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November 17/12 10:07 am - Confirmation of Prize Purse for Grand Prix Cyclo-cross

Posted by Editoress on 11/17/12

Cycling BC is committed to developing all cycling disciplines in an equitable manner for both female and male riders. Our strategic plan identified the development of youth, para-cyclists, and female riders as the #1 priority of our 2009--2013 strategic plan. Opinion has has recently expressed by members of the cyclo-cross community that this is not our intention and we are pleased to offer the following clarifications.

In spring 2011, Cycling BC submitted a bid to host the 2012 National Cyclo-cross Championship. As part of the bid, Cycling BC offered to host a cyclo-cross event on the international cyclo-cross calendar on the day following the national cyclo-cross championships. Our bid to Cycling Canada and the awarding of the national cyclo-cross championship to Cycling BC gave life to the inaugural BC Grand Prix of Cyclocross.

The prize money for this event was established based on the anticipated registration of riders in each gender as well as the UCI requirements. The UCI's minimum requirements expect that the 15 highest placed women receive prize money and the technical guide for this event met this requirement. Initially there were only 13 women registered in the BC Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross, the number of female registrants grew to 18 riders by Wednesday, November 14th, and at close of registration the number of women's entries has risen to 24 female riders. With this increase in mind, Cycling BC will invest these additional registration revenues into prize money for the women's category. This decision will result in the top 15 female riders out of 24 riders each receiving the same prize money as the top 15 male riders our of 40 riders.

Concerning the prize money fund that was raised by members of the BC Cyclo-cross community in order to "equalize" the prize money, Cycling BC maintains that as the organizing committee, we have the right to decide how any funds donated to our event should be used, and also maintain that we have the right to refuse to accept such donations if we can't come to an agreement with the donor over its use.

Subject to Cycling Canada evaluation of the 2012 event, Cycling BC has secured the rights to the 2013 Cyclo-cross Nationals and also intends to organize the 2013 Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross. With this in mind, Cycling BC will create a charitable fund from any surpluses from the 2012 event. These funds will be specifically be offered as travel and assistance grants to young BC women wishing to race at the 2013 BC Grand Prix of Cyclo-cross.


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