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April 25/17 12:22 pm - Quebec Cycling Challenge Raises Helmet Use Awareness

Posted by Editor on 04/25/17

The organization Le Bouclier Prévention and several medical and sports organizations present the third edition of Défi Tête la Première on June 10th, a cycling challenge aimed at raising awareness of the use of bicycle helmets and consequences of head trauma.

The Challenge is also a fundraiser that raises $75,000. The total amount will be used to provide 750 helmets free of charge to disadvantaged families and to organize prevention activities in schools and communities in Quebec.

"We want to get involved as concretely as possible to make young people aware of the dangers of brain injuries. Our message fits perfectly within the action plan of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. We must build on prevention and awareness to reduce the number of concussions that occur in recreational and sports activities," said Simon Poulin, founding president of the Prevention Shield and organizer of the Défi Tête la Première. The event and the cause he defends are supported by three exceptional spokespersons and about twenty ambassadors.

Former professional cyclist David Veilleux, the first Quebecer to have participated and completed the prestigious Tour de France, agrees: "For me, wearing helmets is paramount. The head is what is most valuable and we must protect it because an accident can happen quickly. You could say that you do not go far or fast, but an accident does not forgive. It is a simple gesture that protects us and allows everyone to enjoy the practice of cycling in safety. In my career, I suffered many falls in races, but also in training. Moreover, it is often under these conditions that the wounds are more serious because one is less vigilant. So I'm very happy to have always worn my helmet."

Dr. Bernard Mathieu, Emergency Physician, President of the Quebec Association of Emergency Physicians: "Because emergency doctors are able to see the importance of wearing helmets and the consequences of not wearing one, the commitment of the AMUQ in this cause was obvious and is consistent with the position taken by the AMUQ since 2010."

In 2005 , Marie-Claude Molnar, bronze medalist at the 2012 Paralympic Games, sustained a brain injury and other serious injuries when she was hit by a car that was traveling at 110 kmph: "The wearing of the helmet when you're cycling is paramount, this little piece of plastic here saved my life several years ago."

About the Tête la Première Challenge

On June 10th, more than two hundred cyclists will participate in one of the three rides offered - the 15 km night ride, and the Cyclo-Challenges of 80 km and 140 km. A team of cranial trauma prevention workers, accompanied by various partners, will be conducting various workshops and clinics in Quebec City to publicize road safety prevention and the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. A cycling helmet awareness tour in 144 schools in the Greater Quebec Region will precede the June Challenge.


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