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July 6/14 18:13 pm - Canadian Road Nationals: Criterium results

Posted by Editoress on 07/6/14

Results from the final event of the 2014 Road National Championships in Beauceville, QC

Junior and Master Women
1 Katherine Maine (Team Ontario) 0:47:08
2 Sara Poidevin (Team Alberta) at 0:02
3 Emeliah Harvie (Team Alberta)
4 Clara Mackenzie (Cycling BC)
5 Catherine Ouellette (Equipe du Quebec)
6 Dafne Theroux Izquierdo (Equipe du Quebec)
7 Marie-France Thivierge (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
8 Laurence Dumais (Equipe du Quebec)
9 Sarah Mason (Team Ontario)
10 Mary Clare Holton (TEAM ONTARIO)
11 Olivia Baril (Equipe du Quebec)
12 Gillian Ellsay (Cycling BC)
13 Carole Vanier (La vie Sportive-Apogée)
14 Marie-Pier Simard Ste-Marie (La Vie Sportive - Apogée - Opus)
15 Anna Talman (Team Alberta)
16 Roxane Boucher (IAMGOLD - Specialized) all s.t.
17 Melyssa Fortin (andré Cycle Kaycan RDS) 0:08
18 Audrey-Anne Blais (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
19 Audrey-Anne Dufresne (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
20 Sandrine Brière-Dulude (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) all s.t.
21 Léa Tardif (Canac) 1:34
22 Farleigh Creswicke (Team Ontario) 3:29
23 Robyn Angeles (Independent) 5:30
DNF Noémie Armstrong (IAMGOLD - Specialized)
DNF Marie-Pierre Nadon (DÉC. Express-NCCH)
DNF Véronique Parent (Stevens - The Cyclery)
DNF Sabrina Bureau (Subway - Sigma)
DNF Laurence Beaumier (IAMGOLD - Specialized)
DNF Kia Van Der Vliet (Cycling BC)
DNS Elise Piedalue (ccb/ultime vélo/ trek)
DNS Connie Verhaeghe (Hamilton Cycling Club)
Junior Men
1 Alexander Cowan (Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle) 0:55:49
2 Adam Jamieson (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express)
3 Willem Boersma (Team Manitoba)
4 Laurent Gervais (Equipe du Quebec)
5 Pier Andre Cote (Equipe du Quebec)
6 Trevor O'donnell (Team Ontario)
7 Jean Simon D Anjou (Equipe du Quebec)
8 Jean Francois Soucy (Equipe du Quebec)
9 Alex Lessard (Promutuel/Alco TMI/Norco)
10 Étienne Dubuc (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
11 Evan Burtnik (Team Alberta)
12 Connor Byway (Team Ontario)
13 Oliver Evans (Team Manitoba)
14 Connor Toppings (Synergy Racing)
15 Sebastian York (AYC Junior Development Race Team)
16 Nicolas Barriault (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
17 Derek Gee (Team Ontario)
18 Joel Taylor (Cycling BC)
19 Mason Burtnik (Team Alberta)
20 Samuel Perigny (Equipe du Quebec) all s.t.
21 Quinton Disera (Team Ontario / CSAJCC) 0:06
22 Edward Walsh (Atlantic Cycling Center)
23 Antoine Breton (Promutuel/Alco TMI/Norco) both s.t.
24 Trevor Stothard (Cycling BC) 0:54
DNF Fergus Horrobin (Cycling BC)
DNF Jérémie Désilets-Jacob (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Alex Cormier (Atlantic Cycling Center)
DNF Guillaume Roussel (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Felix Boudreau (Velo Mauricie)
DNF Jackson Pickell (Cycling BC)
DNF Guillaume Lebrun Petel (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Vincent Girard (CCB Ultime Vélo Trek)
DNF Marc-André Perron (La Vie Sportive - Apogée - Opus)
DNF Cameron Mason (Team Ontario)
DNF Louis Dallaire (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Antoine Côté (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Jesse Schultz (Team NCCH p/b DEC Express)
DNF Antoine Bouchard (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Jean-Gabriel Dumais (Proco Tourcom)
DNF Arnaud Cossette (Velo Mauricie)
DNF Charles Côté (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Rowan Morris (Cycling BC)
DNF Cordell Dickie (Cycling BC)
DNF Liam Whitman (Atlantic Cycling Centre)
DNF Christophe Rivard (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Joshua Kropf (Team Sask)
DNF Jacob Howard (Team Alberta)
DNF Pierre-Olivier Santerre (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom)
DNF Stéphan Davidson (Velo Mauricie)
DNF Alexandre Simard (Promutuel/Alco TMI/Norco)
DNF Aaron Carter (Team Manitoba)
DNF Patrick Bourguignon (Velo Mauricie)
DNF Hubert Laferriere (Equipe du Quebec)
DNF Sébastien Dumont (André Cycle Kaycan RDS)
DNF Rune Schaefer (Ontario)
DNF Christian Ricci (Team Ontario)
DNF Mathieu Roy (Iamgold - Specialized)
DNF Simon Ouellet (Promutuel/Alco TMI/Norco)
DNF Dustin King (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNS Samuel Dupont (Velo Mauricie)
DNS Ross Graham (Ottawa Bike Club)
Master A
1 Hugues Lapointe (OPUS/OGC) 0:59:23
2 Jérôme Fradette (Quilicot-Rackultra) at s.t.
3 Sebastien Cossette (Quilicot-Rackultra) 0:25
4 David Dulude (OPUS/OGC) 2:57
5 Shawn Marshall (Velo lab RT)
6 Jason Valenti (B1 Cipollini Racing)
7 Jérôme Mcnicoll (Espoirs de laval)
8 Alexandre Morin (Trek-Fiera)
9 Eric Pare (Paquette Villemure Construction)
10 Mathieu Fortier (Quilicot-Rackultra)
11 Danny Leblanc (Brunet) all s.t.
12 James Keezer (Midweek Cycling Club) 3:02
13 Alexandre Aubies (Norco / Bicycles) 3:08
14 Gabriel Drouin (Archibald/Jean-Maurice Vézina-Groupe Investors) s.t.
DNF Jean Marc Dulac (Brunet)
DNF Simon Gosselin (Sports GTH)
DNF Benoit Perreault (Vélo 2000 Peak center)
DNF Sylvain Grégoire (C.C. Les Montagnards)
DNS Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Fiera)
DNS Sébastien Perreault (Norco Bicycles Premier Tech)
Master B
1 Francois Doyon (quilicot-rackultra) 0:59:56
2 Todd P. Bowden (Exposition Weelmen)
3 Marc Boudreau (Stevens - The Cyclery) both s.t.
4 Chris Firek (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes) 0:20
5 Michel Jean (Sports GTH) 0:45
6 Dominic Picard (Quilicot-Rackultra) s.t.
7 Matthias Schmidt (Independent) 0:55
8 Chris Kirk (Independent) 0:56
9 John Malois (ACQUISIO - ACQ) 0:58
10 Steve Mckee (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments) 0:59
DNF Bobby Mrvelj (Wheels Of Bloor /Graywood Developments)
DNF Andre Todd (Cycle Neron)
DNF Nicola Giancola (Acquisio/Acq)
DNF Gilbert Maillette (ACQUISIO-ACQ)
DNF Mike Reeves (Euro-Sports)
DNF Benoit Nayet (Sports Maguire)
DNF Jean François Jolin (Sports GTH)
DNF Denis C. Leblanc (Indépendant)
DNF Jean Boissonneault (EC Mathieu Performance - Savani)
DNF Martin Cleroult (Norco Premiertech)
DNF Bryon Howard (Team Niklas)
DNF Ian J. Scott` (Wheels of Bloor / Graywood Developments)
DNF Maxime Girard (Sports GTH)
DNF Marc-Wayne Addison (OPUS/OGC)
DNS Pierre Boilard (Archibald/Jean-Maurice Vézina)
DNS Phillip Hodgkinson (Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments)
DNS Justin Moore (Real Deal/ WASPcam)


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