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October 2/16 18:53 pm - KMC Cross Fest: Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 10/2/16

Compton and Hyde Dominate Day 1 of KMC Cross Fest
Day one of racing at KMC Cross Fest was defined by muddy, Belgian-like conditions. With steep off-cambers and slick conditions the course made for challenging and exciting racing at the new race venue of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. Katie Compton motored away to win the Elite Women’s race beating out U23 winner Ellen Noble who took second. Stephen Hyde took the victory in the Men’s race over Jamie Driscoll and Kerry Warner.

After racing the Madison of Cyclo-cross Friday night under the lights, Compton came into the day with a good sense of the course and made her move early on in the race. “On the second lap I had a bit of a gap after the sand drop and so i just tried to keep the pressure on and go hard and make Ellen chase. It worked out well, the course is awesome, I really enjoy racing at a race car track. I think it all came together. I’m feeling fit and feeling better as the season progresses,” stated Compton.

Second place Ellen Noble claimed the U23 win. Noble commented on her ride “I really tried to ride my own pace but stay pretty close to Katie’s wheel but eventually she got away from me.” Holding on for the podium Noble stayed ahead of a charging Rebecca Fahringer. “I tried to keep the pressure on and go absolutely as hard as I can and understand that mistakes happen. This season has just been a lot of learning very quickly but I’m super happy with second and being on another UCI podium.”

Ruby West (Cannondale p/b was top Canadian finishing tenth at  3:52 back
Elite Men
Stephen Hyde continued his successes tonight with a commanding win over Jamie Driscoll and Kerry Warner. After the race Hyde spoke about his ride and his teammates. “It feels good, I’m having fun racing this year, I’m really happy with my teammates riding well. I felt good.” After riding together with teammate Curtis White for some time, Hyde eventually slipped away. “At one point I was just going at a little faster than Curtis wanted to go and I wanted to get a really good practice in on this course in the slick.”

Second place Driscoll  rode a steady pace throughout the race. “I had a good consistent race and didn’t fade and was able to move through people that did and hold that gap until the end.” On the new Thompson Speedway course Driscoll painted the scene as a race of extremes. “It was really cool to have that high consequence Euro-style features in the race tonight, that was cool and very rare for the U.S.”

Jeremy Martin (Focus CX Team Canada) was top Canadian in fourteenth at 2:03 back.

The Elite Juniors took to the course in cold and dark conditions. The winner came from the last row of the starting grid, Denzel Stephenson and was the only rider to bunny hop the barriers each lap of the race.  Gunnar Holmgren (Garneau Easton) finished second just  7 seconds back.



Day 1 results

Elite Women
1 Katherine Compton (USA) KFC Racing p/b Trek/Panache 0:44:45
2 Ellen Noble (USA) JAM Fund / NCC at 0:44
3 Rebecca Fahringer (USA) Amy D. Foundation 1:12
4 Courtenay Mcfadden (USA) 1:28
5 Emma White (USA) Cannondale Cyclocrossworld 1:38
6 Crystal Anthony (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo 2:22
7 Caroline Mani (Fra) Raleigh Clement 2:35
8 Amanda Miller (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo 2:44
9 Arley Kemmerer (USA) 2:48
10 Ruby West (Can) Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld. 3:52
11 Melinda Mccutcheon (USA) DNA Cycling-Cotton Sox 4:00
12 Jena Greaser (USA) Women's Project Pedal p/b VO2 4:11
13 Julie Wright (USA) 4:46
14 Cassandra Maximenko (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 4:57
15 Katherine Northcott (USA) 5:03
16 Kathleen Lysakowski (USA) Joe's Garage CX p/b BikeReg 5:22
17 Natasha Elliott (Can) Garneau-Easton Cycling 5:47
18 Kathryn Cumming (USA) Jalapeno Cycling 5:56
19 Nicole Mertz (USA) NoCoast Racing powered by Intel 6:17
20 Rebecca Gross (USA) 6:43
21 Jennifer Malik (USA) Women's CX Project 6:49
22 Turner Ramsay (USA) KMS Cycling-?Killington Mountain 7:06
23 Erica Leonard (Can) Centurion Nextwave 7:50
24 Joanne Grogan (USA) NEXT-?BMB 8:17
25 Stacey Barbossa (USA) Colavita Midatlantic Women's Te 8:30
26 Clio Dinan (USA) 8:39
27 Erin Faccone (USA) Back Bay Cycling Club 8:59
28 Elizabeth Lukowski (USA) 9:26
30 Jauron Vetter (USA) State 9 Racing
31 Elizabeth White (USA) University of Vermont
32 Rebecca Lewandowski (USA) Rare Disease Cycling
33 Sara Melikian (USA) Pedal Power Team-?MA
Elite Men
1 Stephen Hyde (USA) Cannondale p/b 1:05:25
2 James Driscoll (USA) Raleigh Clement at 0:19
3 Kerry Werner (USA) Kona Endurance Team 0:24
4 Curtis White (USA) Rally Pro Cycling 0:24
5 Travis Livermon (USA) Maxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross 1:10
6 Dan Timmerman (USA) Stan'S Notubes Elite CX 1:19
7 Jack Kisseberth (USA) JAM Fund / NCC 1:30
8 Spencer Petrov (USA) Cyclocross Network Racing p/b M 1:35
9 Justin Lindine (USA) Apex / NBX / Trek 1:37
10 Anthony Clark (USA) Squid 1:41
11 Cody Kaiser (USA) Langetwins / Specialized 1:53
12 Daniel Summerhill (USA) Maxxis-Shimano 1:57
13 Yannick Eckmann (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport/ Yogaglo 2:02
14 Jeremy Martin (Can) Focus CX Team Canada 2:03
15 Antonin Marecaille (Fra) AVC Aix En Provence 2:05
16 Mark Mcconnell (Can) Hot Sauce Cycling X Garneau 2:17
17 Cooper Willsey (USA) Cannondale Cyclocrossworld 2:22
18 Jeremy Durrin (USA) Neon Velo Cycling Team 2:35
19 Peter Goguen (USA) RACE CF 2:36
20 Lance Haidet (USA) Raleigh Clement 2:47
21 Andrew Juiliano (USA) ROCK LOBSTER 3:38
22 Dylan Mcnicholas (USA) POLARTEC 3:44
23 Derrick St John (Can) Van Dessel p/b Hyperthreads 4:46
24 Daniel Chabanov (USA) HOUSE INDUSTRIES - WITHINGS - S 5:26
25 Cole Oberman (USA) Ridebiker Alliance 5:49
26 Robert Marion (USA) Carpediem Racing 5:54
27 Mathieu Belanger-Barrette (Can) Pivot Cycles/On The Edge 5:54
28 Patrick Collins (USA) Minuteman Road Club 6:19
29 Andrew Borden (USA) Squadra Flying Tigers 6:34
30 Michael Owens (USA) Cyclocrossworld 7:00
31 Samuel O'Keefe (USA) HOUSE INDUSTRIES - WITHINGS - S -1 Lap
32 Jules Goguely (USA) -2 Laps
33 Michael Landry (USA) -2 Laps
34 Nick Keough (USA) Champion System p/b Keough Cycl -2 Laps
35 Niklas Podhraski (Aut) Sankt Ruprecht an Grub 47 -2 Laps
36 Adam St. Germain (USA) NEXT-BMB -2 Laps
37 Noah Barrow (Aus) Carriberra CC -2 Laps
38 Brendan Mccormack (USA) CCB Racing -2 Laps
39 Daniel Fitzgibbons (USA) Green Line Velo -2 Laps
40 Samuel Dries (USA) No. 22 CX TEAM -2 Laps
41 Eneas Freyre (USA) TTEndurance -3 Laps
42 Andrew Mcgowan (USA) Charm City Cycling LLC -3 Laps
43 Matt Perreault (USA) -3 Laps
44 Ian Clarke (USA) NEXT-BMB -3 Laps
45 Ian Keough (USA) UCI CT: Astellas Cycling Team -4 Laps
46 Abe Goorskey (USA) -4 Laps
47 Jerod Stoner (USA) -4 Laps
48 Arthur Moran (USA) Green Line Velo -5 Laps
DNF Grant Ellwood (USA) Boulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo
DNF Nicolas Catlin (USA) Sherpa Cycling
DNF Jesse Keough (USA)
Junior Men
1 Denzel Stephenson (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 0:42:45
2 Gunnar Holmgren (Can) Garneau Easton at 0:07
3 Tyler Clark (Can) KMS Cycling - Killington Mounta s.t.
4 Lane Maher (USA) Hands-On Cycling p/b GIANT 0:22
5 Kevin Goguen (USA) RACE CF s.t.
6 Ross Ellwood (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 0:31
7 Brody Sanderson (Can) Centurion Nextwave 0:43
8 Calder Wood (USA) Rad Racing NW 1:02
9 Sam Noel (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld 1:31
10 Benjamin Gomezvillafane (USA) Independent 2:00
11 Caleb Swartz (USA) Trek Cyclocross Collective 2:27
12 Scott Funston (USA) Rad Racing NW 2:47
13 Camden Brooks (USA) AP Junior Development 2:53
14 Clyde Logue (USA) Colonial Bicycle Company s.t.
15 Gregory Gunsalus (USA) AP Junior Development p/b Corne 3:36
16 Vivien Rindisbacher (Can) KMS Cycling - Killington Mounta 3:44
17 George Schulz (USA) VAN DESSEL FACTORY TEAM 3:49
18 Nicholas Beirne (USA) Better Cycling/ Papa Johns 3:52
19 Ryan Aittaniemi (USA) Corner Cycle Cycling Club/AP Ju 4:55
20 Gentry Jefferson (USA) Antietam Velo Club 5:05
21 Daniel Vaughn (USA) Northampton Cycling Club 5:10
22 Alex Mccormack (USA) Hot Tubes Development Cycling T 5:15
23 Alexander Chrystall (USA) Cannondale Sports Lingo Jingo s.t.
24 Zachary Young (USA) BoltzStrong 5:59
25 Donald Seib (USA) NEXT-BMB 6:01
26 Alexander Christian (USA) Team Handmade 6:58
27 Scott Leonard (Can) Angry Johnny's Cycling 7:07
28 Philippe St.Laurent (Can) Pivot Cycles-OTE 7:13
29 Finnegan O'connor (USA) Competitive Edge Ski & Bike 8:25
30 Dylan Rockwood (USA) Lionheart Junior Racing 9:20
31 Owen Busch (USA) Lionhearts Junior Racing s.t.
32 Thomas Hulton (Can) AWI Racing 10:04
33 Matthew Johnson (USA) Ladies First Racing -1 Lap
34 Leo Kirkpatrick Baird (USA) KMS: Killington Mountain School -1 Lap
35 Matthew Jogodnik (USA) Montclair Bikery Development Te -2 Laps


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