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June 13/13 0:00 am - Banff Bike Fest : Prologue results and report

Posted by Editoress on 06/13/13

Sixth Annual Banff National Park Bike Fest 2013 Begins

Something special happens in the Rockies this time of year, and it has been an annual affair for the past five years. With the bulk of the winter weather behind us, and the mass tourist migration yet to come, the historic town of Banff hosts its yearly Banff Bike Fest Festival. From pros, to amateurs, to weekend warriors, racers from near and far make the annual pilgrimage to this fabled Albertan town for one of North America's most scenic and challenging stage races.

The Contenders

In the Cat 1-2 men's category, local Albertan and 2012 overall winner Aaron Schooler H&R Block and his strong team will be ones to watch. Schooler excels at cyclocross, which gives him an advantage in the Prologue and Criterium. Yet he also proved last year that he can also race on the road laying down an impressive ride on the final Tunnel Mountain stage road race which launched him to claim the overall victory.

Trek Red Truck is bringing a strong team and has had an impressive start to the 2013 season. Jesse Reames took the overall at the Tour of Enumclaw back in May, while Adam De Vos won the BC Provincial Road Championships two weeks ago in Victoria. Not to be outdone, we expect a strong challenge from the Rundell Mountain Cycling club out of neighboring Canmore to try to improve on their third place overall finish last year from Gord Jewitt.

With the absence of last year's women's winner, Edmonton-native Pepper Harlton, this year's edition will see a new GC winner crowned in the Open Women's category. On paper, it looks like there will be a strong challenge from teams from the west, including Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic homes. This squad is deep with talent, and as long as they can work together as a cohesive unit, it will be a challenge for anyone to stop them. With Megan Rathwell taking the BC Provincial Road Championships and teammate and veteran racer Kristiine Brynjolfson, last year's runner-up here, having another strong season of racing, this will be the team to beat.

Some notable challenges may come from some strong locals such as Kinley Gibson (Juventus) who placed fourth overall at last year's Banff BikeFest race. Gibson is coming off a strong year on the track, should be more confident and hungrier this year, while last year's fifth place finisher, Kristin Baker (Pedalhead) will also be looking to move up to the podium.

Prologue: Thursday

The short but challenging 1.5-km Cascade Prologue shouldn't prove to decide the overall winner, yet will give the contenders a chance to get their legs moving and the lungs used to the thinner mountain air. Look for strong rides from Schooler and last year's runner-up in the Prologue, Mark McConnell (Synergy).

With the absence of Harlton, last year's Bike Fest rookie sensation, Kirsti Lay (Bicisport), and Brynjolfson, should be battling it out for the Prologue and the leader's jersey. Watch for Shoshana Laxson, also with Trek Red Truck as she has just returned from training and racing in Europe to re-join her team for the event. Laxson placed 4th in the prologue in 2012.

Lake Louis Road Race: Friday

This scenic, rolling 81-km out and back along the Bow Valley Parkway will be the first real test to see which teams are working well together. The past two years saw breakaways brought back and it came down to a final uphill push ending in a sprint finish. Last year's race was delayed with bears sighted on the course, and the year before it got shortened due to a wolf and cub in the area. This is one of the unique aspects of holding a race in a national park.

Individual Time Trial: Saturday Am

Saturday morning will see the riders set out on a 21-km time trial around the breathtaking shores of Lake Minnewanka. The strong riders on this stage could see them take the GC lead and put time in on their opponents. The only thing possibly slowing these riders down will be a big horn sheep on the course.

Criterium: Saturday PM

Downtown Banff turns into a 1-km criterium circuit for some high-speed, action-packed entertainment. With cash preems and time bonuses on the line, one can be sure racers will be giving it all. The only obstacle that might come into play is inclement weather and if rain decides to fall it will make the course slick for the riders.

Tunnel Mountain Road Race: Sunday

The final stage of the Banff Bike Festival will be a road race consisting of loops with a start/finish in downtown Banff. The Elite Men will race 130-km while the women will contest a 78-km circuit. This is a race where breakaways can stick, so one can be sure there will be fireworks going off as riders will be attacking hard to get away. No lead is safe with a course like this, so teams will be on the watch to protect their GC position.

The 6th annual Banff National Park Bike Fest is set to take the Rockies by storm with plenty of hot race action and spectacular scenery to inspire new champions that will be crowned on Sunday.



Results from the first stage of the Banff Bike Fest, Cascade Plaza Prologue a 1.5 km ITT

1 Kirsti Lay (Bicisport) 3:02.03
2 Jenny Lehmann (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:02.67
3 Megan Rathwell (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:02.91
4 Kinley Gibson (Juventus) 3:04.12
5 Trina Van Dyck (Cranked) 3:08.65
6 Allison Beveridge (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:12.49
7 Meghan Grant (Escape Velocity) 3:15.50
8 Kristine Brynjolfson (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:16.44
9 Marg Fedyna (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 3:17.14
10 Christina Smith (Team Feminin Languedoc Rousillon Sud De France) 3:18.19
11 Nik Vogler (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 3:19.28
12 Erin Redl (Steed Cycles) 3:20.28
13 Margie Smith (Independent) 3:20.99
14 Liah Harvie (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 3:21.76
15 Sarah Coney (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:22.15
16 Sara Poidevin (Cafe Racers) 3:22.88
17 Terra Manca (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 3:23.17
18 Erin Taylor (Independent) 3:25.43
19 Hilary Wille (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 3:26.40
20 Kristin Baker (Pedalhead Road Works) 3:28.15
21 Holly Ackert (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 3:32.39
22 Juliette Wheler (Team Saskatchewan) 3:35.14
23 Marina Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 3:36.80
24 Lindsay Aspen (Team Saskatchewan) 3:37.29
25 Brittany Webster (Team Mito Canada) 3:41.87
26 Kendra Fergusson (TCR Sport Lab) 3:44.18
27 Aleksandra Macklem (Lamprey Systems) 3:44.34
28 Sheila Summers (TCR Sport Lab) 3:45.96
29 Evangeline Fletcher (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 3:48.23
30 Melanie Tait (Bicisport) 3:53.32
31 Erin Ruttan (Independent) 4:08.04
32 Kaylynn Purdy (Bicisport) 4:12.43
DNS Sharisse Kyle (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
DNS Suzanne Hamilton (Bicisport)
DNS Kerry Spearing (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
DNS Tori Spence (Independent)
Cat 1/2 Men
1 Shawn Bunnin (Deadgoat Racing) 2:31.01
2 Craig Richey (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:31.62
3 Jesse Reams (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:32.83
4 Bailey McKnight (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:33.61
5 Sean Crooks (Soulsportif) 2:33.87
6 Colter Young (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 2:33.87
7 Robin Clegg (Team H & R Block) 2:34.64
8 Michael Van Den Ham (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 2:34.68
9 Justin Kerr (Team H & R Block) 2:37.95
10 Marc Enter (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 2:38.57
11 Evan Bayer (Team Niklas) 2:39.46
12 Kristofer Dahl (Team H & R Block) 2:39.85
13 Jordan Cheyne (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 2:40.17
14 Chris Mcneil (Soulsportif) 2:40.88
15 Mackenzie Garvin (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle) 2:41.24
16 Warren Muir (Soulsportif) 2:41.30
17 Darren Anderson (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:42.11
18 Fraser Mills-Connery (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:42.27
19 Douglas van den Ham ( 2:42.64
20 Josh Krabbe (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 2:42.69
21 Connor Wilson ( 2:43.00
22 Ian Auld (Soulsportif) 2:43.03
23 Brad Clifford (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:43.25
24 Mark McConnell (Synergy Racing) 2:43.86
25 Cid Martinez-Arroyo (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 2:44.29
26 Emile De Rosnay (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 2:44.87
27 Scott Manktelow (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:45.23
28 Jevon Almond (Team Niklas) 2:45.56
29 Tavish Taylor (Kryki Sports / Audi) 2:45.90
30 Aaron Schooler (Team H & R Block) 2:46.42
31 Chris Taylor (Soulsportif) 2:46.50
32 Jeff Perron (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:47.02
33 Zach Heskett (Independent) 2:47.19
34 Scott Peever (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 2:47.21
35 Tyson Smith (Independent) 2:47.32
36 Andrew Cullingham (Synergy Racing) 2:47.40
37 Luke Koolman (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 2:47.91
38 Jared Green (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 2:48.02
39 Scott Laliberte (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 2:48.09
40 Nicholas Jendzjowsky (Pedalhead Road Works) 2:48.61
41 Adam de Vos (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:49.09
42 Dustin Andrews (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 2:49.36
43 Dan Wood (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 2:51.10
44 Dan MacDonald ( 2:51.99
45 Trev Williams (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 2:53.18
46 Anthony Killick (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:53.56
47 Geoff MacDonald (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 2:54.13
48 Ben Wortelboer (Team H & R Block) 2:54.36
49 Stephen Mundy (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 2:54.62
50 Jason Proche (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 2:54.70
51 Ty Andrews (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle) 2:54.72
52 Patrick Paquette (Team Niklas) 2:56.51
53 Brian Countryman (Velocity Cycling Club) 2:56.65
54 Eric Jensen (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 2:57.09
55 Raph Lalumiere (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 2:57.25
56 Thomas Yip (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 2:57.29
57 Peter Lawrence (Soulsportif) 2:59.64
58 Henri De Boever (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes) 3:01.15
59 Jonathan Wood (Garneau Evolution) 3:01.82
60 James Kendal (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club) 3:01.89
61 Paul Berry (Soulsportif) 3:01.95
62 David Strasser (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre) 3:02.16
63 Mark Bouthillette (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 3:03.15
64 Frank Woolstencroft (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 3:03.17
65 Shaun Adamson (Velocity Cycling Club) 3:03.51
66 Cuylar Conly (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 3:05.11
67 Charles Bougie (Calgary Crankmasters) 3:05.35
68 Dennis Bland (Calgary Crankmasters) 3:05.38
69 Stephen Flanagan ( 3:05.48
70 Kevin Rokosh (Edmonton Road and Track Club) 3:05.73
71 Kevin Bernstein (Independant) 3:07.07
72 Brett Person (Team Niklas) 3:07.36
73 Rob Reid (Soul Ski & Bike) 3:07.42
74 Geoff Power (Team SPAN) 3:08.94
75 Markel Cherenkoff (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 3:09.62
76 Kevin Boje (Team Niklas) 3:17.69
77 Harley Borlee (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 3:19.65
78 Dave Holmes (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training) 3:20.36
79 Blair Chapman (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 3:23.03
80 Chris McGarity (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports) 3:40.76
DNS Seth Phillips (University of Montana)
DNS Dave Stephens (Team H & R Block)


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