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February 12/13 12:36 pm - Bicycle Trade Association Announces Industry Awards

Posted by Editoress on 02/12/13

The Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC) has announced a call to submit nominations for its inaugural BTAC Awards. The awards will be presented at the annual ExpoCycle Bike Show, which will be held at Palais des congrès de Montréal, on September 8-10, 2013. Members of the cycling industry as well as the general public are welcome to submit a nomination for any of the four categories.

"The new BTAC awards are intended to recognize those who make a significant contribution to the bike industry in Canada," said Kevin Senior, President of BTAC and owner of Bow Cycle in Calgary. "In addition to recognizing an Independent Retailer, BTAC will also recognize the achievements of a municipal or regional government, a local cycling association as well as a political leader. It is our intention to add to the award categories in future years."

The four inaugural categories for 2013 are:

Independent Bicycle Retailer of the Year

This award recognizes a bicycle retailer that has shown commitment and innovation in encouraging cycling. Bicycle retailers play an important role in cycling by providing customer service and encouragement to all those interested in cycling at all levels.

Eligibility: Independent Bicycle Retailers in Canada who have made a considerable contribution towards encouraging and promoting cycling in the community, being consumer responsive, and by supporting activities in their local area in 2012-2013. Please include references to the following points when making your nomination for the Bicycle Retailer Award:

• What are the key activities the retailer is doing to promote cycling
• Has the retailer formed any partnerships with cycling organizations and businesses to promote cycling
• What are the key outstanding achievements
• How long has the retailer been established and how many staff are employed in the business

Municipal / Regional Government

This award recognizes achievements by a municipal/ regional government in making their community more bicycle friendly, and promoting and encouraging cycling. Municipal or regional governments play a vital role in encouraging cycling through planning, design, traffic management, programs and provision of infrastructure.

Eligibility: The nominee must be a municipal or regional Government body. Nominations may include collaborative projects undertaken with schools, health, community organizations and other relevant bodies. Demonstrated innovation in improving conditions for bicycle riders, promoting and encouraging cycling is necessary. Please include references to the following points when making your nomination for this award:

• What is the demonstrated commitment to cycling
• What are the key achievements
• Is the council playing a leadership role in the promotion of cycling generally in the community
• What partnerships has the municipality formed to promote cycling
• Does the municipality work with cycling organizations to determine priorities
• How long has the municipality supported cycling and what are their aims to continue that into the future

Contribution by a Political Leader

This award recognizes a special achievement by a politician who has, by their own example or by the support for investments and programs, advanced cycling municipally, provincially or federally. Politicians at all levels of government make vital contributions to the industry by acting as supporters for cycling initiatives and projects during policy deliberations or in their ridings.

Eligibility: This award is for current serving members of federal, provincial or municipal governments who have shown initiative and commitment by leading and/or supporting projects or policies that have made a real difference to cycling. Please include references to the following points when making your nomination for the Contribution by a Politician Award:

• What role have they played in achieving better outcomes for cycling through the political process
• How have they gained community, staff and fellow political support for cycling
• What is their key outstanding achievement

Award for Initiative by a Local Cycling Association

While Canada leads in North America in reducing both traffic- and trail-related injuries on bicycles, safety and well-being is something we all hold a stake in. This award recognizes local cycling associations who have helped to promote road cycling and/or bike-safety initiatives and overall programs to promote cycling in their communities.

Eligibility: This award is for a local cycling association or group that has been in existence for more than 12 months and that has consistently demonstrated extraordinary commitment, dedication, and service to the advancement of cycling locally. Please include references to the following points when making your nomination for the Award for Initiative by a Local Cycling Association:

• Overview of why this club/association stands above the rest in promoting cycling
• Describe any and all events the association organized or participated in to advance cycling
• What role did the club or association plan in advancing cycling locally
• What partnerships have they made to accomplish their goals

How to Nominate:

Nominations close on July 1, 2013. Nominations must be in writing and all eligibility points in the category must be addressed in the submission. Nominations should be sent to

Nominators should include name, address, phone number and name of organization representing, if applicable. Please ensure you write BTAC AWARDS in the subject line.

"It is my hope and indeed that of the BTAC Board that the industry will get behind these awards and submit nominations to recognize those in all four categories,” Senior said. "We have much to celebrate as an industry and we hope these awards will help shine a very big light on those who are both nominated and are chosen as the final winners."


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