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April 24/15 13:29 pm - JunkYard Dog XC (BC) report and results

Posted by Editoress on 04/24/15

It was a beautiful, sunny day on April 18th in Surrey BC for the first race (of four) of the Cycling BC Premier XC series and for the return of the Junkyard Dog XC race. A hundred riders came and challenged the twisting, technical course set amongst the urban forest in a trail network that has been skillfully handcrafted by the SORCE Bike Club.

The Elite men's race had group of 4 strong break away early from the pack and stay together for most of the race. In the end, it came down to a close finish between teammates Greg Day and Kevin Calhoun, Rocky Mountain Factory Team, with Day taking the win. Sullivan Reed, Rock Mountain Bicycles, rounded out the top three.

In the Elite women's race it was Stacey Smith, Cyclepath Kelowna, who took the lead early and held on to win by a large margin. Kelsey MacDonald, Team GIANT Vancouver, came second while Emilie Thy, Dodge City Racing, was third.

There was a strong turnout of 30 for the youth categories which are also part of the Cycling BC Premier XC series. In the male categories, Sean Fincham, Cycling BC, won U19, Hunter Verner, Team Squamish, won U17, Hamish Graham, BPR, took the U15 and Clief Rodgers, Devo/Daryl Evans Racing, was the top U13.

In the youth girls it was Emily Handford, Devo/Different Bikes/Rocky Mountain, win the U19, Erin Attwell, TripleShot Cycling the U17 win and Elizabeth Gin, EV/Devo pb Catalyst Kinetics winning the U15 category.

“It is so great to see such a large turnout of youth for this mountain bike event. Cycling BC is doing a great working with the clubs and getting out in the schools with their iRide program. The future of cycling looks very good here in BC,” commented Barry Lyster, Cycling BC race coordinator.

Master riders are also a very big part of racing here in BC, and the Premier Series is also for those riders. In Master 30+ Men, Carsten Ivany, Team GIANT Vancouver took the win while in the women's it was Kelly Jones.   Brad Issel, Daryl Evans Racing, won the Master 40+ Men's race while it was Nicole Hlus who won the women's.

Next race in the Cycling BC Premier XC series will be the Sunshine Coaster on May 2nd.

Cycling BC would like to thank the SCORCE bike club, Daryl Evans, City of Surrey and all the sponsors and volunteers who put on an amazing event.
Report courtesy Cycling BC


Elite Women
1 Stacey Smith (Cyclepath Kelowna) 1:51:40
2 Kelsey MacDonald (Giant Vancouver/BOC Racing) 2:02:02
3 Emilie Thy (Dodge City Racing) 2:02:51
4 Melanie Gabanna (Independent) 2:03:23
DNF Megan Wolfe (CrossRoad Racing)
DNF Rachael Raven (Independent)
Elite Men
1 Greg Day (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) 1:39:25
2 Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) 1:39:26
3 Sullivan Reed (Daryl Evans) 1:39:29
4 Terry McKall (Stuckylife p/b Broad Street Cycles) 1:40:14
5 Seth Lanauze-Wells (Independent) 1:45:11
6 Parker Bloom (Independent) 1:46:53
7 Richard Machhein (Independent) 1:49:46
Junior Men
1 Sean Fincham (Cycling BC) 1:00:00
2 Seth van Varseveld (Skookum Cycle and Ski Salmon Arm) 1:02:58
3 Max McCulloch (Oak Bay Bikes) 1:04:05
4 Kellen Viznaugh (Revelstoke Cycling Association) 1:06:04
5 Nelson Kleer (Skookum Cycle and Ski) 1:08:21
DSQ Ethan Toom (Independent)
Junior Women U19
1 Emily Handford (DEVO/Different Bikes/Rocky Mountain) 1:10:32
Master 30+ Men
1 Carsten Ivany (Team Giant Vancouver) 1:25:49
2 Benjamin Schmidt (Odlum Brown Cycling Club) 1:27:19
3 Aaron Weiss (Daryl Evans Racing) 1:28:04
4 Tristan Galbraith (critter get ritter/whistler chimney & services) 1:29:17
5 JS Lareau (Independent) 1:29:23
6 Bob Jones (Independent) 1:29:47
7 Kevin de Visser (Independent) 1:29:50
8 Andrew Nelson (West Coast Cycling) 1:31:17
9 Blair Phelps (Independent) 1:32:41
DNF Jacob Rodgers (Daryl Evans Racing)
Master 30+ Women
1 Kelly Jones (Independent) 1:47:58
Master 40+ Men
1 Brad Issel (Daryl Evans) 1:25:56
2 Tyler Dumont (Independent) 1:26:38
3 Greg MacDonald (Dodge City Racing) 1:27:17
4 Derek Slykerman (Cahilty Racing) 1:28:06
5 Mike Rauch (Independent) 1:28:22
6 Quinn Anderson (Independent) 1:28:53
7 Ray Lachance (CrossRoads Racing) 1:28:01
8 Albert Nomura (Independent) 1:30:36
9 James Davison (Daryl Evans Racing) 1:30:47
10 Tobin McCallum (Daryl-Evans Racing) 1:31:57
11 Matthew Scott (Independent) 1:33:15
12 Richard Humphries (Independent) 1:33:38
13 Patrick Beckstead (Mighty Cycling) 1:36:33
14 Paul Craig (Independent) 1:39:07
15 Ian Parker (West Coast Cycling) 1:41:26
16 Robert de Rot (Daryl Evans Racing) 2:08:39
Master 40+ Women
DNF Nicole Hlus (Independent)
U13 Boys
1 Lief Rodgers (DEVO/Daryl Evans Racing) 0:49:22
2 Cam McCallum (Ridge Meadows BMX) 1:08:27
3 Connor Richardson (Team CAKE) 1:08:37
4 Nolan Saunders (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 1:20:10
DNS Campbell Parrish (EV/DEVO p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
U15 Boys
1 Hamish Graham (BPR) 1:07:35
2 Elliot Jamieson (Independent) 1:10:11
3 Quinn Storey (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 1:12:05
4 Jhett Verner (Independent) 1:15:30
5 Evan Russell (DEVO p/b Catalyst Kinetics) 1:19:24
6 Dylan DaSilva (Independent) 1:20:21
7 Evan McBeath (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 1:36:19
DNF Cody Scott (dEVo/pb Catalyst)
U15 Girls
1 Elizabeth Gin (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 1:27:59
2 Michaela Hoskin (Team Squamish) 1:29:21
U17 Boys
1 Hunter Verner (Independent) 1:02:56
2 Holden Jones (Independent) 1:02:57
3 Nick Kleban (Team Squamish) 1:03:20
4 Nikolas Saunders (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 1:09:28
5 Konrad van Varseveld (Skookum Cycle & Ski Salmon Arm) 1:11:01
6 Shane Patterson (Cycling BC) 1:13:05
7 Kaelen Hougen (Independent) 1:15:30
U17 Girls
1 Erin Attwell (TripleShot Cycling) 1:16:56
2 Chloe Moberg (Independent) 1:30:26
Citizen, 20+ Men
1 Sheldon Orr (Daryl Evans) 1:05:05
2 Brett Armstrong (DShred Club) 1:06:56
3 Larry Joy (SORCE) 1:08:48
4 Lance Richardson (Independent) 1:10:16
5 Jim Jamieson (Norco Bicycles) 1:10:22
6 Stuart Bestbier (Sumallo) 1:11:45
7 David Magnusson (A.N.A.) 1:13:00
8 Jacques Dorey (Independent) 1:17:06
9 Sheldon Boreen (Independent) 1:17:59
10 Christopher Facchin (burnaby) 1:18:54
11 Gregory Campbell (SORCE) 1:24:46
12 Ken Holwell (Independent) 1:25:31
13 Gil Goodrich (Independent) 1:32:04
DNF Jason Backman (Independent)
One Day
1 Rob Phoenix (Corsa Cycles) 1:29:47
2 Connor Curson (Independent) 1:40:23
3 Steven Uruski (Independent) 1:42:25



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