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March 19/14 13:56 pm - News Links of the Day

Posted by Editoress on 03/19/14

Every day we post links on our Twitter page (@cdncyclist) to interesting items from around the world.  For our readers who are not on Twitter, we have reproduced the headlines and links here.


Vancouver's bicycle commuters get a lift from forward-looking real estate developments
Though many commercial real estate owner/operators still view bike facilities as a niche investment, forward-looking owner/operators like Cadillac Fairview, at its Vancouver Properties, are providing them free to tenants
Read more: HERE

Cycling in cities: the search for the world's most bike-friendly metropolis
Is urban cycling worth the risk? Only one way to find out: saddle up and plant two wheels in seven cities around the world
Read more: HERE

Burlington (ON) gears up for spring with cycling seminars
The City of Burlington is offering a handful of cycling seminars in anticipation of spring temperatures.

Seminars will take place at the Central branch of Burlington Public Library, 2331 New St., and will be hosted by the Burlington Cycling Committee.
Read more: Here

Cycling is good for you: vigorous exercise reduces flu risk, study suggests
Yet another way that cycling helps you stay healthy
Read more: Here

Drawings show “unique” plan for cycling track in Edmonton
Construction could start next year on a long-planned indoor velodrome and recreation centre in Coronation Park.
Read more: Here

HUB pushes for cycling network across Metro Vancouver region
Once, there was a time when one of Vancouver’s most influential cycling advocates felt trepidation about taking her bike on a main road. In an interview with the Georgia Straight in her office at HUB: Your Cycling Connection (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition), executive director Erin O’Melinn revealed that she primarily took her two-wheeler onto trails while growing up in Coquitlam.
Read more: Here

How Do We Get More Women Cycling?
The number of women on bikes is an indicator of a city’s cycle-friendliness and -safety. Improve those and you’ll get more people out of their cars.
Read more: Here

Flipping Over Lids: Inside the Debate About Compulsory Cycling Helmets
Should cyclists be made to wear helmets? It’s a question that sparks bitter debate within medical and public health communities. It’s also a hot-button issue among cycling advocacy groups.
Read more: Here

Battle for roads as cycling groups demand demerit point penalties for motorists, and drivers say pedal power is out of control
Read more: Here

Cycling advocate applauds new bill to protect riders
An Ottawa cyclist hopes that proposed changes to the Highway Traffic Act will create safer roads for riders.

The bill, introduced Monday at Queen's Park, would see fines for "dooring" rise to $1,000 from $100 and three demerit points to drivers instead of two.

For cyclists, the fine for having improper lights or reflective equipment would go up from $20 to $500.
Read more: Here

Innovative green lanes are gaining traction
Can a National Movement for Protected Bike Lanes Push Cycling into the Mainstream?
Read more: Here

Proposed Ontario Legislation would mean: Fine for not using bicycle lights & other reflectors or reflective material will range from $60-$500 (ON) Read more: Here

Proposed Ontario Legislation would mean: Convictions for dooring in ON would come with fines and demerit points Read more: Here

The cycling revolution needs to start now – MPs, don't put the brakes on
Cycling improves health and the economic benefits are plain to see. Space for cycling must be central to a bold transport policy
Read more: Here

BC Speed and Safety Review Update
Over the past few months, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has undertaken a Safety and Speed Review of highways between communities in B.C. The British Columbia Cycling Coalition has strong concerns about traffic speeds on British Columbia’s roads and in particular their effect on the safety and comfort of people cycling.
Read more: Here

Red Bull Race the Place Set to Hit Toronto
After shutting its gates for 2 years, Ontario Place opens up for an unprecedented event.

On April 19th, Red Bull Race the Place will take over Toronto’s iconic island for the first-ever urban cycling race at the site.
Read more: Here

Bike Week Detroit and Windsor
In less than 2 weeks from today the first North American Bicycle Week launches in both Detroit and Windsor
Read more: Here

1st Annual Liv/giant Canada Ladies Night in Vancouver on March 27th! Read more: Here

Hamilton Area Businessman ordered to pay $75,000 in road rage incident
A judge has ordered a Dundas businessman to give a local Olympic hopeful $75,000 as restitution for beating and injuring the athlete in a 2012 road rage incident.
Read more: Here

UCI Opens Door on Road Disc Brakes
Prior to the opening of the 2014 Taipei Int’l Cycle Show, the World Federation for the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) met to discuss the situation regarding the usage of road disc brakes at the Pro Tour races.
Read more: Here

Check out the SRAM Force CX1 video

No More Bike Theft! (Video)
Tips and tricks for how to safely lock up your bike.

Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety
Read more: Here

The world's 5 most beautiful cycling vacations
Read more: Here

Could these reflective pinwheels make biking safer?
Cycling is fun, eco-friendly, and efficient, but it can also be dangerous if you're not very visible to cars and other bikes. And while there are already a wide range of options for increasing visibility, including the reflectors that come with most bikes, reflective tape for helmets, clothing, and frames, as well as bright bicycle lights, there's another bicycle safety accessory that could increase safety, and it comes in the form of an old-school toy.
Read more: Here

Calgary Bike-lane plan hits temporary road block
Calgary council has delayed until April a final decision on installing a barrier-separated bike lane on 1st Street S.E., but there’s little love among councillors for that route.
Read more: Here

Calgary Coun. Sean Chu ruffles feathers with cursing over cycling count
Sean Chu has “sincerely” apologized to city staff and members of the Calgary cycling community for disparaging comments made on social media Tuesday morning.
Read more: Here


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