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February 19/15 10:45 am - Women's Tour of New Zealand: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 02/19/15

After an impressive teams presentation featuring the Kapa Haka cultural group from the Masterton intermediate school, the US National team put on an impressive performance on the road for stage 1, the team time trial on day one of the Trust House women’s tour of New Zealand in Masterton.

Maintaining an average speed of 47.8km/h for the 15km Time Trial, the US team finished in a time of 18.49, eighteen seconds clear of their next closest competitors the Australian National team. Megan Guarnier will wear the Leader’s yellow jersey into stage two while the U/23 leader jersey will be worn by Alexandra Manly from the Australian national team.

“We will defend the yellow jersey tomorrow, we are keen to keep it so really looking forward to tomorrow stage” said tour leader Megan Guarnier.

Team Tibco-SVB come in third place 1.05 behind the USA team


Results from the first stage

Stage 1 (February 18th) TTT, 15km
1 US National Team 0:18:49
2 Australian National Team at 0:18
3 Team Tibco-SVB 0:42
4 Holden Racing Team 1:05
5 Ramblers Club 1:15
6 HI5 Dream Team 1:30
7 Pepper Palace Pro Cycling 1:33
8 DNA Cycling p/b K4 Racing 1:38
9 Trust House New Zealand National Team 1:45
10 Japan National Team 2:12
GC after Stage 1
1 Megan Guarnier (US National Team) 18:49
2 Lauren Hall (US National Team)
3 Lauren Komanski (US National Team)
4 Evelyn Stevens (US National Team)
5 Tayler Wiles (US National Team) all s.t.
6 Lauren Kitchen (Australian National Team) 0:18
7 Katrin Garfoot (Australian National Team)
8 Rachel Neylan (Australian National Team)
9 Alexandra Manly (Australian National Team)
10 Rebecca Mackey (Australian National Team) all s.t.
11 Lauren Stephens (Team Tibco – SVB) 0:42
12 Joanne Kiesanowski (Team Tibco – SVB)
13 Emily Collins (Team Tibco – SVB) both s.t.
14 Jo Hogan (Team Tibco – SVB) 0:46
15 Lucy Coldwell (Holden Racing Team) 1:05
16 Miranda Griffiths (Holden Racing Team)
17 Shannon Malseed (Holden Racing Team)
18 Sharlotte Lucas (Holden Racing Team) all s.t.
19 Linda Villumsen (Ramblers Club) 1:15
20 Kerri-Anne Page (Ramblers Club)
21 Hannah van Kampen (Ramblers Club)
22 Jo Holdway (Ramblers Club)
23 Natalie Kerwin (Ramblers Club) all s.t.
24 Tessa Fabry (HI 5 Dream Team) 1:30
25 Jessica Mundy (HI 5 Dream Team)
26 Ellen Skerritt (HI 5 Dream Team)
27 Georgia Baker (HI 5 Dream Team) all s.t.
28 Amy Phillps (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) 1:33
29 Amber Pierce (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)
30 Denise Ramsden (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling)
31 Karen Fulton (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) all s.t.
32 Courteney Lowe (Pepper Palace Pro Cycling) 1:35
33 Lauren De Crescenzo (DNA Cycling p/b K4) 1:38
34 Breanne Nalder (DNA Cycling p/b K4)
35 Jeannie Kuhajek (DNA Cycling p/b K4)
36 Anne Perry (DNA Cycling p/b K4)
37 Gabrielle Pilote-Fortin (DNA Cycling p/b K4) all s.t.
38 Alysha Keith (Trust House New Zealand National Team) 1:45
39 Philippa Sutton (Trust House New Zealand National Team)
40 Elizabeth Steel (Trust House New Zealand National Team)
41 Holly Edmondston (Trust House New Zealand National Team) all s.t.
42 Nina Wollaston (Trust House New Zealand National Team) 2:02
43 Yumi Kajihara (Japan National Team) 2:12
44 Hiromi Kaneko (Japan National Team)
45 Yumiko Goda (Japan National Team) both s.t.
46 Ruth Corsett (Fagan Motors Cycling Team) 2:25
47 Georgina Beech (Fagan Motors Cycling Team)
48 Karen Elzing (Fagan Motors Cycling Team) both s.t.
49 Amanda Nabi (3Sixty Sports) 2:34
50 Ruby Livingstone (3Sixty Sports)
51 Carley McKay (3Sixty Sports)
52 Ruby Perry (3Sixty Sports) all s.t.
53 Maxyna Cottam (The Sign Factory) 2:40
54 Hayley Giddens (The Sign Factory)
55 Emma Peterson (The Sign Factory)
56 Natalie Howell (The Sign Factory)
57 Samara Sheppard (The Sign Factory) all s.t.
58 Kendal Ryan (Team Tibco – SVB) 2:46
59 Kanako Nishi (Japan National Team) 3:08
60 Nozomi Saito (Japan National Team) s.t.
61 Cassie Camerson (Fagan Motors Cycling Team) 7:07
62 Sonia Powell (Fagan Motors Cycling Team) 9:52


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