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November 7/17 9:27 am - Cycling Canada Approves Use of Disc Brakes for Domestic Road Events (with exceptions)

Posted by Editoress on 11/7/17

Effective immediately, the Cycling Canada Board, in consultation with the Inter-Provincial Council [IPC] and all relevant Committees and stakeholders, has approved the use of disc brakes for all domestic road events across Canada, with the exception of UCI-sanctioned competitions. Further discussions will take place with the UCI, with the hope of obtaining an exemption to allow disc brakes for the 2018 Canadian Road Championships.

Members should recognize that the UCI is continuing their disc brake trial for road use at the international level and may set specific standards for disc brakes in the future. Brakes not meeting these standards will then, at some point, become illegal.

Please be aware that it is also by no means guaranteed that disk brakes will be approved, and if the trial period ends without approval from the UCI, this equipment will then become illegal again and will require us to return to the previous regulations.

While this important change in the regulation is in effect immediately, the final decision to allow disc brakes for road events between now and the end of the calendar year is at the discretion of each Provincial Sport Organization [PSO]. Also, members should recognize that race organizers may not be able to provide the same level of neutral service for disc wheels early into this change.

If you have disc brakes and go to a jurisdiction that does not allow them, or to a race falling under the UCI-sanction trial requirement, you will most likely not be permitted to race. Please check with the race organizers prior to the event.

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Lister Farrar who has campaigned in favour of disc brakes, and was behind a petition to have disc brakes approved, said:

"Thanks to all who helped with this. Change can be hard, but when the outcome is so obviously better, it's worth it. A lot of riders from new kids to serious athletes training and racing in Canada's challenging weather will have a better and safer experience. "


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