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March 5/13 22:12 pm - Vuelta a el Salvador: Stage 7 and Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 03/5/13

BePink literally dominated the seventh edition of the Vuelta Ciclista a El Salvador. The top two places in the general classification of the race belong to two BePink athletes: Noemi Cantele and Alena Amialisuik, both major players from the first fractions to the last. Strength, passion, guts, courage and determination are only a few of the ingredients that went in to this important success.

It’s a prestigious result, made all the better with the capture of three stages (two with Noemi plus the Team Time Trial) and no less than four jerseys. In addition to the leader’s “roja” jersey, Noemi also grabbed the jersey for best climber and the points’ jersey; Alena is the best in the classifications for the prime bonus sprints and BePink wins the special classification for teams. 

“We did it; now we can finally say it,” says Noemi Cantele. “I’m really happy, this is a fantastic result. This little roja shirt has a special value. It was hard, but thanks to impeccable teamwork BePink has achieved an important objective.”

“I’m very happy for Noemi and satisfied with the performances of the entire team,” explains D.S. Walter Zini. “The gals showed they are in top form. This jersey, which is super important and was strongly coveted and strived for, could be divided into six pieces, one for every woman, because every single one of them did their part! It isn’t easy to wear the leader’s jersey from day one and manage to hang on to it until the end, just as it isn’t easy to have full control over the race. Once again we have demonstrated maturity and team spirit.”


Veronique Fortin (Garrobo Texops) finished 6th on the final stage and 7th overall.

Results from the seventh and final stage of the Vuelta a el Salvador.

Stage 7: Nueva Concepcion to Santa Ana, 90 km
1 Clemilda Fernandes (Bra) Team Brazil 2:50:37
2 Lorena Vargas (Col) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee at 0:02
3 Alena Amialiusik (Blr) Be Pink 0:04
4 Noemi Cantele (Ita) Be Pink
5 Ana Fagua (Col) Colombia-Specialized
6 Veronique Fortin (Can) Garrobo Texops
7 Evelyn Garcia (ESa) Pasta Zara-Cogeas all s.t.
8 Claudia Buitrago (Col) Colombia-Specialized 0:11
9 Serika Guluma (Col) Colombia-Specialized s.t.
10 Lilibeth Chacon (Ven) Team Venezuela 1:49
11 Uenia Souza (Bra) Team Brazil 1:52
12 Inga Cilvinaite (Lit) Pasta Zara-Cogeas s.t.
13 Addyson Albershardt (USA) Garrobo Texops 1:54
14 Anna Polegatch (Bra) Team Brazil
15 Martina Ruzickova (Cze) Garrobo Texops both s.t.
16 Daniely Garcia (Ven) Team Venezuela 2:12
17 Doris Schweizer (Sui) Be Pink 2:23
18 Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) Be Pink 4:40
19 Jessica Cutler (USA) Vanderkitten 13:06
20 Paola Muñoz (Chi) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee
21 Ingrid Drexel (Mex) Garrobo Texops both s.t.
22 Ruth Winner (USA) Vanderkitten 13:11
23 Silvija Latozaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 14:09
24 Egle Poskaine (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade
25 Kristina Norvaisaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade both s.t.
26 Milda Jankauskaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 16:56
27 Staria Teddergreen (USA) Vanderkitten 17:02
28 Zavnta Titenyte (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade s.t.
29 Liza Rachetto (USA) Vanderkitten 17:05
30 Milagro Mena (Cec) Costa Rica
31 Jurgita Kubiliunaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade
32 Angie Gonzalez (Ven) Team Venezuela
33 Marcia Fernandes (Bra) Team Brazil
34 Wilmarys Moreno (Ven) Team Venezuela all s.t.
35 Petra Zrimsek (Slo) Be Pink 17:11
36 Giada Borgato (Ita) Pasta Zara-Cogeas s.t.
37 Agne Silinyte (Lit) Pasta Zara-Cogeas 17:19
38 Maria Briceño (Ven) Team Venezuela 17:21
39 Marisol Tellado (Pur) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 26:31
40 Ana Gabriela Arias (CRc) Costa Rica 26:34
41 Susan Camacho (CRc) Costa Rica 26:36
42 Heylen Guidens (NZl) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 29:24
43 Valentina Paniagua (Col) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee s.t.
44 Julissa Rios (Pan) Team Rayita 48:33
45 Angie Sanabria (Col) Colombia-Specialized
46 Xenia Estrada (ESa) Garrobo Texops both s.t.
DNF Dalia Muccioli (Ita) Be Pink
DNF Jennifer Cesar (Ven) Team Venezuela
Final GC
1 Noemi Cantele (Ita) Be Pink 15:10:15
2 Alena Amialiusik (Blr) Be Pink at 4:25
3 Ana Fagua (Col) Colombia-Specialized 4:47
4 Clemilda Fernandes (Bra) Team Brazil 5:23
5 Serika Guluma (Col) Colombia-Specialized 5:55
6 Evelyn Garcia (ESa) Pasta Zara-Cogeas 6:16
7 Veronique Fortin (Can) Garrobo Texops 6:25
8 Addyson Albershardt (USA) Garrobo Texops 7:22
9 Inga Cilvinaite (Lit) Pasta Zara-Cogeas 7:26
10 Doris Schweizer (Sui) Be Pink 8:43
11 Lorena Vargas (Col) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 9:15
12 Lilibeth Chacon (Ven) Team Venezuela 10:44
13 Claudia Buitrago (Col) Colombia-Specialized 10:44
14 Uenia Souza (Bra) Team Brazil 11:59
15 Daniely Garcia (Ven) Team Venezuela 18:02
16 Silvia Valsecchi (Ita) Be Pink 20:18
17 Jessica Cutler (USA) Vanderkitten 25:52
18 Paola Muñoz (Chi) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 26:06
19 Martina Ruzickova (Cze) Garrobo Texops 26:19
20 Ingrid Drexel (Mex) Garrobo Texops 27:44
21 Ruth Winner (USA) Vanderkitten 30:29
22 Silvija Latozaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 31:20
23 Anna Polegatch (Bra) Team Brazil 31:34
24 Liza Rachetto (USA) Vanderkitten 33:10
25 Marcia Fernandes (Bra) Team Brazil 34:27
26 Egle Poskaine (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 42:59
27 Giada Borgato (Ita) Pasta Zara-Cogeas 43:02
28 Agne Silinyte (Lit) Pasta Zara-Cogeas 43:03
29 Milda Jankauskaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 44:14
30 Zavnta Titenyte (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 44:33
31 Milagro Mena (Cec) Costa Rica 46:32
32 Angie Gonzalez (Ven) Team Venezuela 47:04
33 Maria Briceño (Ven) Team Venezuela 47:28
34 Petra Zrimsek (Slo) Be Pink 51:10
35 Staria Teddergreen (USA) Vanderkitten 55:06
36 Jurgita Kubiliunaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 58:51
37 Wilmarys Moreno (Ven) Team Venezuela 1:04:23
38 Marisol Tellado (Pur) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 1:05:23
39 Susan Camacho (CRc) Costa Rica 1:06:14
40 Valentina Paniagua (Col) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 1:10:07
41 Ana Gabriela Arias (CRc) Costa Rica 1:18:24
42 Kristina Norvaisaite (Lit) Lituania-Gatorade 1:18:54
43 Heylen Guidens (NZl) Iscorp-Intelligentsia Cofee 1:22:38
44 Xenia Estrada (ESa) Garrobo Texops 1:34:00
45 Angie Sanabria (Col) Colombia-Specialized 2:04:07
46 Julissa Rios (Pan) Team Rayita 2:30:09


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