch - CMJ) 1:35
5 Connor Nevin (Aquila/Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes - CMJ) 5:12
Master B Men, 18 km (Average Speed 23.2 km/h)
1 G Andrew Croutch (The Hub Race Team - CMMB) 0:46:34
2 S Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions - CMMB) at 0:26
3 B Robert Holmgren (Velocity Cycle And Ski - CMMB) 0:27
4 Edgars Apse (Blacksmith Cycle - CMMB) 1:27
5 Jon Barnes (Trek Canada - CMMB) 1:41
6 Eric Jobin (Speed River Cc - CMMB) 2:01
7 Graham Tutti (Sound Solutions - RMMB) 2:11
8 Graham Jones (Primary Sweet Pete's - CMMB) 2:16
9 Scott Morrow (Morning Glory Cycling Club - CMMB) 2:17
10 Tom Nesbitt (Morning Glory Cycling Club - CMMB) 2:24
11 Greg Bishop (Peterborough Cycling Club - CMMB) 2:36
12 Stephane Deshaies (Team Ifg By Cyclelogik/Enduros - CMMB) 2:59
13 Robert Mann (Sound Solutions - CMMB) 3:07
14 William Mcilroy (First Capital Cycling, Kingston - CMMB) 3:17
15 William Fu (Pedal Performance Cycling Club - CMMB) 3:28
16 Joel Rose (The Hub Race Team - CMMB) 3:31
17 David Moore (Darkhorse Flyers - CMMB) 3:40
18 Chris White ( - CMMB) 3:40
19 Edmond Mellina (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMMB) 3:46
20 Stephane Marcotte (Independent - CMMB) 3:47
21 Corey Tkachuk (Morning Glory Cycling Club - CMMB) 3:54
22 Chris Firek (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Development - CMMB) 4:45
23 Paul Beit (Team Chch - CMMB) 4:58
24 Andrew Rucklidge (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Development - CMMB) 5:06
25 Glenn Cameron (Sound Solutions - CMMB) 5:14
26 Eric Sanders (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Development - CMMB) 5:26
27 James Cook (Canadian Cycling Magazine - CMMB) 6:03
28 Robert Givens (Chain Reaction/Molson 67 - CMMB) 6:21
29 Warren Blatt ( Norco - CMMB) 6:29
30 Chris Kiziak (Sound Solutions - CMMB) 6:31
31 Don Macphail (Novofit - Compass 360 Racing - CMMB) 7:12
32 Trevor Rickwood (Sudbury Cycling Club - CMMB) 7:37
33 Tim Lawson (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Development - CMMB) 7:54
34 Dave Swindells (Team Silent Sports - CMMB) 8:33
35 Sam Cohen (Canadian Cycling Magazine - CMMB) 8:44
36 Brian Rogers (Team Silent Sports - CMMB) -1 Lap
37 Jorge Cabezas (Darkhorse Flyers - CMMB) -1 Lap
DNF Kevin Higgins (Morning Glory Cycling Club - CMMB)
DNF David Krattili (Beaches Cycling Club (Bcc) - CMMB)
DNF William Logie (Cyclepath Oakville Race Team - CMMB)
DNF Stephen Heck (Trek Store Cycling Club - CMMB)
DNS Stephen Gregory (Independent - CMMB)
DNS Patrick Kings (Bmc Kamikaze Racing - CMMB.2)
Elite Women, 18 km (Average Speed 21.9 km/h)
1 G Julie Lafreniere (Xprezo-Borsao - CWE.1) 0:49:21
2 S Melissa Bunn (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery - CWE.1) at 0:32
3 B Jamie Gilgen (Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville - CWE.2) 0:33
4 Emily Flynn (Tommy And Lefebvre Cycling - CWE.2) 2:36
5 Haley Smith (Norco Evolution - CWE.2) 5:16
6 Katlyn Dundas (Trek Store Cycling Club - CWE.2) 8:24
7 Siobhan Kelly (Coachchris.Ca/Ted Velikonja - CWJ) 8:25
Master A Men, 24 km (Average Speed 23.7 km/h)
1 G Peter Mogg (Steven's Racing p/b The Cyclery - CMMA) 1:00:49
2 S Tim Marshall (Morning Glory Cycling Club - CMMA) at 0:51
3 B Isaac Smith (Blacksmith Cycle - CMMA) 0:52
4 Colin Busby (Chain Reaction/Molson 67 - CMMA) 3:16
5 Mark Brusso (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMMA) 4:20
6 Tristan Smit (Evolution Cycles - CMMA) 5:21
7 Kevin Tearle (Independent - CMMA) 5:24
8 Bob Tomsic ( Norco - CMMA) 6:25
9 Grahame Rivers (Darkhorse Flyers - CMMA) 7:22
10 Nathan Poulton (Independent - CMMA) -1 Lap
11 Christopher Bozek (Darkhorse Flyers - CMMA) -2 Laps
12 Matthew Pioro (Lapdogs Cycling Club - CMMA) -3 Laps
DNF Jeremy Cummins (Arrow Racing - CMMA)
Elite & U23 Men, 24 km (Average Speed 24.8 km/h)
1 Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team - CME.2) 0:58:02
2 Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada - CMU23.2) at 0:17
3 Peter Mancini ( - CME.2) 3:07
4 Marco Li (Garneau – Quebecor – Norton Rose - CME.1) 3:37
5 Jacques Cormier (Croix De Fer - RME.3) 4:16
6 Tyson Wagler (Scott - 3 Rox Racing - CMU23.2) 4:29
7 Alexander Gibson ( - CMU23.2) 5:12
8 John Stewart (Independent - CME.2) 5:23
9 Adam Poll (Waterloo Cycling Club - CME.3) 5:43
10 Alex Schmidt (Liberty! Bicycles - CMU23.2) 6:14
11 Niles Vaivars (Independent - CME.3) 6:32
12 Bayden Pritchard (Speed River Cc - CME.1) 6:45
13 Jeff Moote (Realdealracing/La Bicicletta - CME.2) -1 Lap
14 Alex Lefebvre (Ciclo Werks Ride Blue - CMU23.3) -1 Lap
15 Jason Massicotte (Independent - CMU23.2) -1 Lap
16 Bretton Matthews (Norco Evolution - CMU23.2) -1 Lap
17 Bretton Matthews (Norco Evolution - CMU23.2) -1 Lap
18 Scott Lynch (Two Wheel Racing - CMU23.3) -1 Lap
19 Scott Lynch (Two Wheel Racing - CMU23.3) -1 Lap
20 Chris Barson (Coachchris.Ca/Ted Velikonja - CME.3) -1 Lap
21 Jon Winfield (Norco Evolution - CME.3) -2 Laps
22 Francesco D`Elia (Independent - CME.3) -2 Laps
DNF Michael Aston (Adrenalineracer/Towheels - CME.2)
Under 23 Men, 24 km (Average Speed 24.7 km/h)
1 G Mitchell Bailey (Trek Canada - CMU23.2) 0:58:19
2 S Tyson Wagler (Scott - 3 Rox Racing - CMU23.2) at 4:12
3 B Alexander Gibson ( - CMU23.2) 4:55
4 Alex Schmidt (Liberty! Bicycles - CMU23.2) 5:57
5 Alex Lefebvre (Ciclo Werks Ride Blue - CMU23.3) -1 Lap
6 Jason Massicotte (Independent - CMU23.2) -1 Lap
7 Bretton Matthews (Norco Evolution - CMU23.2) -1 Lap
8 Bretton Matthews (Norco Evolution - CMU23.2) -1 Lap
9 Scott Lynch (Two Wheel Racing - CMU23.3) -1 Lap
10 Scott Lynch (Two Wheel Racing - CMU23.3) -1 Lap
Elite Men, 24 km (Average Speed 24.8 km/h)
1 G Andrew Watson (Norco Factory Team - CME.2) 0:58:02
2 S Peter Mancini ( - CME.2) at 3:07
3 B Marco Li (Garneau – Quebecor – Norton Rose - CME.1) 3:37
4 Jacques Cormier (Croix De Fer - RME.3) 4:16
5 John Stewart (Independent - CME.2) 5:23
6 Adam Poll (Waterloo Cycling Club - CME.3) 5:43
7 Niles Vaivars (Independent - CME.3) 6:32
8 Bayden Pritchard (Speed River Cc - CME.1) 6:45
9 Jeff Moote (Realdealracing/La Bicicletta - CME.2) -1 Lap
10 Chris Barson (Coachchris.Ca/Ted Velikonja - CME.3) -1 Lap
11 Jon Winfield (Norco Evolution - CME.3) -2 Laps
12 Francesco D`Elia (Independent - CME.3) -2 Laps
DNF Michael Aston (Adrenalineracer/Towheels - CME.2)


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